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adjustable spoilers on a Corvette, on the hood mounted behind the headlights!

photo taken in 1969. I have never heard of those, that I can remember

elephants on the scoreboard?

Frenchs Kabazie Wagon

I'm not sure what are the 2nd row of symbols are, but they are smaller than the top row... Steve has the answer, aerial mines, M 26s, which were parachuted down into water, I suspect

Eric says that his grand dad was flight engineer, on this plane, and dropped a lot of POW supply stuff, and leaflets

Also, the pilot of the aircraft was named Jesse K. French, and Kabazie was a word for "junk" or "stuff" etc, growing up in Philadelphia.

Thanks Eric! That info is only accessible from that generation, and if you hadn't learned, it would be lost to history.

this A 6 Intruder completed 553 missions

S/Sgt Sanford applies final touches to A-6A Intruder, 28 January 1968

This VMA (AW)-242 aircraft has flown 553 combat missions and has dropped 3,320 tons of ordnance,’ according to the sign.

I think this is the 1st chopper I've seen with a toothy grin

F-100D Super Sabre, the 416th Fighter Squadron at Da Nang Air Base, in 1965.

and here is that kitchen sink, which Rita's Wagon dropped on the Japanese after everything else seemed ineffective

On September 19, 1944, the leading crew of the 500th Bomb Squadron finally dropped the kitchen sink, of "everything but the kitchen sink" fame, on the Japanese.

The project was conceived by T/Sgt. Guetgemann of the Squadron intelligence section Corporal Duval constructed it out of sheet metal and Sgt. Brasko did the paint job.

After sitting around for some time awaiting a suitable target, the new Squadron C.O., Capt. Mortensen, finally dropped it on a mission to Sidate Airdrome in the Northeast Celebes. Due to a short approach, the sink was dropped with some haste and landed in a palm grove outside the town.

Members of this crew flew more missions than any other in the 345th Bomb Group. Mortensen and Epps completed 109, while Ryan flew 113 missions. By this date, RITA'S WAGON had reached 100 missions,

cool paint job, doesn't everything military look better with the fangs?

US Army Sikorsky CH-54 “Skycrane” at Long Binh, Vietnam 1969

Fresh rebuild, start of a cross country Cannonball... anda pushrod went through a full gas tank with no handy fire extinguisher resulted in fireball. Rider is fine, bike is likely to need everything replaced behind the yoke, and there is a fundraiser to help out the wonderful guy that struggled so hard to make this happen

John Pfeifer has an enthusiasm and passion for old bikes that's very contagious. If you've had the fortunate opportunity to cross paths with him, or see his last year of bike build on his Facebook page you know what I mean.

 John spent the better part of a year and a half restoring a 1916 Harley and preparing to compete in the cannonball.

 After all his hours of preparation and travel things came to a bitter end on day one of the race when due to a malfunction his bike went up in flames. Not only did he lose his opportunity to compete in a race that he was so passionate about but he also lost a bike that he loves so much.

 We cannot give him back the opportunity to compete in this year's cannibal but if we all come together and give even in a small way we can help lighten the blow he's been dealt.

So Jethro made a page to raise enough funds for John to be able to rebuild his bike and compete again in the future to complete his dream.

and 80 years from now, someone will dig them up, or spread rumors about them... 23 aircraft getting buried in Australia, as they have asbestos, and it's cheaper to put them in a landfill than to deal with the deadly material

 Thanks Paul!

a monument celebrating the first attempt to fly to America, L'oiseau Blanc was never seen again. The old monument was destroyed in 1942 by the Nazis

Thanks Phil! 

I get wanting to try out prototype landing gear, but at 6 thousand feet, what's the point of deploying that high?

Douglas A-20H-10-DO (TA-20H) in flight after the installation of an experimental tracked main landing gear. (U.S. Air Force photo)

the Green Hornet, and Dottie, looks like a they were gifted with Disney characters for nose art

Who let the contractor on the flightline?

An SNJ-4 Texan assigned to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point, North Carolina, pictured after a colliding with a truck while taxiing.

Sack Happy

Friday, September 09, 2016

needed a little help with the brakes, so they tossed out a parachute. And now you know where drag racers got that idea from

not very common to see a man as nose art

the 25,000th post... and boy are my fingers tired, and brain wiped out. I need a cold drink, and a pizza!

It's Friday!

It's also 9 years and 10 months and 3 days since I started blogging.

the Boat House Restaurant, at Disney Springs, Orlando

this is a model, but has a working engine!

this restaurant was created by the same company as the RainForest Cafe wp-att-17128/0/

a ride in a 1960s Amphicar, at the Boat House Restaurant and amphicar rides, Disney Orlando (they have a fleet of 8 amphicars, and 4 Chris Crafts)

reminder, the Optima Film Festival during SEMA is coming up in 2 months, so get your short movie in!

Generally speaking, the purpose of the Optima Ultimate Film Festival is to solicit video submissions from the public in two (2) categories (a “Short Video” category and an “Action Video” category) focusing on the performance vehicle enthusiast’s passion and hobby. Optima will select videos to be shown at the OUFF, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the time of the SEMA Show (scheduled to occur November 1 – November 4, 2016).

 The OUFF will take place in Las Vegas, during SEMA. Participants whose videos are selected by Optima for screening at the OUFF will receive tickets to the OUFF, and the selected participant’s videos will be considered by Optima for honors at the OUFF and potential broadcast on a national Optima television program.

Pilot and nose artist George Rarey who did the P 47s, and whose son Damon made up the book from sketches and nose art from his dad's daily sketchbooks, well, his grand daughter has made a documentary about both of her grandfathers, using a lot of George's sketches and art (thanks Dave!) is the post on George's nose art...

and this is the first time I've ever heard of a family member doing a documentary on their grand fathers nose art! Incredible! 

MMR, one of the best painted pieces of nose art... no amateur could do the shading and colors this well, nor the good looking face. Faces are very hard to draw or paint lifelike

what a great name for a bomber!

Lake Washington Ship Canal,US Government Locks, Seattle, Washington B-29 on barge being lowered


Looks like the Warner Brothers cartoon wolves that were always losing their minds over good looking women