Saturday, August 08, 2009

the only 1962 Pontiac Catalina Bubbletop made for Mickey Thompson, by Pontiac Developmental

Photographed at the Pontiac Oakland national convention (thanks Dave!) is the only bubble top 1962 Catalina. Its also seen here:
Just prior to the September 1961 NHRA Nationals at Indianapolis, Pontiac introduced a new 421 cubic inch engine rated at a ridiculously low 373 horsepower. The only people who could get them were the Mickey Thompson crew. I believe they only went into 1962 models because of the date they were introduced. Hayden Proffitt, driving Mickey Thompson's 1962 Catalina, beat everyone with a 12.55 / 110.20 run, unheard of in 1961.
....Thompson and the crew from Royal Pontiac in Royal Oak, Michigan, seemed to hit upon the same idea at the same time. According to Larry Davis's book, Quarter-Mile Muscle: Detroit goes to the Drags, both teams converged on the 1962 NHRA Winternationals with Tempest two-door coupes fitted with Super Duty V-8s.
Proffitt also drove a 421-powered Catalina in the Super Stock class during that event, but ran just 12.75 seconds with it.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New information on the 2010 Camaro... No supercharged 650 hp 427cu in for California

CAFE won't allow them to be sold in California, and this is from GM marketing via a car club council meeting member.

So much for getting a GT 500 supercharged Shelby Mustang Cobra competitor in California

Monday, August 03, 2009

Coolest custom I've seen since March Goodguys at Del Mar

Just check out the autographs... Huff, Winfield, D'Agostino, and Himsl ... that is one hell of a bunch of icons!
Driver's side door opens suicide, passengers door opens normally.. cool touch
The other knuckles are on top of the shifter
Bitchin place to hide the stereo
I think the brake pedal is from a pedal bike! Cool!

best damn gas cap idea I've seen!

How damn cool, I dig the speakers in the gerry cans

A couple other photos here:

A variety of interesting stuff from the Vista rod run

This is one interesting character.... if you see his car, he's around, dressed to kill.
Very subtle flames, hard to see without polarized lensed glasses

For more photos from the Vista Rod Run: and