Thursday, April 12, 2012

This video is just awesome athletes getting paid by sponsors to enjoy life. Lucky, incredibly talented, bastards

Found on where so many awesome things are found

Rodrigo restored, or built, this 1949 Indian and sidecar, and does a lot of restorations, in Paranavai Brazil

See the whole process of building this Indian,,%201949 because a restoration would have the original or period correct engine, this has a Honda Magna 750. I don't point that out as a negative. This is awesome work.

For the list of vehicles that Dinivel has restored or repaired to greatness,

Rob Whitworth, I applaud you, this amazing video is intense, amazing and vivid

Found on that astonishing treasure trove

Great car chase scene in a commercial for a cell phone... well, it's better than watching a long movie for the chase scene!

Found on along with a ton of other cool stuff that I'll be posting my favorites of next week, I think with Mopars at the Strip, and my coverage of the Vova Las Vegas, plus the two museums I was in last Friday, I'll be busy this weekend

Cool looking Mustang made by getting rid of the hubcaps, and just showing the black rims.

the woman driving this was beautiful too, I should have asked her out after asking all about her rims. Damn, I missed an opportunity there. 

More cool stuff I found at the Viva Las Vegas hot rod show lasts weekend

 I posted a gallery of this car when I saw it at the LA Roadster, or the Grand National Roadster show last year

 I'm curious why the rear fenders are chopped off

 Last of the hand brakes of this type in modern cars? Probably

Lots more coverage of the Viva Las Vegas to come.. I have to crop and size the photos first though