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the Acme Special

two letters to truth

Speed cameras in Australia don't allow for the margin of error in speedmeters, tire inflation, or human error.. they just issue you a ticket.

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LNWR 2-4-0 Precedent Class

use them rough, they were built to handle that

patio furniture made from drift wood

Wilbur Wright, 1909

one example, 2 photos, 3 simple words, throttle return springs

before the 2014 GNRS when readying the cars for the show and set up, the turned this one on, and like a rocket it took off, and huh, any idiot can tell you to have an easy access emergency cut off... but not this guy. He wanted his in the trunk. IN THE EFFING TRUNK. That, is felony stupid.

So this took off like a rocket, and there was nothing but the building supports to stop it from running over more people, as it ran over one in the space of 30 feet.

1953 Parade of Progress

ambulance, San Fran, Jan 1943

little red radical flyer

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Goodyear service station, and Ford agency

whole lot of snowing going on

Columbus, Ohio 1953.

Legion Ascot Speedway 1927

most clever parking lot entrance I've ever seen

1925 Yellow Cab Company

Adam Rupeka gave piece of shit former officer Nathan Baker the middle finger salute while driving (May 2014) POS cop pepper sprayed and arrested him. POS cop resigned before he could get fired.

Saratoga Springs city paid $50.000 to Adam Rupeka of Troy who got pepper sprayed and arrested after flipping off a police officer.

The city also released video that also shows Baker threatening to use a taser on a handcuffed Rupeka at the police station.

The video taken by Rupeka after getting pulled over by Baker shows the officer shooting pepper spray in the driver’s face when he did not get out of his car and questioned why he was being arrested.

Baker later resigned. At the time, Police Chief Gregory Vietch said the officer’s conduct was inappropriate.

 “The job of a police officer is not to drive around delivering attitude adjustments to those citizens who show unmistakable signs of being in need of one,” Veitch said. “Obviously we want our officers to behave professionally and use force appropriately. In this case it was something we thought required termination or separation from the police department,”

He added that even if Baker had been provoked, his actions were inconsistent with the department’s policies, training methods and values.

For the full story from Adam himself,  where he takes through step by step of what asshole cops are.... 1)ignoring the Supreme Court ruling that they can not arrest you for gesturing at them 2) not using a nuetralizing agent after handcuffing a suspect (remember, innocent until proven guilty by a court) 3) putting peppersprayed suspect in cop car without lower windows, turning on AC etc, just to further antagonize the suspect

40-Vehicle Pileup Shuts Down Indiana Highway I-74 After Snow Squall Causes 'Whiteout'


 A desire to build his own machines and the pursuit of speed lead Nigel Petrie to create a Salt Flat Racer from a 350cc KTM to complete his dream of setting a land-speed record at the DLRA 25th Annual Speed Week.

 Riding on custom made mototcycles, Nigel and his good friend Dean Walters go on an epic road trip from Geelong, Victoria to the salt flats of South Australia in the chase of the ultimate speed.

Release Date: March 25 2016!flats/kaip4

Pixar production designer Bob Pauley got started as a teen working in his moms graphic design shop, drawing radio fronts for a JC Whitney subcontractor

Found in Dec 7th Autoweek issue

Surprises in Motor Trends (Top 50) Power List - the Leaders, Thinkers, and Agitators shaping the auto industry

Agitators and provocateurs in the auto industry who go against conventional wisdom and chart a new course that others eventually follow are important, too, as their ideas and actions challenge the industry to rethink its conception of design or powertrains or what customers want as opposed to what they need.

 Then there are the outsiders, people not from the auto industry but whose views and actions directly impact it, making their influence equally important, whether they are regulating emissions or inspiring people and furthering car culture.

The surprises to me?

#32 is Ken Block

No one can get America more excited about non-NASCAR motorsports than Ken Block. Although he’s pretty good at rally racing (in its latest stadium-and-social-media-friendly incarnation, Global Rally Cross), he’s even better at promoting it and his auto/outlaw image. Block’s annual stuntastic Gymkhana mini-features are as close to guaranteed viral as they come. Why? The driving, for sure, but the machines he jumps into are simply incredible, including his latest, an 850-horsepower AWD 1965 Mustang.

This drifter has found his home as a Ford spokesman and YouTube sensation. His videos garner tens of millions of views. He recently partnered with Ford to help create the Focus RS. All of his skills are on display in a Ford-produced documentary about the car and Block. More important, he connects with a young audience that carmakers around the globe have had a tough time reaching. Block makes that as easy as doing donuts at a donut shop.

#2 Arvind Thiruvengadam, researcher that discovered VW was cheating on the exam

He was simply investigating emissions. But Thiruvengadam's work has already caused a tidal wave of change for VW, which ousted some of the world's most influential automotive executives after admitting the company cheated on diesel engine emissions control systems. The fallout at VW may take years to repair. Furthermore, Thiruvengadam'€™s work could very likely change the way governments test vehicle emissions in the future, eliminating self-testing by manufacturers and possibly instituting real-world testing. Not too bad for man who thought no one would ever read his findings.

and #1, the president of Subaru, and Motor Trend Man Of the Year, Thomas Doll

Few brands have seen the success Subaru has in America. Doll, who became president of Subaru of America in 2013, has helped create the 10th-largest brand in America. Subaru outsells GMC, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz.

Now Subaru is bigger in the U.S. than Volkswagen and Kia. Doll helped the once quirky brand go mainstream by making Subaru a lifestyle choice instead of merely a vehicle to purchase. Even before Doll had taken the reins at Subaru of America, his role as CFO helped cement changes at the company. He knew to hire the right people for the right job to implement his vision.

And Subaru's focus on affordable, well-equipped, and quietly capable symmetrical all-wheel-drive cars and crossovers helped give the brand a unique position in the marketplace.

Range Rover's new convertible has impressive safety feature to prevent injuries if it rolls over

a roll-over protection system is hidden within the rear bodywork. In the event of a roll-over situation, the system is designed to deploy two aluminum bars within 90 milliseconds to create a potential protection space for occupants

hundreds of tow truck drivers and emergency personnel gathered to honor one of their own, Jason Shultz, 28 year old owner of Preferred Towing

around 250 tow trucks came from all over the Michigan and from as far away as Indiana and Canada to the Wednesday service.

Law enforcement and fire personnel were also on hand to pay their respects and escort the hearse.

"Gratifying and humbling," St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon said of the turnout at the service and procession to Burtchville Township Cemetery. "It says volumes about Jason Schultz."

Schultz was pulling a vehicle out of a west side ditch when an 18-year-old man was driving the southbound vehicle that hit him, according to the St. Clair County Sheriff Department. He drove onto the shoulder of the road, around the tow truck that was facing northbound in the southbound lane, and hit Schultz, the tow cable and the vehicle in the ditch.

you have to get up one more time than you fall down

whether your day sucks, your parents rag on you, your boss is an ass, or your brain won't regulate microscopic amounts of chemicals to keep you from being depressed all the damn time.... get back up one more time

Pagani shifter

Top Gear, season 17, the Marauder.... tug of war with a police tow truck! THIS is what was great about Top Gear!

plowing with a tracked mobility chair, Justin Anderson does a cool thing every time the snow falls in Bellevue (near Omaha)

what choice did he have?

I'm the only one who thinks to go corner to corner? Or is that unreasonsable, as an option to cutting up the tailgate?

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the best there ever were?

Talladegas were so good, it took a Super Bird to beat them. I think Ford gave up after that, the only car they made better was the GT 40

interesting... how much it costs to keep a Bugatti Veyron in tires, and oil changes.

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Auto Avio Costruzioni Type 815, the first car to be designed and built by Enzo Ferrari's independant company.

In 1938, Ferrari left Alfa Romeo after running Scuderia Ferrari as their racing division. The agreement ending their association forbade Ferrari from restarting Scuderia Ferrari within the next four years. Ferrari then founded Auto Avio Costruzioni (AAC) in Modena to manufacture aircraft parts for the Italian government.

In December 1939, AAC was commissioned by Lotario, Marquis di Modena, to build and prepare two racing cars for him and Alberto Ascari to drive in the 1940 Brescia Grand Prix, a successor race to the Mille Miglia,

The bodywork was done by Carrozzeria Touring using Itallumag 35, an aluminium/magnesium alloy

wow, why hasn't anyone made a life size Roth big n little crazy wheeled monster car yet? At least this has the monster right

Bangshift finds the coolest stuff... check out these boats at The Boathouse Restaurant, Disney - Orlando,