Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy halloween

A Rolls Royce ice cream vendor? What? Seriously?

the miserable civilian in the military police vehicle wrote a speeding ticket, for the whole damn convoy

I can't recall what we called the civilians who were doing the job of MPs...

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Don't go under overpasses in a storm in Austin Texas... you will just wreck your car


Barnfind Superbird was supposed to be at SEMA, but never made it

pulled out of New York where a guy had 4 Superbirds, this one was stored since and the new owner never got around to working on it. Now it's at Icon. They are restoring another Superbird, and it's in bare metal at the moment

Great parts art of Ιωαννης Μωραιτοπουλος

It would be terrific to see the Jurassic Park dinos getting hauled down the freeway

an exceptional transport trailer

Thrown so hard from his Ford, because he wasn't wearing his seatbelt, he landed on the freeway sign 25 feet over the road

the driver of a Ford Fiesta on the southbound 5 Freeway just north of the 134 collided with another car, overturned and the driver was ejected, landing on the Colorado Street freeway sign. Male 20 years old, from Burbank

Cool toy car display

Henry Js need love too

I can't remember how long ago I last posted a Henry... so, enjoy that hood scoop!

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cool airplane photo

This MD-80 taking off from Princess Juliana International Airport in Saint Martin was filmed by Todd Worthen, who was on vacation from Nova Scotia. Standing at the edge of a runway while a plane that can weigh in at nearly 80 tons hurtles toward you at nearly 170 miles an hour takes some serious stones 

best parking hate I've seen in a while

a very strange collection of race cars

the federal DOT has a new program to advise truckers in the midwest about parking

An effort to solve the problem of inadequate truck parking — at least in the Midwest — just got a large financial boost from the federal government.

The federal Department of Transportation (DOT) today announced a $25 million grant to the Regional Truck Parking Information and Management System Project to implement technology to identify and alert drivers to available parking along major truck routes in eight Midwestern states.

The program is sponsored by the State of Kansas, which partners with Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin to install a video and Internet based system at state-owned and private truck rest areas.

The project includes traveler information websites, truck parking signage along interstates, and smart phone applications to inform truck drivers of parking availability.

The project, referred to as the Truck Parking Information and Management System (TPIMS), will focus on helping drivers find truck parking close to freeways so that they can save time and fuel when they near the end of their service hours.

I didn't know there was something nonexplosive a tank shouldn't run over... but there is

Thursday, October 29, 2015

breaking news: crime scene photos and video footage of the May 2015 Waco restaurant patio have been released, that shows scrambling to get away from the parking lot, where 9 bikers were murdered by cops

Four months after the shootout, authorities have released almost nothing about the gunfight beyond a vague initial description of a brawl that spiraled out of control. They have never indicated who fired the fatal shots.

But evidence reviewed by The Associated Press now confirms that the gunfire included rounds fired by police that hit bikers, though it isn't clear whether those rifle shots caused any of the fatalities.

The AP reviewed more than 8,800 pages of evidence related to the May 11 confrontation, including many police reports, and viewed dash-cam video and photos and listened to audio interviews.

Gloria has been riding Harley's and Indians for 74 years, cross country for 65, and from Jersey to Sturgis for 12

and her goal is to be the first at age 100 to ride cross country. She was born behind her dad's motorcycle shop that he started in 1915... now that, is cool. It's a reminder that people used to be born at home, not in hospitals, and that you could once have a business with an your house next door

busted on tax evasion after selling a rare Ferrari engine, a 71 year old former mechanic gets 2 years in prison

selling anything for over $600,000 gets IRS attention, and he was already $200,000 in debt to them for penalty

Terry Myr, 71, who was convicted in April of attempted tax evasion and four counts of failure to file tax returns, after he evaded paying taxes on the $610,000 sale, was given two years in prison and two years supervised release and ordered to pay $738,904 in back taxes, interest and penalties by U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds.

Myr, a self-employed mechanic, already owed about $195,000 in taxes and penalties run up from 2000 to 2003 when he told the buyer of a rare Ferrari engine in 2009 to wire transfer the $610,000 into a corporate bank account he had created the week before, according to court documents and prosecutors.

What kind of engine is worth $600,000? A Ferrari racing engine designed by Aurelio Lampredi, who took Ferrari to success in '53 and 54 with large 3.3, 4.1 and 4.5 L versions of its V12 which first saw use in the 1950s 275S, 340 F1 and 375 F1 race cars.

But his best engines were with Fiat, after Ferrari

during a live firing in a WW2 tank, a round exploded, killing two men in that tank

2 guys in a 1944 tank destroyer died when one little thing went completely wrong at a public firing range in Oregon where they were enjoying their hobby. They were firing the big cannon (76 mm)on the tank for a video production about the tank destroyer, the M-18 Hellcat, built by Buick, and purchased for $60,000 prior to restoration

One was 51 year old Todd Preston, owner of a towing company in Portland and board director of a historical military vehicle association, who used the M18 for school and hospital fundraisers

Preston had spent 12 years restoring the M 18, and in 2011, the Discovery Channel recorded it's first live firings for a show they produced about military vehicles.

the Wall Street Journal just did a story on it where Todd said " Mine was built in 1944 by Buick in Flint, Mich., with a 975-cubic inch airplane engine in it. According to my records, it was sold as surplus after World War II to the Yugoslavian military, where it was used in the civil war there in the 1990s. I found it in Denver and bought it in 1999 for $60,000, and immediately set to restoring it. It loves aviation fuel, but I can pump regular leaded gas into it."

well... isn't having a phrase like "in god we trust" on top of a license plate just asking for it to be mocked? Well played Wombat person!

I'd seriously try to get "Satan" on my plate... but I'm just the type of person to push back at religious bullshit on government issued legally required registration plates.

I refer of course, to the constitutional freedom from govt sponsored religion in the USA as stated in it's foundational paper, I find that stating the notion of the govt trusting in a god to be contradictory to that constitutional freedom, and all common sense and realistic observation that our, and most, governments have no trust in anything but money, corruption, kickbacks to election donors, and making rich people richer. 

Cool trophys! AMA Pro flat track race at the Black Hills half mile in August 2015

I'm not sure if they intended to off load at a loading dock, or use a flatbed tow truck... but they did get the van off the semi trailer

it's always an option

Someone found a Custer Car

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Compare it to the other two I've posted in the past:

Just how cool is the ride in luxury 1st class Airbus A380, with Emirates Airlines?

the airport in Dubai... a walkway between palm trees

The private suite

better than I ever imagined airplane food could be

and you can select the tail camera to get a look at how the surrounding airspace and view below are

the shower... on the airplane

the bar, on the airplane, in 1st class

Sam has an informative travel blog, took all these photos, and says that this is possible to do on less than a paycheck... he says he did it all on 300 dollars. A larger gallery can be seen of the whole trip at