Saturday, June 24, 2023

such subtle British dry humor, calling this 3 wheel Robin Dick Turbin - a famous highway man from 1722-32

because every where it goes, it holds up traffic. 

I love that. 

From the enjoyable Amazon series Good Omens from 2019. Season 2 ought to be released a month from now, July 28th

there are such a great variety of unusual and rare brass era cars still out there going to events in Europe, like the French Festival Of Slowth

wow... that is a very radically different method of controlling a vehicle! Ever heard of Kasteelfeesten 1910 'La Belle Époque' — at Kasteel d'Ursel? Me neither, its a vintage event at a Belgian castle

from the Automobile Enthusiast 2023 event last week

what a fantastic club made starting sign for rallys!

1953 Fiat 8V Supersonic by Ghia

Road racing unicycles over long distances, and traveling long distances is now a niche thing... who knew?

27 year old Cary Gray, has traveled the continent by unicycle and kayak since 2013

Gray on his way to the southernmost tip of South America, via the West Coast of the USA from Washington to Los Angeles, then east through Death Valley and on to the headwaters of the Mississippi River. 

There, he'll kayak through to the Gulf of Mexico, then around Florida, through the Caribbean islands and into Venezuela, where he'll once again hop on his unicycle.

He's using his adventures to fill his book, The Naked Unicyclist

To learn more about Gray's journey and his book projects, visit, or find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

this guy looks like he's going for a long one

Mike Tierney's was an exhibit at Denver International Airport, for completing the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, an annual event held bear Durango, Colorado.

The Iron Horse was started 50 years ago, and opened to unicycles in 2005

Unlike the regular cyclists, a unicyclist has to pedal down every inch of every hill... all 47 miles of mountain roads, with 2 passes over 10,000 feet elevation. 

Tierney was one of six who launched — and the only one that finished. 

and now you know what to buy kids for a gift... this is pretty amazing... it's known as a gesture sensing RC crawler


Vietnam nurses have a lot of documentaries on you tube, here's one amazing woman's recounting of college to the DMZ

I didn't know the Army traded 2 years of officer service in Nam for paying for nursing student's service senior year of university

Friday, June 23, 2023