Saturday, July 30, 2022

slotted mags and sidepipes

from the Netflix movie Metal Lords

I love the efficiency of putting both public services under one roof and saving the taxpayers the cost of another building

possibly a Winton tour bus

a horsedrawn Victorian traveling photography studio that was pulled around the English seaside starting in 1860 is coming to auction

The horse-drawn studio has fittings for backdrops and a small darkroom where the Victorian photographer could change and process plates. 

 The design is centered around allowing as much light in as possible, with large ceiling-to-floor windows and a glazed roof to help with exposures. It is believed to be the only existing example of such a studio.

a new Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) law came into effect last week the helps restorers of pre 1981 cars

Removing the VIN during a restoration project and putting it back once the work is done is no longer illegal

I will guess you've never seen this Gremlin before, because no one ever let me know about it!

Jeep pulls out of China over government meddling in its business, and with Taiwan threatened by China, Stellantis doesn't want to be stuck like automakers in Russia

damn, this is a cool way to enjoy Hot Wheels!

may be, probably is, the coolest thing I've seen this month from a "maker" and family point of view, a 1/2 scale McCormick Deering tractor a dad made for his daughter, at the Symco Union Thresheree

thanks to my sister for noticing this and sharing it with us!

McCormick-Deering 15-30, 1924-26 with the Pomona Vortox model 118 oil-bath air-cleaner

To see a few others, look up Pat Prom, from Eden Prairie, Minn. Prom previously built three different half-scale Deere models - including an 830 Deere - that were featured in Farm Show magazine (Vol. 22, No. 3).

and Bud Hengstler, Richard Etzkorn, and Bob Zink, of Wapakoneta, Ohio, using their full-size tractors as models.

I'm admiring this tin toy from the Langlade County Fair, Wisconsin

this seems to be in such incredible good condition that it must have been stored a lot, and played with by kids very little

Thanks to my sister for keeping me in mind when she saw this! 

at least 4 chrome plated outboards were presented to dealers for Mercury's Silver Anniversary in 1964. Mercury had some that were gold plated for a customer.

Jeremy, James and Richard revisit their father's old cars and get nostalgic about the Ford Cortina in a Fathers Day special

the bad guys cars in the new Stallone movie Samaritan, nothing fancy, just blacked out

64 Rambler gasser is pretty sweet, except for the wide brown hood and trunk stripe


Friday, July 29, 2022

articulated tour bus, before a bus was a term used for mass transit

one of the less expensive Packards, converted for paddy wagon use

1935 Pierce Arrow used by the police as an ambulance

clever license plate for a Stinger

I know this VW is a daily commuter, because he drives so damn slow, and I'm often stuck in traffic behind him on my way to work

yes, he's so slow that even though his foot is off the brakes, he's not yet moving, and I was waiting for him to move. 

have you seen the Discovery Ch Shark Week blimp?

I am pretty sure that is a home air conditioner in the back window of that van

the interesting way cars and trucks were drawn in the movie Animal Crackers. I think the artist is Carter Goodrich


found in a fast food place that makes really good burritos, Yesenia's

the F 250 in Clint Eastwood’s recent film, The Mule, was sold recently. Clint autographed the glovebox door...

According to the seller, the “one-of-a-kind" 1972 Ford F-250 “runs great,” and, since it was part of a Hollywood production where it had to look in poor condition, it’s painted with “movie patina,”  the rust was just for show. 

It includes several hints at Clint Eastwood’s career via the window and bumper stickers, which were also seen in the movie. Plus, it even comes with the actor/director’s autograph on the glove box.

1950 Spartan Mansion is part of a hotel experience now, after it had been with a traveling circus  via