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There once was an orphan 12 yr old kid, who ran away and joined the circus. Later he made a fortune drilling for oil, and bought this lion as a month old cub from the Dallas zoo

Why didn't anyone ever have the guts to fix that damn track?

Elvis is at the wheel in the movie "Loving You", but it's John Athan's roadster. One of the country's first hot rods, built in 1939, he paid cash for his first and only house with the money he made from renting the hot rod to the movie

So, that's the story of the movie, but for the story of the car, see the post from 2019, that I forgot I'd done.... cause my memory is slipping.

this guy must have been a really fun goofball

a day at the races beats any day at the office

interesting adaptation to a tanker, I suppose the maker didn't want to make a wood seat bench

LeTourneau crane showing what a B-24 looks like in the air without the engines running.

gotta love train photos

anyone else just like to watch a bull dozer on the job?

Clark Gable owned a Caterpillar

Kokomo Indiana police are searching for brazen thieves who stole four motorcycles by riding them right out the dealership’s front door. Thanks Gary!

The thieves entered the dealership at around 3:22 a.m., wearing "concealable clothing and motorcycle helmets." They then selected motorcycles worth a total of about $95,000: a 2020 Street Glide Special and three 2021 Street Glide Specials

 probably an inside job. 

Seriously, Harley dealerships have been targets for decades, do you really think that in 2021, any of them are too stupid to not have bulletproof security systems, and an insurance company that is damn motivated to not pay for stupid thefts? 

I'm pretty sure that just to get a dealership, the factory is probably going to want to make sure that each dealership has a bare minimum of sensible security. 

If I'd been born 40 or 50 years earlier, I bet I would have been making a magazine

historic railroad depot is being saved, on wheels. Truely, I got lucky when I decided on my blog slogan, "things with wheels that are cool" as that describes so many things

caterpillar aided by a track arch to move huge timber... and it turns out there is a Facebook page for D8 Cats

quite an odd forklift

still being used

Edgar A Browning, served in the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy Seabees Reserve, then 29 years as a retired sergeant homicide detective, then after retirement was a business owner and an author of several roadbuilding books and Shovel Magazine. (If that doesn't make you instantly feel some respect, go away)

Browning's earliest childhood recollection was walking with his family in August 1955, to the National Guard Armory for drinking water because his home town was ravaged by a devastating flood due to heavy rainfall from the remnants of Hurricane Diane.

see for the amazing amount of work on berms and concrete walls to prevent a reoccurrence 

The water treatment plant was compromised by the floodwaters.

"I was not quite three years old and it was a two-mile trek. Large glass jugs were being filled for residents from military water buffaloes. We walked to the banks of the river by the South Main Street Bridge," Browning told CEG in 2015. "The rushing water was overtopping the double stone arch structure built in the 1800s. It would be one of the few bridges remaining when the flood water subsided."

In the years that followed, the destroyed bridges were being rebuilt and a massive flood control project completed under the auspices of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. There was plenty of scenery for a budding sidewalk superintendent. The experience cemented Mr. Browning's future endeavors.

Thus began Mr. Browning's lifelong fascination and devotion to the heavy iron of his youth and his father's youth. But he wouldn't return to that hobby until decades later, after he had put dozens of murderers and rapists in prison. Browning dedicated his early life to the U.S. Army followed by a 29-year-career in police work.

Mr. Browning would eventually publish many books, including "Road Building Construction Equipment at Work," focusing on New England, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Virginia, Pennsylvania and in Ohio, as well as magazines and websites that he poured himself into after retirement.

he just died last year in 2020. Damn. He was a regular at the Old Construction and Mining Equipment Convention and Show

a tractor painting by Arthur Radebaugh

Born in Coldwater, Michigan in 1906. He developed his interest in art and briefly attended the renowned Art Institute in Chicago.

As an artist, one of his first jobs was designing candy boxes at Crescent Engraving in Kalamazoo.

I posted a small gallery of his incredible work a couple years ago as he was the artist that made such amazing cover pages for MoToR magazine, and also did a comic strip

colorized photos of Pan Am Clippers

this above photo makes great wallpaper

Friday, March 19, 2021

a cannon on it's way to get delivered? Cool stuff

(humming the 3 Blind Mice song) and watching the Stooges!

their theme song was 3 Blind Mice, well, sort of, here's some info

I have a rule, any photo with Annette in a hot rod, gets posted to share with all you other fans. Is there anyone today that's a fantastic as Annette was? I don't think so. Anyone else watch the original Mickey Mouse Club, then the beach movies when you were a kid?

Darn it, I bet she was an amazing wife, and mom, and grandmom. 

Why marry young? Exhibit A, a beautiful, talented, terrific young woman like Annette, before this crummy world ruins her Joie de vivre, and makes you a cranky old grump

Makes you feel bad for the teenagers today, so caught up in all the bullshit, photoshopping their photos, body dysmorphism, a target for all the assholes on social media, and even though they don't want a car, they can't afford a used car now that the cheapest stuff is a couple thou, and there aren't any cheap bugs or trucks anymore

Shorpy sure does find great cool photos

photos like these just beg for colorization

those rims are perfect on that truck

compliment of the day, awwww shucks! Makes my day!

 I NEVER miss your daily blog; it's fuckin' great. Keep it up!!!

Dee Tozer

Thanks Dee! 

My apology to Dee Tozer and Joe Sherlock, for not getting your emails. I also apologize to everyone else who has emailed, that I haven't replied to, if your email went through Yahoo's horrible computer that sends real email to the Spam Folder, and spam to my inbox

 It's not very often, but I do read through the spam folders on the blog comments, and on my Yahoo Email 

I'm still shocked how real email gets sent to Spam... but Yahoo seriously sucks. Or Murphy's Law is so incredibly pervasive that there is no escape, even in emailing. 

If you've emailed me, and not heard back, I'm hoping you'll drop a note in the comments, so I can search farther back than a month (684 emails) back. 

It's no fun looking through all the spam emails, too many of them are good fakes. 

Oh, and I hope all of you take a chance and look in your Spam folder, and make sure no one has sent you mail that was misfiled

*Jaw Drops* Awooga! / Hummina Hummina Bazooing! (The phrase is from a scene in Tex Avery's Red Hot Riding Hood.)

Damn it. I like this truck, and the paint. 

the bullshit truckers had to put up with, licensed and registered in every state, I'm looking at all those license plates... and now? Anyone from Mexico can cross the border with a truck and trailer, and drive anywhere, without an American drivers license, is teh way I understand it. No smog check, no American insurance, etc etc . All the crap American truckers have to do. Am I wrong, 'cause I'm sure as hell uneducated on the topic, and always looking to learn from those of you who know what's what

and I'm not racist towards Mexicans, some of my good friends are Mexican, I'm just still pissed at Clinton passing NAFTA and screwing the American truckers (of which I'm related to several) by allowing competition in from other countries who aren't good for a trucker trying to earn a living driving... also, the increase in pollution by loading up on fuel in Mexico, which isn't regulated to the standard of fuel purchased in California (or Arizona, or Texas)

Look at all those damn license plates. That's bullshit. Ditto the long list on the door, box behind the cab, and front of the trailer. 

Anyway, if you know about the topic, feel free to share some info (Facts please, not opinion, I'm all full of uninformed opinion) with me and the other readers

Gary shared:

Multiple license plates have not been required for 28 years on big trucks with two exception I believe. Trucks are not generally required to have smog checks per se as modern trucks have have systems that basically have cleaner air coming out of the stacks than going in the engine. White smoke is just water vapor. Mexican drivers allowed to cross the border usually require licensing in both Mexico and the US. The drivers for the past 20 years coming from Mexico usually have attended modern truck driving schools in Mexico that make them familiar with our laws and log requirements. Drivers who only operate only in Mexico may be a different story. I covered the crossing of Mexican trucks from Laredo to Texas one day and took 500 plus photos for a leading truck magazine and only saw one truck in shabby condition and it was a truck that just shifted trailers from the US to Mexican warehouses on the other side of the border and never go past the 18 mile limit in Texas. I also live in a area with trucks from Mexico are quite common and never see a difference between those rigs and our own. However sometime local truckers hauling low paying gravel and scrap do have have rigs that are somewhat shabby, but again they are just local trucks. And as far as I can tell the only big rigs that have been caught hauling illegals have be US trucks and drivers acting on their own accord not with permission of the owners of the trucks.

wouldn't it be damn cool to drive cargo around in this? Well, after you add AC and a good radio with XM, and a subwoofer. I mean, lets have a blast while driving... right?

outside a fraternity house at the University of Maryland in about 1964, a '62 fuel injected Vette (thanks Thomas! Very appreciated!)

Doorbell video captures the moment a plane crashes into a car driving through a residential neighborhood near Miami, killing two

the term for being unable to fly, 'grounded'

 seems to have become common language for making kids punished by being unable to leave their home or bedroom

Go figure, until the airplane was invented (again, not by the Wright Brothers) kids weren't grounded! 

Origin. This term was used initially in aviation: when a pilot is prevented from flying an aircraft due to misconduct, illness, technical issues with the aircraft, or other reasons, the pilot is "grounded" – that is, literally confined to the ground.

Yes, stuff like this just pops into my head, and I want to share it with anyone that gets a kick out of motorized stuff adding something to the world of cool stuff I enjoy. That includes lingo

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Curtis Aerocar trailers in a Shell gas station, Florida, 1936

1901 Lohner Porsche, Model Mixte

At the age of 23, Ferdinand Porsche boarded a train in North Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (now Czech Republic), and headed for Vienna to embark on his first job. 

Despite Porsche having no formal engineering education, Jacob Lohner, at his Lohner-Werke, employed him to develop an electric powertrain for his coaches. Porsche's prototype car boasted a low-friction drivetrain, due to the hub-mounted electric motors directly driving the wheels. Each internal-pole electric motor was capable of 2.5 to 3.5 hp (1.9 to 2.6 kW), peaking to 7 hp (5.2 kW) for short bursts. 

The 1898 "System Lohner-Porsche" created a press whirlwind across Europe.