Saturday, February 26, 2011

Model A's may be the most versatile vehicle ever made, nothing else was a delivery truck, railcar, firetruck, racecar... infinite variety

I'm thrown... Never seen a cross between a conestoga and a Ford

cool toy cars at the swapmeet

evolved from Von Dutch's 2 stroke pogo stick, the Hop Rod... dangerous powered pogo

This is the first time I've seen one in person. It looks unused because it probably is virtually unridden. These things have hurt people, and the only riders that I've seen (on youtube) successfully not get thrown have been skateboarders and stunt men

Another look at the El Guapo, the paint has been upgraded in a unique way

Looks cooler with the tank between the headlights too, and without the saw blades that used to top the airbags
The above switch is a real electric chair switch, from a Texas death chamber

I love the gauge pods, they are exhaust pipe!

Click on the above to see the flat black applied to emphasize the tattoo designs that are WW2 era simple birds, ships, etc

for the contrast to what it looked like with plain black paint, but pinstriped:

I finally got to see Jim's UPS cart

The lights work too,
Jim is a mechanic extraordinaire, and worked on Nascar engines if I recall correctly. If you like model A's you'll love the look of Jim's, restored perfectly, but a little bit lowered (I don't remember how)

Nice cars that need a new home were scarce at the Big 3 this year

The 69 Camaro was up for grabs for 7500, tubbed, maybe back halved
Never seen this semaph0re turnsignal before

interesting and unusual stuff from the Qualcomm big 3 swap meet (ratio of thrift store stuff to good car parts, 5000 to one)

Why did anyone save these condom dispensers? But they would be the crowning touches if someone were trying to recreate a sleazy exit ramp gas station bathroom

I've never seen a flare can before, it's make a cool piece in a rat rod, bolted to the inside of a door, or a stereo case maybe

Stanley steamer engine... unbelieveable

Huge Gilmore neon light took up the entire back of a cargo van

200 bucks for the entire Devilbiss collection

These are some ancient plates

Station wagon, not little red wagon

Never seem a 3 wheeled wagon before

it's a Tote Gote, I dig the ammo can instead of a headlight

Just a junkyard full of hub caps
Model T trailer, great tail lights

Made by Acme... love it.

Damn, just makes me think a belly tanker is possible, unreal that there are any of these that haven't been made into streamliners

Love old radios

this is one of 2, both were asking 700 bucks

Sherman tank Mk 6 periscope
150 for the trio, wow.

Above and below would be great items on a rat rod, this gas can would be a cool fuel tank

350 for the Packard dash

Last years best of the swapmeet: