Friday, May 13, 2011

unrestored 1932 Cadillac 7 passenger Imperial sedan

The current owner kept tabs on this car for a loooonnnng time. His college roommate's dad bought it in 1938 for his wife, and in the late 1970's moved it to Oregon, and 30 some years later this owner bought the car he'd been keeping track of since 1970

The little white button above the armrest is to call the driver

Great Shelby memorabilia in the back of this Shelby GT 500 Cobra Mustang

Rubicks Cube. Clever vanity plate

Funny stuff from There I Fixed It

This switch is to replace the broken brake light switch. That's pretty clever actually!
See far more at

Over the Hill Gang toys

Found this in the post office parking lot, looks like sins were committed on this Mr Norms Challenger... like that ugly wing - more great photos

And there was no explanation or link to the source of the above... so I don't know if it's a photo shop or what.

It's a fake! Ludwyg220 used the comment and let us know that the real photo is at

Thanks Ludwyg220! The above is a really good photoshop job!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

( Blue star mother / war mother ) flags proudly displayed by a Navy mom

I didn't know what it was for sure, but remember seeing something similar in old movies, so I looked it up to verify what I thought the blue star flag meant.

It's flown over the capitol building every Veterans day, and displayed in home front windows, and each blue star represents that a son or daughter is serving the country in the US military.

It was made during World War 1, and used a lot during WW2, but Korea and Vietnam weren't felt to be patriotic wars, and nothing military was quite as popular to associate with when the US went to war in foreign countries we hadn't been attacked by, so the flag became historic through disuse. Things change and public perception to the military reverted to patriotic after New York City was targetted on Sept 11th, 2001.

For history and more info on the blue star flag:

Trusting that having the right color registration sticker will fool the cops... busted, because I look at these when stuck in traffic

That red decal, which appears to be 2006, is the same color as the currently legal 2011 red color sticker. That some of the red was accidentally peeled away exposing the yellow one behind it made me look close to see why some was missing. Poor technique I guess.

Some people collect the whole set of colored registration stickers