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Did you know about Swede Savage? Famous for being the partner of Dan Gurney, racing the AAR Barracuda in SCCA,

 that Swede Savage got his start in motorsports, with a motor cycle, working with Evel Knievel in 1965

That's not how he got his start in racing though, he was soap box derby racing at age 5. 

In 1965 Savage dropped by Riverside International, when he heard that Dan Gurney was to be present at a test for the Ford Motor Company. The 20-year old Savage was showing off, popping wheelies on his motorcycle.

Struck by the young man’s skill and bravado, Ford signed him on as a development driver. 

The association with Ford brought Savage the opportunity to run a limited schedule in the NASCAR Grand National (now Sprint Cup) series in 1967.

Savage made his stock car debut at North Carolina’s Hickory Speedway with the legendary Holman-Moody team. He was running well before losing the engine 25 laps shy of the finish. His next two outings with the team, at Martinsville and North Wilkesboro, both resulted in top-ten finishes.

In 1968, Savage split his time between NASCAR, and running both USRRC and Can-Am with Dan Gurney’s All American Racers. In Grand National, Savage took a third place on the half-mile oval at Bristol, while he piloted Gurney’s powerful Lola Can-Am car to a top finish of fourth at the road course in Bridgehampton.

A serial noise complainer in France has been ordered by a court to pay the Nogaro Circuit damages after his campaign of complaints against motorcycle racing noise! Thanks Kim!

The case centers around the Circuit Paul Armagnac, also called Circuit de Nogaro in southwestern France, and it’s not a new development. Le Repair Des Motards reports that the first complaint the resident made against the circuit was way back in 1999. He moved to the area in 1978, the circuit was built in 1960…

The case was rejected, and the moaning neighbor was ordered to pay €1,000 to the circuit owners. But NIMBY types aren’t such soft touches - they are strong social justice warriors who are always right. So, the neighbor took the battle to the court of appeal and the case was rejected again, and he was ordered to pay the circuit a further €5,000 to the circuit owners.

Speaking after the hearing, the complaining resident, Jacques Fortinon said:

“5,000 euros in Agen plus 1,000 euros in Auch, I have 6,000 euros to pay… It is not finished. There, we were in civil matters and indeed, the court ruled that my action was time-barred based on article 544 of the Environmental Code, giving a period of 5 years.

In Albi, the police court condemned the Sequestral circuit, basing its decision on the Health Code. The basic question I ask: do they need to make noise to make speed? I am not against the circuit, I am so that everyone can live in peace and tranquility. "

The court has actually ruled in favor of a circuit, and fined the person making the complaints!  Great news, great court case to serve as a precedent for future assholes who complain about noise issues they voluntarily MOVE to live NEXT to!

Karl Saar, a variety of steel art  via

the very cool art of Karl Saar

Mobility Vehicle 1, wheelchair accessible taxi

I forgot I posted one in 2013 

it would be cool to see a gallery on this

on the side of a space ship, on the tv show 'The Expanse'. I dig the reference to the history of flight, and each monumental step that got humans from ground to space

the tv show is good, but took a long time to get from setting the background info, to the action. 

the tv show is based on the series of novels of the same name by James S. A. Corey. The series is set in a future where humanity has colonized the Solar System, but is in a constant state of war between the Earthers, who control the food supply for the entire human species, and the Martians, who want to get independent of Earthers thinking they controls Mars like the yoke of British tyranny in the 1770s, wants to force Earth into concessions. Meanwhile the asteroid miners in the belt are fed up with Mars using them as little more than slave labor, with starvation rations of food and water, and oxygen. 

and then, someone finds some freaky alien stuff, and it's simply the weapon grade stuff of nightmares, and decides to use it to achieve freedom from all other factions of the human race. Oh, and a portal to other galaxies, that instantly moves you from this solar system, to thousands of others, without the time it takes to propel a space ship there across the thousands of light years it would conventionally take, but Earth, of course, decides it must control that access, so the Martians and Belters don't leave this solar system, and the quit supplying earth with metals for industry, and the wealth that Earthers make off the labor of those who left Earth for space. Because the moment the belters can colonize planets that will allow human food supplies to grow, no one will need Earth anymore. 

It's a good time to watch this show, now that it's done, 5 seasons were all they made, and they just released the last of them to Hulu, or Amazon, or HBO Max, I can't recall which. 

Damn shame there isn't a bunch of these around to look at, listen to, and smell - like at a gathering every so often


just doggone pretty

I like cats a lot more than dogs

Dogs use tires as urinals. Cats just hang out, take a nap, and be cool. 

Notice the sub title of the blog, things that are cool, with wheels. Exhibit A: cat with wheels, being cool.

nice color choice

late 1980s, you can hear the sound of the eject in your head

Berkey, Ohio, is placing the 1947 Willy's for sale (Thank you Marc!)

Richfield Township is accepting SEALED BIDS for purchase of the 1947 Willy’s Jeep Fire Apparatus from Monday 3/1/2021 through Friday 4/2/2021 at 4:00 PM. 

 The vehicle is sold as is with no warranties or guarantees made of any kind. This vehicle has been garage stored and maintained throughout its lifetime with Berkey / Richfield Township Fire Department as the original and only owner.

 The vehicle is open to inspection Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

The vehicle sale is subject to a minimum bid of $10,000.

 The bids will be opened on Monday 4/5/2021 and highest bid above the minimum sale amount will be awarded. Sealed Bids must be addressed to Fire Chief Keith Clonch at 11450 W. Sylvania Avenue, Berkey, Ohio 43504.

a day in the life of a tractor repair guy (that's not sexist, it's clearly a presumption, show me a tractor repair woman, I'd love to compliment her career choice and financial situation far superior to mine)

 Had a tractor come in with a thought to be electrical issue. 

Connect laptop to get the codes, points to a sensor fault. Test the sensor, sensor is good. Test the harness, harness is good. Install sensor from a known working machine, still shows active code. Check software update, cause sometimes it does fix it, new software let the magic smoke out of the engine controller because the fucking engineer put the wrong parameters in the new software. 

Turns out original problem was a loose bulkhead connector pin between the sensor and ecu wasn’t making full contact. So had to install a new ecu that originally never needed replaced because someone on the assembly line didn’t insert a pin in a connector correctly. 

 All of the older machines I deal with have to be repaired because the farmer wore them the fuck out after years of working the hell out of them.

airport fire fighting Jeep, it looks like

I can't read what's written on the hood, but the last 3 letters are "ers"

TIL James Watt needed to convince skeptics to ditch their draft horses and buy his steam engine.

 To prove its superiority, he measured a horse walking in ­circles to turn a grindstone in a mill. He multiplied distance it walked by its ­~180 pounds of pulling force&came up with a new measure: horsepower 

Friday, March 26, 2021

wow, sweet little hot rod

I've wondered about this before, why aren't oil sumps finned to cool the oil some, and that would help cool the engine a little bit

Car clubs have gathered for decades at “Chicano Park” in the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood. But residents of The Weaver, a new luxury apartment building across the street, have started calling the police to stop them.

Many residents of the Weaver have grown tired of the loud music, annoyed by the traffic, and turned off by the smell of skidding tires.

One particularly vocal tenant, a non-Hispanic white woman with short blond hair who appeared to be in her fifties and refused to give her name, claimed that smoke from the tires was killing nearby trees and that traffic from the gathering would make it impossible for an ambulance to reach her in the event of a medical emergency (though two other roads to the apartment building remain accessible at all times).

With large tech companies including Apple, Oracle, and Samsung expanding operations in Austin, and many more making plans to relocate there, such conflicts have accelerated during the pandemic. Surrounded by new neighbors, many native Austinites say they’re often made to feel unwelcome in their own communities. For the car clubs, which gather in public parks on the front lines of gentrification, the feeling has been especially amplified.

Boys collecting paper for scrap drive, May 1942. The paper these boys collected was probably recycled into requisition forms

 Southington, Connecticut

Washington DC

pretty cool

meanwhile, in the news

getting more uses out of a snowmobile... like using it as an emergency backup generator

An exhibit of historic locomotive engines fills part of the huge Palace of Transportation.

Wouldn't it be magnificent to see a worlds fair nowadays?

A view of the Allis-Chalmers exhibit in the Palace of Machinery shows exhibits from companies such as Jeanesville Iron Works, Crocker-Wheeler, Doble Abner, Harrisburg Foundry, General Electric, and Westinghouse at the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904

made to be difficult to read for cops, and that's a dead give away that this car owner is up to something on a regular basis

Thursday, March 25, 2021

there must be a reason these Jeeps have whitewall balloon tires and push bars

Miller Racing Special Re-Creation ‘The Craftsman’    via

I instantly noticed the layout of the wood, and then saw, it's another Clark Gable photo... what's that about?

this reminds me of the early 70s Michigan I grew up in, so much

compliment of the day!

 "it's a delight to interact with someone who knows and cares about the likes of Chickie Hirashima, Clay Smith, neat cars, old aircraft and all the rest. (If the last sentence qualifies as a compliment of the day, use it. I say that with all sincerity.)"

BOMONSTER went to the world famous Bob's Big Boy in Burbank to celebrate California getting out of the pandemic lockdown, and the experience inspired this new limited edition hand-scratched litho print

no elbow pads, knee pads, gloves.. this is going to be a painful learning experience at this speed

looks like he went superman pose flying at the end of this clip... without the ability to remain flying and avoid the crash. 

I guess that's a ramp that some thought went into building, just not enough.

amazing WW1 dirt art on this van

So, Speedway Motors sent me an email, trying for some free publicity... and started with "From the beginning, Speedway Motors has sought after employees who "get it.""

 So I told them, 

then hire me. After all, I've proven I "get it" and if you're emailing me to get your press release about your employees, then you must consider my website something you admire.... or why ask me to showcase your company? 

Then you ought to consider hiring me to add content to a website for your company, obviously I'm good at it, or YOU wouldn't be emailing ME, and this also indicates your company doesn't have someone making good content for a website FOR you, and I don't do free publicity. 

If you want your marketing and publicity to get posted on my blog, because you want your employees to get some recognition where the type of people are stopping by to read the latest stuff I've come across, then you ought to hire me to work on your website. 

OR, why are you coming to me anyway?

people who "get it" are our kind of people. After all, we're inspiring confidence in customers whose interests span a century or more of automotive production.

And what am I posting about for the past 46,600 posts, if not the past century of automotive production? 

Then I said, just take a look at the compliments I've gotten, unsolicited.... I think you'll agree, people like what I'm doing. A lot of them. 

Seems to make sense to me. Speedway Motors wants a website people go to for car guy stuff, I want a company to pay me to make a website with great content.

What was the reply I got? 

"Thanks for the feedback. We would love to know more about your car and your involvement in the automotive hobby. In fact, we are in the midst of starting an influencer program. 

I’m not sure exactly what it will look like at this point or entail but if that’s something you would be interested in I would be happy to share your contact information with the team."

That doesn't seem very excited to have discovered a potential employee who "gets it". 

We'd love to know about your car... and your involvement with the hobby. 

Umm, you emailed me. Did you forget why you emailed me? To get your press release some free publicity on my website... so, are you sure you don't realize what my involvement with the hobby is? 

If anyone wants to email Kelsey (cool name for someone in the car hobby) here is the email address.. go ahead and mention what my involvement with the hobby is if you would, please.
Public Relations and Content Marketing Manager

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

ever wonder why the Sunoco stations had a medical symbol over the Sunoco name? Well,

The caduceus is often associated with the god Mercury, and Sunoco marketed its motor oil as "Mercury-Made" in the 1940s, due to the use of mercury in its process at that time. Although the association with Mercury seems to have disappeared by the 1950s, some stations still had the caduceus. My grandfather's station, built in 1957, had one over the "SUNOCO" letters on the station front. I believe that the top of the torch had a red lens that actually had a light inside.

Coincidentally I posted about Clark Gables dozer last week, now here's his Tbird, upgraded with a supercharger

Clark Gable picking up his T-Bird after having a McCulloch supercharger installed. I have seen this car and talked to the actor on a couple of occasions. He was a car guy through and through, and liked fast cars. He had a ranch in Encino, in the San Fernando Valley off of Ventura Blvd. He used to cruise through Bob's in Toluca Lake in this Bird and frequently stopped to talk to guys about cars.