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Hyundai has more problems

Update... Alan called me back, and hadn't been able to get ahold of the dealership that is reported to have that car. He didn't call me back the next day, when he did find out something, he let his boss call me instead, and I talked to the sales manager. Nice guy, not very sharp. After I told him I only will buy a white Hyundai Veloster, he went on to tell me about red cars, blue cars, Elantras and other Hyundais. So I repeated my decision of white, because he may have forgotten in the disappointment that he must feel at not being able to sell the colors that people do not want, and reminding him that I will buy a White Veloster.

He said that the dealership the White Veloster wouldn't part with it in a dealership trade.

I called them today. I learned the truth.

They don't have the basic Veloster in White, they don't have any White Veloster. They have an invoice on a computer telling them that a White optioned to the max Veloster, that costs thousands more, and has options I don't want (sunroof, chrome grill, 450 watt stereo with subwoofer) and won't pay for isn't there yet, but is supposed to be on it's way.

So, no White Veloster.

 Hyundai has problems, salesmen that aren't honest, sales managers that aren't honest, a lack of cars in the available color I want, and me... a guy who decided to buy the basic Veloster they make, in a basic color, but isn't going to be getting the car that Hyundai advertises that they make. They don't make enough to sell me one

Thursday, October 27, 2011

One of 2, 1971 Charger R/T was a Charlotte Motor Speedway pace car

This 1971 white Dodge Charger 440 4-barrel is heavily laden with options--sunroof (only 33 Charger R/Ts were equipped with sunroofs that year and only three of those were white), 727, power windows, buckets, console, hideaway headlights and, get this--headlight washers. The car was ordered with 14-inch steelies, Goodyear Polyglas G70-14s and no wheel covers (as per the build sheet). Oddly enough, first owner did not opt for air conditioning. To the second owner, Steve, who bought at age 17 in 1971, this Charger was just a car and it became a daily driver.

When looking into a restoration, Steve was told that the Charger was a piece of Mopar history and essentially an unmolested survivor. Steve learned that this was one of two identical '71 Chargers purchased by the owner of Charlotte Motor Speedway, Richard Howard, to promote national NASCAR cup races. Howard bought the cars in February ‘71, lettered them and he and some of his employees drove them thither and yon as rolling billboards to promote the races. The World 600 ran on May 30th (the National 500 ran on October 10th) with Bobby Allison taking the checkered, followed by Donnie Allison, Pete Hamilton, Richard Petty, Fred Lorenzen and Buddy Baker in that order.

Tim Wellborn, noted collector of 1971 Hemi and 6-pack Chargers, among other cars, plus a ton of memorabilia, saved the day. He had an original program for the 1971 World 600 race, plus a sales brochure with several color photo of the pace car lettered.

Steve will be showing this amazing Charger at Mopar events including the Charger reunion at Tim Wellborne’s Musclecar Museum in Alexander City, AL this October. The car should be quite a hit!

The Patron Tequila Express... a 1927 railcar of unlimited luxury owned by the guy who owns Patron Tequila, and partner in Paul Mitchell hair care

Labelled by its owner John Paul DeJoria as the 'most unique and finest train car in the world', it was manufactured in 1927 as a business car

Born in California to a Greek mother and an Italian father, the 67-year-old has been homeless twice and had his first job when he was just nine years old, selling Christmas cards door to door.

He made his first million through his hair care company John Paul Mitchell Systems, which he founded in 1980 with hair dresser Paul Mitchell for $700.

The shiny green, 85-foot long car features a sitting area called the 'Observation Room' with beautifully upholstered chairs, marble bathrooms, a dining area for eight people, gourmet kitchen and sleeping quarters.

Decked out in intricate wood carvings from Maharajah's palace and original 14th-century Gothic art, it is used for Mr DeJoria's private travel and cocktail parties for his spirits business.

Check out the video in the link for a better look
Thanks to Mary who led me to

About 130 to 150 private railcars roam the nation.

DeJoria’s train can go anywhere along Amtrak’s 21,000 miles. (Railcar owners reserve a spot in advance, then pay $2.10 per mile.) If you want to detour down a non-Amtrak route, you charter your own locomotive.

 You can turn up a basic vintage car for between $150,000 and $300,000, then expect to put in $500,000 to $1.3 million to upgrade it to Amtrak standards.

 As with a yacht, though, it’s the operating expenses that really pinch. The Patrón Tequila Express costs about $10,000 a month, which includes maintenance, insurance, storage, and a bare-bones crew (Shaffer). That doesn’t include mileage or siding charges. “Most people would rather sit on a plane for two hours than spend two days on a train, but there’s nothing comparable to taking a relaxing rail journey with your family or good friends,” DeJoria says.

Tim and Pam Wellborn's Musclecar Museum has a cool collection of Mopars and other interesting cars, they have the largest collection of 71 Chargers, and the nations largest collection of Dodge cars

They have the world’s largest collection of 1971 Chargers. They have patiently, and quietly put together the nation’s largest collection of Dodge cars. Their collection of musclecars not only includes Dodge cars but also a very impressive lot of Oldsmobile 442 W-30 Convertibles, Ford Boss 429 Mustangs, LS6 Chevelles, GSX Buicks, AMC Javelins, and a Pontiac Ram Air IV GTO Judge Convertible, one of six known to exist.
Wellborn MuscleCar Museum

124 Broad Street Alexander City, AL 35010
Phone: (256) 329-8474

Manny Moe and Jack hit 90 years old

Found in Sept 2011 issue of Muscle Car Review

So if you have some Pep Boys stuff they might be interested in, drop them a line:

Pop Culture Icons

In conjunction with the anniversary year, Pep Boys is launching a nationwide search for branded memorabilia to uncover previously lost or unknown artifacts from the Company’s past. Found items will ultimately come to rest in permanent display at the Pep Boys’ corporate archives in Philadelphia. Noteworthy submissions may also be included in nationwide museum exhibits.
The 90th anniversary of The Pep Boys – Manny, Moe & Jack is more than just a company celebration of its success within the automotive industry; it commemorates the evolution as an iconic business. The forever-recognizable caricatures of the three Navy veterans that founded the company in 1921 changed the face of American advertising and were eventually implanted into American pop culture. Entertainment figures throughout the last fifty years have been quoted using the expression “Everyone including Manny, Moe & Jack…” In short, they were not only woven into the fabric of the American motoring experience, but also forever established in the country’s pop culture lexicon.

Since the early days, the Pep Boys have always been recognized as pop culture icons. Shows from Mork & Mindy to The Simpsons have paid homage to Manny, Moe & Jack, while national broadcast hosts have long asked for “the Boys” to make appearances on shows such as The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Today Show, Jeopardy and The Rosie O’Donnell Show. Hollywood hasn’t left them out either – Pep Boys appear in such movies as The American President, Earthquake, Boys on the Side and Poetic Justice to name a few. There was even a song called Manny, Moe & Jack written by punk rock group, the Dickies in 1979.
“We believe that Manny, Moe & Jack are the heart of the brand – they are the icons that differentiate us from the competition and their legacy lives on,” said company President and CEO Mike Odell. “In the past 90 years, Pep Boys was witness to many of the greatest American achievements; we emerged from the depths of the Great-Depression, landed a man on the moon and ushered in the digital revolution with computers and the Internet. Through a mixture of hard work and good luck, we’ve had great fortune over the last 90 years and are proud to be considered an American institution. We look forward to what the next nine decades hold for the company and for America.”

  • Sanaz Bakhtiari/Nathan Hoyt

  • JMPR Public Relations, Inc.

  • (818) 992-4353



  • Hyundai has 2 problems. The first is no supply of cars to their dealerships.

    The second is that I am going to buy a White Veloster, and they don't have one in California to sell me. Call me conceited, but I've got a couple thousand readers a day, a blog that gets good peer reviews, and a bad attitude about wanting something I can afford but am not going to get when I want it.

    So the second problem is that they are disappointing the guy who blogs about cars, every day. I doubt I'll have anything pleasant to say about Hyundai any time soon, while they frustrate me with their lack of manufacturing and distribution abilities

    Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    1960 300Sl roadster donated to Greek town to austion for funds for town park

    You'll need a translator like Google Chrome to read the article for yourself, but basically

    Pireaus, a city in Greece honored the memory of Kriton Dilaveri, by selling the car he left the city, and they got 405,000 Greek currency units, naming a park for Dilaveri. The German bidder Rajina Hildebrandt won the car at auction
    Found on

    One owner 1964 Shelby AC Cobra 289 sells for 475,000

    CSX 2305 is one of the few one owner Cobras that existed.  found on

    This original Shelby Cobra was purchased by Ed Johnson at Kansas City Ford in 1964. Johnson was the county Medical Examiner, and he raced and autocrossed the Cobra on a regular basis, earning numerous trophies and awards along the way. These awards, along with extensive documentation, will accompany the car to its new home.

    I know of three others.

    You ought to know I've already posted about them, and taken photos several times of the Hank's CSX 2227 , and a gallery of Carroll's CSX 2001 .

    The most famous person and longest owner of a Cobra besides Carroll is Herbie Hancock CSX 2006  or read the story about Herbie and his Cobra at

    Commenter KrisGMC pay attention

    I am buying a car, get it? I'm not one of the dumbasses you dealt with. Maybe you lump all people into catagories, maybe you are prejudiuced like that.

    I take people one at a time.  I buy a car, one at a time.

    I do not contract to buy anything that isn't in front of me. If you do, you are an idiot, and maybe you can afford some seaside property in New Mexico I have for sale. Special discount for people who are lumping me in with losers.

    For the rest of the readers, KrisGMC wrote:
     I used to sell cars. I would get a specific vehicle for somone only to have them tell me they changed their mind. Maybe you would like to by one of the cars I brought in for people like you who wouldnt commit on paper. Its an extra expense for the dealer and another car to pay interst on for some "buyer" who wont even sign a bill of sale.

    In reply to the specifics, those were your actions, not mine. Why confuse your problems with mine? I didn't.

    If your dealership would bring in cars when people asked for them, then it sounds like a policy of customer service that had problems. This dealership won't do it, and they are morons. I told them I was there to buy a car, a white car. Get it, I'll buy it. Simple.

    Life isn't as difficult for me perhaps, I keep it simple. When I finally got out of debt recently, and my daily driver made it appearant that it isn't going to live much longer, I did my homework, for more than most people, and decided to post the info, plus buy the best car.

    Sidenote, I don't give a damn what the dealer puts up with to sell cars. That is the function of a car dealer... to get the cars buyers ask for. You got a problem with that? Take it up with people who operate car dealerships, You got a problem with me? I don't think so, you would probably respect that I am not effing around with cars, salesmen, or my readers.

    You might even thank me for buying a car that I tell a dealership to get for me, as you seem to be righteously upset with the people that wouldn't do the right thing and you seem to prefer the people who did buy the car.

    Next time, have the balls to add your email to your profile on Blogger, and I won't have to post a response, I'll just email it to you instead.

    By the way, I called another dealership after getting this nonsense from the first dealership, and told them I wanted to buy a car, he said he'll get it. See? Not everyone has the stick up the ass about some contract to get a car delivered. Some understand that they must get the cars that customers want to buy in order to sell the cars

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    Susan G Komen for the Cure Of Breast Cancer foundation is getting more car companies (Fiat and Symbolic Motors) to participate in raising Breast Cancer awareness and funds

     The Pink Ribbon is based on the top-of-the-line 2012 Fiat 500 Lounge. Adding the Pink Ribbon package gives the buyer the option of two paint colors–silver or white–and a deep pink stripe running down the side of the car. The stripe’s 500 logo also has a pink ribbon.

    Inside, the Pink Ribbon continues to use pink accents, albeit subtly. The black leather seats get pink contrast stitching and 500 logos, the floormats get pink embroidery for the 500 logo, and the leather steering wheel gets pink stitching. To top it off, Fiat throws out the 500’s standard black key fob and gives the Pink Ribbon model a white fob with–you guessed it–a pink ribbon painted on the front.

    Including destination fees, pricing for the Pink Ribbon will start at $22,500, which is about $2500 more over the cost of a 500 Lounge, but only $300 more than if you ordered similar content as stand-alone options. That isn’t bad, but the biggest hallmark of the Pink Ribbon comes from Fiat: the company will donate $1000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for each car sold, and has committed to donating at least $50,000 to the organization.

    Fiat will make 250 Pink Ribbon editions and

    Passion Pink” Continental GT is probably the most important. Some of the proceeds from the car’s sale will go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure non-for-profit to further breast cancer research.

    The Passon Pink GT is allegedly bespoke, and has been commissioned by Bentley San Diego– through Bentley’s own in-house customization program, no less — to help increase awareness for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, San Diego.

    To announce the car, Bentley San Diego and Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s San Diego chapter have teamed up to throw “a night out in pink” this Friday, October 28 at the W Hotel. The streets will be lined with Bentleys, pink cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and a pink carpet for guests to walk upon entering the venue. Charles Koll Jewelers will also be unveiling a new line of Komen-inspired jewelry, and the beer will be provided by Green Flash Brewing Company, owned by breast cancer survivor Lisa Hinkley.

    “This is an event you absolutely don’t want to miss. While this car is stunning, it is going to save lives with the money that is raised and there is nothing more beautiful than that,” said Laura Farmer Sherman, the executive director of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, San Diego and a breast cancer survivor.

    The 2012 Bentley Continental GT is powered by a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter W-12 making 567 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. The standard GT retails for $192,495 including destination charges, and it’s expected that the “Passion Pink” car will fetch a fair bit more. However, tickets for this Friday’s event only cost $20.

    Symbolic Motors of La Jolla, California, has commissioned the only factory-built "Passion Pink" 2012 Bentley GT in the World. The New GT is being produced to contribute awareness of the Susan G. Komen
    Foundation for the Cure. This vehicle's code name is "Cure". Royal Families and Celebrities over the years have commissioned special edition vehicles through a bespoke design division of Bentley Motors, located at the factory in Crewe, England where all Bentley's are born. The design studio caters to Bentley VIP's and offers exclusive services to meet the imaginations of these high profile clients. This Bentley is being offered for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to the Foundation. Please join us in our efforts to raise awareness and contribute to the cause."
    Those of you who like such machines and are looking for something quite different, need look no further. It might take a gentleman of strong confidence to drive such a car in public, or perhaps it might be the perfect gift for the lovely lady who simply has everything... everything that is except a Pink Bentley. Here is your chance, to beat Paris Hilton or Lady Gaga to the table and own something to make both jealous enough to breathe fire while helping a worthwhile cause all at the same time. for the source of the commisioning (great company that I've featured several times here for their incredible annual open house, and the amazing showroom, plus the personal cars of Bill Noon, company pres ) and

    In 2007 they had a special Mustang made

    Worst speed trap state? and worst speedtrap city?

    Florida, and Livonia Michigan

    Livonia has 28 sppedtraps per 100,000 residents
    Nevada has Reno and Las Vegas making 2 of the top 6 (4 and 6)
    Colorado has Denver and Colorado Springs making 2 of the top 8 (5 and 8)
    Florida has 4 of the top 14 worst speed trap cities in a list made from stats that compiled and was printed in Hemmings Muscle Machines Nov 2011 issue

    Dan Gurney

    The only American to win a Grand Prix in a car of his own design (Gurney Eagle in the 1967 Belgian Grand Prix)
    Later that year he also won te Rex Mays 300 in Riverside, making him the first to win races in Indy Car, NASCAR, Formula One, and sports car racing. Only two guys have done it since

    image found on

    Nascar trivia... what did a yellow rear bumper mean?

    That the driver was a rookie. Used in 1973 that I know of, maybe other years.

    Mod Squad Challenger just auctioned, only 2 were made in 1972 that were convertible, both were for the tv show

    see this gallery of the restoration of one at or see a feature in Mopar Muscle Sept 1987
    One just sold at Mecum at Monterey auction for 48500

    The 1971 Dodge Challenger Convertible offered was one of the two or three cars used for on-screen work during the 1972 Mod Squad season. Since Chrysler discontinued Challenger Convertible production after 1971, this car was updated with 1972-specific front and rear components, creating an interesting hybrid. Highly optioned with an automatic transmission, bucket seats and a console, it was also used as a PR/show car in period. Today, it displays an exterior refinish dating back 10 years

    Mopar design trivia

    the Demon tailights were origninally designed for the 71 Duster 340 to match the grill. I never noticed that before
    Photo from Hemmings Muscle Machines, Nov 2011 issue

    Chevy info / trivia / interesting stuff found in Automobile Magazines 100 years of Chevrolet

    Founded by Billy Durant, it was one of three car companies he founded that year (he had founded GM years before, but got fired) He founded 2 more companies the next year

    Durant did so well with Chevy, that by 1915, he took over control of GM... yeah, Chevy bought out GM.

    The depression in 1920 jsut decimated his businesses., and he left in Dec, 1920

    When Chevrolet started in business, there were 270 car companies in America

    How American is Chevrolet? Well, Louis Chevrolet was Swiss, Zora Arkus Duntov was Belgian... you get the point right? Immigrants are Americas greatest asset, and they made Chevy and GM one of the few comapnies to survive 100 years, and one of only a handful of car manufacturers to stay in the car making business for 100 years or more.

    Durant wanted to capitalize on Louis Chevrolet's racing notoriety, and had Lou design a car. It was completed in 1912. Lou quit because Durant nagged about his smoking, and went on to design Indy winning race cars, and found the Frontenac car company

    1915 was the year Chevy tried to compete with the less expensive Ford, and made the 490 which was the same price as the Ford (Fiat 500 was the cost in thousands of Lira for a cinquecento) Ford retaliated by dropping his price by 50 bucks. Lots of money in 1915

    1923 Chevy had 500 copper air fin equipped cars available, as this early in the car making development process, getting water cooling to work wasn't perfected for another 30 years, and the Franklin was successful as an aircooled engine... they work fine in hot climates, like the American mid and southwest.
    The Copper Cooled Chevys were a flop, they detonated terrribly, and of the 100 bought by customers, all but 2 were reaquired by Chevy, AND DUMPED THEM IN LAKE EIRE!

    Fangio's first big victory was in a Chevy Master 85. It was an endurance race round trip Buenos Aires to Lima and back

    The longest running nameplate in auto history is the Chevy Suburban, launched in 1935

    The 55 Chevy Bel Air grill design was ripped off from Ferrari. It only was used in 55.

    Chevy's first international competition win was a 1953 210 sedan in the La Carrera Panamericana

    1960 Daytona 500, the Junior Johnson Chevy was 20 mph slower than the leading Pontiacs,... and Junior discovered drafting, and won the race. He'd been in prison for running moonshine in 57 and couldn't race in first NASCAR Grand National Championship

    Jim Halls Chaparral 2J "sucker car" used a 2 stroke snowmobile engine to produce suction in the ground effects race car to capitalize on the design

    The Nassau Speed Week of Dec 1963 proved that the Corvette Grand Sport could beat the Shelby Cobras and Ferrari 250 GTOs ... but that was the last call for Chevy in racing before the AMA ban. Zora was about to take them to Sebring and LeMans

    The Chevy LUV (light utility vehicle) was the first Chevy sold in the US built by a foreign manufacturer. Isuzu

    The Vega had 2 notorious recalls, the rear tires falling off, and the carb filling with gas til it spilled out onto the engine onto overheating aluminum engines

    GM went into partnership with Toyota to get better manufacturing processes and production systems, and reopened a GM facility in Fremont Ca, and Toyota would gain experience in building cars in the US. UAW workers were flown to Japan, learned the Toyota way, production began in 1984, was an immediate success, and they built 8 million cars before shutting down in 2009. The things learned from Toyota were implemented in GM in 1992

    Dick Guldstrand was commisioned to make a high speed Corvette to test Bridgestones, he hit 176 at Talledega . It's in the auction cycle right now, and it didn't sell at 40 thou.

    So, I'm buying a car, and told the salesguy what I wanted. He was an idiot. He didn't tell me he'd get it, (I want a white car and they didn't have one) and sell it to me.

    When anyone walks in and tells a salesman they are here to buy... the only thing the salesman should do is tell that customer, I'm here to get you that car, what would you like.

    That isn't what happened today. I said I want a white one. The salesguy said, we don't have a white one.


    I said get it, I'm here to buy it, I'll be back when you get it here.



    I told him, I don't sign anything til I see that car I want. Then you give me the sales contract, and you get a commission, I get a car, we're both happy.

    THIS IDIOT DOESN"T GET IT. I mean him, not me.

    He believes that the dealership (included in this conversation was the manager) refuses to get me the car I'm in the showroom floor to buy. UNLESS I SIGN PAPERWORK.

    I guess me telling him that I'm gonna go get the car from where it's at doesn't faze him.... Cause that is what I'll do.

    But I'm not stupid either, I called one of the other 5 dealerships in San Diego and here's how that conversation goes... I'm telling you because you are still reading, and I figure you're a person who likes what I have to say about cars or you wouldn't be reading my blog anyway...

    I called, Alan answered...
    "I want to buy a car from you"
    "What can I sell you" he replied.
    I said " You are the right guy, here's what I want"
    he told me there is only one available in the state of California.
    I said "Get it, I want it, I've already compared the rest of the cars, and this is the one for me."
    "I'll see what I can do, and call you back" he replaied.


    So, tomorrow we'll see if it's available and if he'll have it ready for me to pick up.

    Simple huh? I'm buying, he's selling. No nonsense. No BS
    Here's the comparison

    Update... Alan called me back, and hadn't been able to get ahold of the dealership that is reported to have that car. He didn't call me back the next day, when he did find out something, he let his boss call me instead, and I talked to the sales manager. Nice guy, not very sharp. After I told him I only will buy a white Hyundai Veloster, he went on to tell me about red cars, blue cars, Elantras and other Hyundais.  So I repeated  my decision of white, because he may have forgotten in the disappointment that he must feel at not being able to sell the colors that people do not want, and reminding him that I will buy a White Veloster.

    He said that the dealership the White Veloster wouldn't part with it in a dealership trade.

    I called them today. I learned the truth.

    They don't have the basic car in White, they don't have any white car. They have an invoice on a computer telling them that a White optioned to the max car, that costs 3 thou more, and has options I don't want (sunroof) and won't pay for isn't there yet, but is supposed to be on it's way.

    So, no White Veloster. Hyundai has 3 problems, salesmen that aren't honest, sales managers that aren't honest, a lack of cars in the available color I want, and me... a guy who decided to buy the basic car they make, in a basic color, but isn't going to be getting the car that Hyundai advertises that they make. They don't make enough to sell me one.

    So why did Alan the salesguy not call me back? Why did his salesmanager not tell me that a car matching my requirements was in another city and that the dealership that had it wouldn't trade it between dealerships?

    the "In The Garage" blog is heavy on rally info, and posted a news flash on the Upper Michigan rally

    I grew up among the roads they used to race on, all dirt roads, and I never did get to go check out the racing. Someday.
    Found on

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    That awkward moment when you crash a $12 million Ferrari... and a couple other cool photos from

    That awkward moment when you crash a $12 million Ferrari, tp see it in slow mo
    David Love/Ferrari 250TR/Monterey Historics/2009

    Timo Mäkinen Mini Cooper S RAC Rally 1967.

    Hitchcock in a big cart... never would have thought I'd ever see that!
    1934 Mercedes-Benz 500K Streamline Roadsterm, built for a King of Iraq, Erdmann & Rossi coachbuilders
    all found on

    Reliant Scimitar found on the I5 hauling a small kayak. Right hand drive

    Bitchin bus and matching trailer found on Studio44 werks, and a really cool matching lamp

    On the filming of Grand Prix, 1966. Using a GT40 to haul the Ferrari race car

    found on

    ok, maybe that was ust so they could do some fine up close filming... but I have a sense of humor

    the above two are from