Friday, February 08, 2013

1947 Mack firetruck

All I want for my birthday is this great old Diamond T fuel tanker, a billion dollars, and someone that will take the money and restore it

a 1930's is my guess.

At the Motor Transport Museum

the last of the C cab Mack trucks, a 1939 model FG with a Quick Way crane

It was impossible to take a better photo of this huge truck in the building. The damn back lighting from the windows is frustrating too.. and all the clutter. But hell, it's still worth looking at the photo to get a glimpse of such an old workhorse.

I can't fit in much at close quarters

hauls two tons, turns 360's in only 8 feet, and has 3 wheels.. the 1926 Clark industrial truck

Optima Street Car invitational tv air dates released! Sunday March 10th, 11 am ET

More flying cars! Another artist has added to our yen for cool flying machines

from artist Renaud Marion and found because Pete is cool enough to share with us!


Ed Roth's "Surfite" show car on a press release photo found on Ebay

The text across the top says:

One of the popular exhibits at Rod & Custom car show here is this one seater Surfite, a surfboard-carrying vehicle dreamed up by comedian Ed Roth. Car can top 50 mph with its Austin Sidewinder engine of 4 cylinders, according to Roth, who claims it gets 50 mpg. Deep groove formed into right side is where surfboard fits snugly in place.

Photo by UPI

Ebay listing at

thanks Jay!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

a very unusual dragster, dual hemis with tow drive axles, and a Messerschmitt KR200 body

Staggered rear axles... an attempt at better traction

Great tailights! 

 and this is just one reason to pick up Hot Rod Deluxe

Keeping an eye on all the subscription notices you might spot a deal

 the above shows the difference is half between the top form and the card on the bottom

the Auto week is 10 dollars off by using the top form instead of the card

1946 Ford Model 69 Texaco fuel tanker truck... I want one! I found one! I can't even think of ever being able to afford it

1923 Mack AC Bulldog, dual chain drive and dualie tires... operable and restored. Stored for most of the last 70 years

I didn't know before this that the Mack was a truck made by the International Motor Co, and that the IM in the center of the hood was symbolic of International Motor

I haven't seen this design of steering wheel before, rivets or screws holding fasteners to the rim from the spokes.

Diamonds, in the rough

MSD is in need of a Marketing Services Manager

What will a corrupt city government do to get your money in fines? Paint a handicap parking around your car, then tow your car, fine you, and get a cut of the towing and impound fines. Nice huh?

thanks Steve for the story! (he wanted me to see the cool tow truck (side forks that allow a narrow street parallel parked car to get hoisted onto the flatbed while parked beside it in traffic))

Here is the great part, it was all captured on a security camera across the street, and the car owner was smart enough to check for that. She's avoided the fines (total $365 USD) got her car back, an apology from the mayor, and publicly (using facebook) exposed this scam.

Full story here:

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Everyone loves a big diamond right? This may be the largest Diamond T ever made (1954 model 921), or 2nd largest after the model 980 of 1943.

Hemmings just posted a 1943 model 980 which may be bigger and have a higher haulage rating:

great vintage race cars and trains found on Hagop Garagem .com

Above, winner of Pikes Peak. 1922 I think the photo was captioned

Quite a car, I love the anchors on the front bumpers... Anheuser Busch Ginger Ale is on the lifering, which causes me to guess this was during the Prohibition time, and they were using the car to drive up interest and publicity

Above, Coney Island?

I've never seen a nose on a locomotive like the above...

 damn, these are big locomotives!

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