Saturday, April 02, 2011

Escondido's restored firetruck

the only Coast Guard tribute Harley you'll ever see, by a 24 year retired mechanic

In town for the Good Guys Del Mar Nats, this Kaiser Manhatten is a head turner... there aren't any in San Diego.

All original looking besides the rims, and the ghost flames are too faint to see from this distance, but I overheard people saying that they thought the headlights were from a Buick, and they aren't. The owner has had people speculate that it's a 4 door that has been made into a 2 door, it isn't. The cab and roofline look over large for the body, but it's the difference that the Kaiser company thought would set it apart from the dozens of other car copmanies in the 1950's.

I took a full gallery of photos of it at the Good Guys Del Mar Nats:

Still trying to photograph a hood ornament beautifully

I'm not going to give up til I do at least as good at Tere:

The tiny Buick, it has to be the smallest they made before the econo box trend of the late 1970's

First cruise of the season in Escondido

Above is one of the side streets, not the main drag. Below is the duece donation grill

Tweety bird mudflaps.. yikes.

great shifter, it's in a 50's Dodge Sierra

Great centerpiece design and dash piece over the glove box. The dual ashtrays are not unique, a few cars had them, but the clock between and the radio above turned out really well
Instantly recognizeable tail light, I like that about older cars from the 60's

Hudson Terraplane dash and speedometer instrument gauge, unique in being in the center of the top of the dash

good looking design

and the shifter stalk, about the size of a normal flashlight... good looking elegant design for the 1930's. The Tucker had the same shifter

1964 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe, original owners brought it to the Escondido cruise

This is the look of the grill before the terrible decision to go with square headlight buckets design of the 1966 Sports Coupe... I love these

Nice side trim and false scoop