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Yenko's arrow down the hood was a seriously genius idea

somebody pretty smart found a stereoscope slide of a Moel T and made a gif of it so we can appreciate it in 3d

a lot of online library websites have collections of stereoscopes, if you want to make some gifs of them. PLEASE crop them first to eliminate the dead zones like this street in this one

great way to advertise your product, make a really big eye catching example of it, and back in the 1920s, they would drive to some road where they could get a photo of it with the capital building in the background

Puerto Rico 1959, a Biscayne

1919 Pierce Arrow Series 51, the official automobile of the White House during Woodrow Wilson's presidency. Now at the Wilson presidential library


if it works, it's not crazy

cool art on the nose of this car

Thanks to Dan Wright, and his epiphany to experiment with a Pyrex custard dish, we have the modern sealed beam headlight,

Many lamp products are developed by teams of people and several persons may be recognized as the principal developers or inventors. On the other hand there are products that have been marketed that are rightly associated with only a single person. The success of three lamp designs can be attributed mainly to one man, Daniel K. Wright. The three lamps are: a high wattage lamp in which tungsten powder is present to allow bulb blackening to be eliminated by way of mechanical scrubbing, the high wattage incandescent lamps in the 10,000 to 50,000 watt range, and the sealed beam lamp developed for use in automobile headlights.

Dan Wright was born September 25, 1883 in Paterson, New Jersey. He joined the Engineering Department of the Edison Lamp Works at Harrison, New Jersey in the year 1909; in 1922 he was put in charge of mechanical developments. He started to work in the Lamp Development Laboratory at Nela Park in 19271. Daniel Wright was the person behind two of the largest lamps ever produced. The practical incandescent lamp had its beginning with Thomas Edison in the year 1879. As part of the 50th anniversary of this event Wright helped produce a 50,000 watt lamp2.

"To bring the 450-ampere leads inside the bulb, he modified the Housekeeper copper-to-glass seal which had been used in X-ray and other vacuum tubes...Through Wright's contribution and the development of iron-nickel-cobalt alloys in Germany and here, high-current and high-wattage lamps became practicable. Heavy leads were brazed to metal ferrules which, in turn, were sealed to the glass.This construction also withstood appreciably higher temperatures than previous designs and, with the development of Pyrex-type of glass bulbs, led to the design of compact bipost lamps of high wattage-to-size ratios."

Way back when, in headlight development... GE had headlights mounted on a 1920 Reo as their first test car, then a '32 Cadillac, then a 36 Buick, with 22 headlights Popular Mechanics Apr 1965


Popular Mechanics Apr 1965

Imbued with Hues does an incredible job of making old black and white photos come alive with some computer wizardry

October 1941 - Dodge COE Car hauler filling up with gas at Little Falls, New York. In these photos are a lot of things I like, colorized black and white, COE, 1930s gas station, and car transporter

interesting version of sponsor decals, or stickers from the parts companies

Friday, June 04, 2021

Steve just let me know of a Huey, in Jacumba (near San Diego) on a gas station pump canopy, which was a Vietnam chopper, THEN was a prop in the Fear The Walking Dead tv show (thanks Steve!)

The canopy was torn down and replaced with an all steel landing pad that could support the load of the chopper, and the wind blowing on it during the Santa Anas, and the chopper was lifted onto that with a crane. 

It doesn't have a motor, but, that saved the gas station owner a lot of money, and resulted in him getting the Huey for only 42k

The gas station owner has his own incredible story, his parents were fleeing Iraq, he was born in Greece, they got to the USA, he made a lot of companies, a lot more money, was a drug mule, transporting marijuana from San Diego (of course, and it likely was smuggled into SD from TiJuana) to Michigan and Iowa. He ended up doing 3 years in prison when they caught him. 

But, he still had other businesses, and overcame the complications from being in prison, and now is living in LaJolla (rich rich rich) running 20 profitable companies, owns a couple gas stations, got hsi helicopter license, owns a McDonnell Douglas 500 as well as the Huey, and is pretty happy with how things have turned out. 

the 2 sons of a preacher talked him into buying them a 1970 AMX, and that is finally available for a 2nd owner, with only 53k miles, as they kept it all these past 51 years without selling it, until now

a 390 4 speed AMX... with that cool hood? Damn, you're not going to see many of these one owner cars up for sale, and this is headed to Bring A Trailer auction 

The car was purchased new off the showroom floor by a local Huntington preacher and teacher named Charles Arnott. 

 Pastor Arnott, while always interested in special automobiles but this time was talked into buying the car by his two teenage sons. How they convinced their straitlaced, conservative father to buy this loaded-out, “Muscle-Machine” is a story all on its own. 

More info to follow after work when I can post the rest

Bill Noon 
 San Diego, CA
 phone +1 619 840 7811

The car will be a Bring-A-Trailer Exclusive auction and that interested individuals can contact Bill to be kept update when the auction goes live.

I just learned why Bombardier created the B7 snow mobile machine, as a reaction to the tragedy of his son's death resulting from a blizzard blocking roads

 His son had peritonitis, and the roads were impassable becuse there wasn't yet a snowmachine that could get through the blizzard and snow drifts.

So he created the B7, seven seater Bombardier with caterpillar tracks in back and snow skis in front

Found in the new format of Road and Track magazine, the June July 2021 issue, which is a lot more like a blog format, fewer pages per article, very short attention span theater, with more interesting articles than they used to have

TE Lawrence had this to say about the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

 "more valuable than rubies in the desert"

Found in the new format of Road and Track magazine, the June July 2021 issue, which is a lot more like a blog format, fewer pages per article, very short attention span theater, with more interesting articles than they used to have

Thursday, June 03, 2021

I wonder about some people's grasp of reality, lack of understanding of the basics, and this guy doesn't disappoint. He filled the open truck bed with gas... not containers. Then, he forgot how much liquid can slosh out of an open truck bed when cornering


see the video at

Speaking of gas, I read today the highest priced gas in the country is in Mendocino, at 6.73 a gallon,  that's about 80 miles north of San Fran, on the coast, and remote. So, price gouging due to being the only gas station for miles around?  Not exactly, the cost of being a gas station, not a convienence store and gas station, means the only thing sold is gas, and there's nothing else to carry the cost of doing business. 

It's been a gas station for about 100 years, and the current owner has been working there since 1968, and at age 70, would NOT mind is someone else took it over. 

impressive crash.. few people have ever crashed a car ONTO a roof, and not destroyed the car

cool way to get the idea across (thanks Billy O !)

If I ran John Deere, there would be a lot of photos like this put up in the hallways around the offices

more than just a cool old bus, it's part of the Goodyear blimp program too! That's a 2nd level of magnitude of cool more than just a cool old bus! Ohio 1962

United has ordered 15 supersonic airliners, the first since the Concorde shut down business, to cut travel time in half while flying at mach 1.5

The only issue is, there are none in production, and only a prototype is currently built. 

The company making the airliners, Boom Supersonic, has named the first commercial supersonic jet, the Overture, which not been built or certified yet. 

It is targeting the start of passenger service in 2029 with a plane that could fly at Mach 1.7 and cut some flight times in half. That means a flight from New York to London that typically lasts seven hours would only take 3½ hours.

thank you Bobby!

this was a banner from April, 

And Bobby liked it as much as I did and asked me to send him the original photo, and he made both of us a poster of it! 

So, I want to let all of you know just how cool other people in this auto enthusiast hobby are! And to thank Bobby both personally and professionally! 

He emailed this:

It was a fun project actually, I hadn't framed anything for a long while, and gluing up cardboard made sense to get it to you.

 It was all about the photo you found and shared, it knocked me out! A lot of your stuff is terrific, but that one was over the moon perfect. The car looked perfect. 

My neighbor has a big print shop, all electronic and a fraction now of the business it was doing before the bug. And he's a survivor, his is one of the few left, and nearly all his work is for other printers since they are almost gonzo. But his machines break, and there's no one to call, so he calls me. And I don't want to be there looking at something I know nothing about, trying to figure it out as the clock goes around. I tell him to call someone else and he says, "Bobby, they know less than you do". And I don't want his money so this was a way to settle the score a bit.

 Then with them not rolled up it was a sin to do that I thought. So here we are. You deserve it, your blog is the best and this has been an opportunity to show you it's importance to guys like me. Thanks, Jesse!

 Bobby in Boston

9-year-old and 4-year-old sisters decide they are going to drive to California, and swim with dolphins, steal their parents car, and make it 10 miles before crashing into a semi

Police say the parents were sleeping and didn’t know the girls took the car until police woke them up early this morning. The parents say the girls got out of the house through the basement.

"it looks like this is something that could have happened to anybody. We’ve got some curious kids who were excited about swimming with dolphins in California and figured out how to drive the car,” Detective List explains.

The girls drove about 10 miles from their home in West Jordan -- via a highway and a freeway -- before exiting off, hopping a median and slamming head-on into a semi-truck.

Ford just announced it's going to produce a compact truck, and name it 'Maverick' . Too bad all the unused names can't be considered, and they will instead, recycle a car name, for a TRUCK

 Sure, there must be a large number of people that don't know that the Maverick car existed.... after all, damn few still survive, but now that Ford lost it's mind, and makes an electric minisuv that they've decided should be named a Mustang, there just isn't any logic being used when naming vehicles at Ford anymore. 

I'm surprised they haven't tried to pair up something named a Thunderbird to go with the new Lightning truck

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

the 1st and 2nd t buckets ever made heading to the starting line

I'm going to guess that the front bumper is a back bumper from some other car, but wow, it sure gives this car a determined to win, angry look!

this is cool! I have seen advertising on the spare tires mounted to the back of cars (way back in the 20s) and on top of taxis, and the sides of busses... but this is the first time I've seen a advertising tire cover on the running board spare tire

I was just watching a movie preview yesterday about skateboards being given to kids in some village in India, or there abouts, and one of the actors mentioned that NO ONE likes kids with skateboards... and in todays news? A kid with a skateboard in Dallas caused an active shooter police response, because the kid, was acting like a damn fool,

 some guy went mental, and BANGED the skateboard as loud as possible, many people thought that this was a gun being shot, the mall was evac'd and the police were called. 

It was just noise, so loud and abrupt, that it was mistaken for gunfire. 

Damn. Skaters just can't get away from the damage caused by others with issues.

do you remember when?

Not many people get to make their kids laugh, by honking the horn on a train. It'd be a cooler world if more people could!


compliment of the day!

 Jesse I thank you for what ever you have the time to post.

 I am disabled and can't even get up some days and as an old {very OLD } car guy myself I enjoy what ever you get to post and it is the first place I look at every day.


C.A. complimented the blog with 

 "Just a quick note, I enjoy your blog alot."

Very cool! 

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this might be a great prank to pull on your kids, or anyone who is going to take driving lessons from you

She says, "You play too much"

in 1953, this was how Ford execs chose the paint schemes that would go into production

It's been a long day

 Lately I get about 70 percent of the amount posted that I used to before the quarantine, now that I'm working a job that has me busy vs spending time at work blogging because there were many days when I finished for the day with hours left on the clock. Not many cool jobs like that, but there are a lot like that at car dealerships, where workload depends on customers. 

Anyway, I'm working an hour OT every day, instead of a 2nd job, to pay down my credit card bill, and today, after that, I spent a rare hour and a half working on my 69 Dodge in my garage, 30 minutes getting 5 gallons of the good stuff, low lead av gas blue, 100 octane. 

Then I cleaned in the engine bay, and put the drivers door back together, as I'd had to take it apart to attach the window to the mechanism for rolling up that the guys at JBA busted and didn't tell me about, last November. 

Yep, it's been 6 months or so since the last time I drove it, as fuel was 4.75 then. It's 5.50 now (the 100 octane avgas) so, that's why it doesn't get driven much. 

Someday I hope to be able to afford getting the 440 it was made with, rebuilt, and drive on regular ol 87 octane unleaded, which I can point out, is 4.10 a gallon. Not a big discount, from 5.50 for the 100 low lead, but you CAN get ol 87 everywhere there's a gas station (for now) and save 30 bucks for every tank of gas (vs what it would cost for a tank of 100 octane) 

After getting home around 630, I wasted time trying to get the damn Peacock app on my tv to see the Lost Speedways show, then ate while watching it on my laptop instead. After that it was about 730, grabbed a shower, and watched a little tv while looking around through email and surfing the web hoping to find something to post... but 9pm came around fast, with only the railcar to post, and the next image of how Ford execs chose color schemes for the 1953 palette. 

And that's how fast time flies, with damn little to show for it, and why I'm frustrated that ever since going back to work I get so little posted during the work week.  

I don't remember seeing a rail inspection car with dual front axels

Did you know that Dale Earnhardt Jr. explores abandoned racetracks, with an 8 episode tv series ‘Lost Speedways' ?

Season one was close to home, just in Georgia and North Carolina.

Season 2 moves to deserted raceways in Texas, New England, West Virginia, and Florida... and starts July 1st on the streaming service, Peacock

What makes each episode of Lost Speedways compelling is that the deserted racetracks still exist. They haven’t been replaced by parking lots and office parks, or left as patchy grass fields.

The empty, crumbling grandstands, and the faded raceways with narration and storytelling that help to imagine what once was, with spectators in the stands and cars racing around the tracks.

update, hours later when I got home:

I tried to get this on my tv, via an Amazon Firestick, and that did not happen. 

The whole NBC and Peacock TV is multifaceted, and none of the 6 possibilities had Lost Speedways. 

When I used my laptop, it came right up. (bottom link)

Step one of how to get free publicity, have a rare cool car in your photo shoot


Olympic gold hopefuls Kate Courtney and Chloé Dygert are both  world champion professional bike racers, training for gold at the Tokyo Games, featured in Red Bull's magazine, Red Bulletin