Saturday, May 17, 2008

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Olds Cutlass is riding way high... the big SUV next to it, is left in the photos for comparison

Hey, it ain't my thing either, but I'm impressed by the conversion from a little old lady car to a Donk. It sure turned heads at Costco, but that may have been the stereo making car alarms go off... I'd like to see if it gets the same attention without the music, would people still stop and stare?

58 Olds is just watching time go by

Olds Cutlass? the hood ornament is from a Nash Metropolitan though

Friday night Old Malt Shop car cruise, Pt Loma on west Midway

By the way, these were the only cars at the Friday night cruise... so, I'm not all enthusiastic about getting back here more than once a year to see if it's even still occuring, since it's just a waste of gas to go back to see the same 3 or 3 cars.

I'm curious if this was really done by Von Dutch, who knows?

I've never seen a Mercury Montego MX before... pretty cool, bought from the original owner little old lady

Side trim and trunk lid trim are simulated wood... huh

Just hanging around the neighborhood

A posting of two Galaxies, one a daily driver, one getting spiderwebs in covered parking

Here's what it looks like when one con rod decides to escape

This is what the inside of a straight 6 looks like

Barnfind? 50yr old Pontiac in an underground garage. Dust indicates it's been there for years, license plate looks circa '80's

Backyard fire truck, Dodge Powerwagon called Animal