Saturday, April 09, 2022

seen on today's walk around the neighborhood

I know the earlier bugs had these small cool tail lights, but that just means to me that it's a very desireable pre-1970s bug. They must have been the last car to have running boards

wow! a 70s van! Just going to hell in the front yard, but still... it's still out there

damn, seriously, these Benz could probably outlast us all, but this one's not moved in a while

this happy cat was super glad to see me meandering along, NOT walking a dog, we buddied up for a minute, then I moved on. 

and seriously, how perfect is this sidewalk stamp

there aren't many public works of art, but this is real cool. I forget to photograph the cool art I see

notice the big damn wrench on the garage

license plate expired in 2014, and with the flat tires, it's pretty clear it's been using up a good parking spot far too damn long

oh man, the stylists got the look of this grill right

Airing it out, or letting the kids play in it

just a Porsche Carrera 4 (whatever that means) that the owner isn't treating right. Look at the back window, and the damn duct tape. It's been parked here since 2011

Cobra Daytona replica and a dune buggy. People were home, so I decided to look on Google Street View instead of standing there taking a photo of their sports car. They might not be cool with that

at the same address, in 2007, they had a pair of Ford Lotus Cortinas

and how cool is this, a few years later on street view, and they have a Caterham... I'm pretty sure that's what that is.

cool license plate. And yeah, I see a lot of these 100k overlander vans. They don't interest me. 

todays installment of guess what's under the car cover


and sometimes Google Street View gives you a car cover and the car without the cover

it's been at that address since 2014

Stephan Henrich's "Infinity" - Wheeled Bicycle Concept, a bit like that WW2 BWM caterpillar tracked motorcycle

But though this is a lot to think on, it seems that it hasn't went anywhere in 2 years, so, it's nothing more than a idea waiting for investors to pay for the R&D, machined parts, etc.

Seen on Thursdays walk around the neighborhood. It was 95 degrees, day one of a two day heatwave, and I didn't feel like doing that for a 2nd day, so, nothing on Friday. Today it's back in the low 70s, so I'll be heading out shortly

lotsa crinkle in that paint. 

in a repair/alignment shop

this nice 68 is a good example of California license plates being something that we used to be able to tell the year of the car by, as the first 3 letters in the plate were chronologically alphabetical, and here the 1968 trim ring back up that the letter W happened in 68, and my 69 Dodge license plate starts with Z, so, when looking at old California cars, you can tell two things by the plates. 

If they are yellow letters, like this, and black backgrounds, with 3 letters and 3 numbers, then it's a 1960s car, that you can pretty easy figure out what year it is by the letters, and hasn't been registered anywhere else since... aka Original California Car

and this poor old Chrysler was put out to pasture by someone with that rare commodity, a big back yard that hasn't been subdivided with another residence aka "granny flat" for extra income. Renting a house on the back half of the lot will pay the mortgage for both for pete's sake. Having a grassy yard? Just means wasting water in the desert, during a drought, to see grass on the rare occasion you happen to look in the back yard

great old fuel tankers


that old Shell logo is really cool, but the Standard RWB and torch was a logo I liked a lot as a kid. 

 W.H. Riley & Son has been delivering fuels to southeastern Massachusetts since 1873 since Ulysses S. Grant was in the White House