Saturday, December 06, 2014

Zits newest treasury is available

funnier than usual, and if you're familiar with Zits, you know there are a lot of characters and story lines... so, here's my review in under a minute.

Much funnier than the last couple treasuries, more Jeremy and his parents, almost no Hector, a bit more Pierce than usual, and quite a bit more topical tech humor between Jeremy and his parents. Very good, and recommended!

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And I'm looking forward to getting (just learned it's out) the new book, it's about the guys going on a road trip!

Jeremy, Hector and Pierce get the van converted to burn fry oil, and need to use the van on a trip to Jeremy's grandma... but while they have their parents permission to be on the road, they don't have the ok for side trips and stops, but head to Wisconsin to cut a record for their girlfriends fundraiser, because it's the only recording studio in their budget

thorough reviews from people who are lucky enough to either get a free copy to read and review (I'm not on that list!) or who've bought a copy because they learned about it long before now (I'm not on that list either)

I don't think I've heard of cats being good trucker buddies... but hey, looks like they are!

and there are a lot of cats that need a home... I don't think kittens would be as cool and calm on the road, but older cats are far more in need of home, it seems to me. 

another abandoned and neglected kombi/samba/micro-bus

the internet and cell phone cameras... a match made in heaven

the single example of the "roller coaster" method of logging railroads

the above are pages from the book Baldwin Locomotives Volume 7

of course, only the above is available on Google books, the rest of this article on the following two pages is not on Google books.

the last excerpt is from

Deep Woods Frontier: A History of Logging in Northern Michigan

 By Theodore J. Karamansk

Optima Street Car Challenge Invitational participants with cool 60's cars

Don't forget to check out OPTIMA's Search for the Ultimate Street Car tonight (December 6th) on MAVTV at 8PM ET.

Saturday, December 6 @ 8 PM and Sunday, December 7 @ 5 AM and 9 PM
OPTIMA'S Search for the Ultimate Street Car: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Track

Friday, December 12 @ 8 and 11 PM,
OPTIMA'S Search for the Ultimate Street Car: Texas Motor Speedway

Saturday, December 13 @ 2 AM
OPTIMA'S Search for the Ultimate Street Car: Texas Motor Speedway