Saturday, August 04, 2007

55 drop top Bug, kept in the family

The hood is a NOS piece found in the 80's in a junkyard! Still in the factory shipping material~

Cool gas gauge, I bet a 36 Hp engine doesn't make that indicator move very fast.

Such a cool radio! Best European one I've seen! It's a tube one by the way.

The slot on the left is where the turn signals flip up out of the sides of the car, when the turn signal lever on the steering column is moved, of course.

Corvette Club hosts Seaport Village

Why do Corvette owners show identical cars?

I've never seena shifter like this before! Early 60's Tempest

Just to remind me of where it all began

I don't see many Gt500's at car shows... darn things are expensive!

I don't see many Road Runners either, and I don't think Ive posted a pic of a 68 before

No idea why they did this.... Party foul.

Love the stylized flag...

Early Rolls Royce dash

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New car show I just heard of, to raise funds for kids fighting cancer

5th Annual Cruise for the Cause

Blood & Bone Marrow Drive Car Show

on Saturday, August 11th

at Otay Ranch Town Center from 10am to 3pm

East of the 805, head south on the 805, exit on Telegraph Canyon rd, right on Heritage, west on Olympic Parkway, south on Eastlake Parkway

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shakespeare was a sports car fan

What is the course and drift of your compact?
Comedy of Errors 11-i-163

The villain is much lighter-heeled than I;
I followed fast, but faster did he fly.
Midsummer Night's Dream 111-i-415

Be plain, good son, and homely in thy drift.
Romeo and Juliet 11-v-55

How he did lap me!
Richard II! ll-ii-115

This aspect of mine hath feared the Valiant.
Merchant of Venice l-i-9

My word! Be Sterling yet in England?
Richard I! IV-i-264

I'll hammer it out . . .
Richard I! V-v-4

I am well acquainted with your manner of wrenching
Henry IV 11-i-120

. . . the poor mechanic!
Henry V 1-200 . . .

this frail and worthless trunk!
Henry V 111-v-163

I like the new tire. . .
Much Ado About Nothing 111-iv-12

My better parts are all thrown down;
That which remains is bit a mere lifeless block.
As You Like It l-ii-260

But indeed fire, we make holiday,
to see Caesar and to rejoice in his Triumph!
Julius Caesar l-i-34

I understand a Fury. . .
Othello IV-I-31

Good gentlemen, go your gait and let the poor folk pass. . .
King Lear IV-vi-242

A good and virtuous nature may recoil / in an Imperial. ..
Macbeth IV-iii-19

I would I had thy inches!
Anthony and Cleopatra

. . . and then, of course, Shakespeare wrote an entire play about The Tempest.
-J. H. Greelle

New to me, ever heard of Only Yesterday Classic Autos? In Sorrento Valley?

They seem to be a full service and Dyno shop, from detailing to tuning.
The website will show you the cars in their collection... and other stuff of course.

10343 Roselle St (East of the 805 on Mira Mesa Blvd)
for a map:
San Diego's Sorrento Valley
858 677 2886