Friday, July 07, 2023

It's been a long time since I've watched a restoration video... these are best at 2 times regular play back speed, you can select that in the video settings

I found another I wanted to show you, but the people that made it won't let it be seen unless you watch it on You Tube:

it's satisfying to see these, but let them run at 2x speed so it's not so time consuming, bead blasting is dull to watch

This last video channel, The Fabrik, has a LOT of these tin toys getting restored,

too late to verify it right now, but, I think that the next time I work on my family tree, I'll be able to prove I'm related to Albert Champion, founder of the famous spark plug company.

 It might be more than coincidence that I'm a car guy, it could be genetic

The Dodge Brothers, the Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, Charles Erskine (CEO Studebaker), Ferrris, Plumb, Studley, and now, Albert Champion? 

That's quite a interesting bunch of relatives

But trust me, if you have your entire family tree, going back 20 generations, you'll find that you're related to a lot of famous people too. They won't be your ancestors, but they will be descended from your ancestors too, just like you, but many generations apart. 

So, if you're interested, I can recommend the search, if you're hoping to learn a lot of fun stuff. 

I was looking for the famous stuff, of course, like Ellis Island immigrants, Mayflower passengers, Puritans, Quakers, Salem Witches, war vets from all the wars like the Pequot Indian War, the King Phillps War, the war of 1812, the Revolutionary War, battle of Bunker Hill, Lexington, minuteman proof, George Washingtons army in Valley Forge, Civil War, Spanish American War, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, what ships the immigrant ancestors came to this continent on, what countries they came from, Scottish Clans, Huguenots, Amish, Mennonites, native American tribes, Rough Riders, tavern keepers, saw mill owners, road makers, surveyors, etc. 

I found each of those, and other surprises. I hope if you find that interesting, you either get a copy of your family tree from your relatives, or make one (I had to make one, no one in my family had) and I can tell you that there are a LOT of books that were made about 100 years ago about the original European settler families, and though it really ought to be dead simply and automatically available through the US Govt, who has a copy of every tax record, census, birth certificate, death certificate, etc etc, and the govt ought to make all that date publicly available, for free, as IT ALREADY has the information, the govt has not made that info available. doesn't have all the info, but, they do have a lot. Draft registrations, census info, city directories, copies of those books I mentioned, etc. Not everything is accurate, as Ancestry does NOT add the information to it's databses, nor does it verify it, all that information (or most of it) is uploaded from other users. It's very helpful, and allows you to get to the information from a computer anywhere you have internet access. For a price. 

it's simply impossible to see how this could be a bad idea in a world where drunk or drugged drivers exist

Robert Downey's six electric restomods will be sweepstakes method sold as a fundraiser over 2024, for the benefit of the FootPrint Coalition, a nonprofit focused on technologies to help the environment founded by Downey himself.

These 250-year-old wagon tracks are a lasting sign of Dutch migrants crossing the mountains in South Africa, just West of Cape Town

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Qianchun Interchange in China was completed in 2016, and is one of the most complex interchanges in China.

The complex structure consists of 11 ramps going in eight different directions stacked on five layers. With its largest vertical drop of 55 meters, the interchange has been dubbed as a super "roller coaster"

good test of what happens to a variety of SUV when hit in the back by a semi at 30 mph, against a wall... do not drive a Bronco.... that's one take away.

too many Karens, not enough courage in office to stand up and say "too bad, it's not a problem to the rest of the world, it's humor, and everything is fine the way it is, go away"

according to the rules in Nevada, if the plate causes a complaint, and the person with no sense of humor finds that it's defamatory, or derogative, they must tell the owner to turn it in. 

Thanks Steve!

legit headstone in Minnesota

Pininfarina is going to have an announcement about something, on July 11th

top 10 largest wheel loaders in construction and mining

customers who were stranded due to canceled flights, and airline employees working around-the-clock, got to watch the CEO of United Airlines get on a private jet to go to a business meeting at the end of last month... that's got to aggravate them

“Taking a private jet was the wrong decision because it was insensitive to our customers who were waiting to get home," Kirby said in a statement.

"I sincerely apologize to our customers and our team members who have been working around-the-clock for several days -- often through severe weather -- to take care of our customers." 

 Kirby took the private jet from New Jersey, to Denver on Wednesday, June 28th, the same day United Airlines canceled 750 flights, the Associated Press reported.

Is he a bastard for being a multi millionaire (est 44 million worth annual salary 17M) with a private jet who won't FLY on the AIRLINE he runs so mediocrely? Or just enjoying the results of a lifetime of getting to the top of the foodchain, and using that annual 

Prior to joining United, Mr. Kirby was president of American Airlines from 2013 to 2016 and president of US Airways from 2006 to 2013. He is a well-known industry veteran, with a broad and accomplished three-decade-long career in significant "leadership" roles within the airline industry. Mr. Kirby started his career at the Pentagon and in the technology sector. Mr. Kirby has bachelor’s degrees in computer science and operations research from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a Master of Science in operations research from George Washington University.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg also singled out United for criticism, tweeting a bar graph that showed it had the highest percentage of canceled flights of any airline last week.

He received his bachelor's degree in computer science and operations research from the United States Air Force Academy, where he trained to be an aircraft pilot, in 1989. He later earned his Master of Science degree in operations research at George Washington University while working at The Pentagon as a budget analyst for the United States Secretary of Defense

Am I the only one annoyed by editors getting paid to make a website correct, who don't bother reading it?


I bet you can spot it easily. 

Fortunately for me, I'm the writer, photographer, editor, and publisher of this little ol blog, and not getting paid. When I screw up, I have the freedom to say "you didn't have to pay for that mistake, how's that?"

the McGee Roadster on the 4th of July, damn... that's well done! (the only hot rod added to the National Historic Vehicle Register)

Skip the 1st seven minutes.. to get to the way this Mustang is built, skip to 12:30 for the racing

Thanks Mike for the top 10 list!

The Goodwood Festival of Speed (bucket list event of course) is next week, July 13th -16th

the live stream will be at

Wednesday, July 05, 2023

What a grudge this little car owner has... I bet most guys could move this little thing by themselves... well, maybe that IS what happened?

I'm going to guess someone was annoyed and moved this car to where it is to aggravate it's owner, because I can't think it's driver could get out the passenger side. 

Or, it's a right hand drive and that made this very easy. Hmm.  There are several possibilities, and it's not possible to figure out. Interesting situation though

the fun and incredible claymation of Aardman, the Wallace and Gromit world

interesting license plates I've noticed recently

I think the above is either one of those new digital plates, or the new printed plates, or, hell, it could be  a fake

I think the above indicates the motivation to deceive license plate cameras, reminds me of the other one I posted 

good comparison of car carpet cleaners

An abandoned Brooklyn garbage truck with no license plates, but a load of stench, was abandoned during a New York heat wave - and the neighborhood (Flatbush, Prospect Park South) quickly had to get city hall moving to get it removed

The truck, which was parked on the intersection of Church Avenue and Marlborough Road for about a week, was tagged with signage made by locals in the neighborhood saying, “We Can’t Breathe,” citing a “disgusting” smell that lingered in the streets.

The city sanitation department is the one that tows away abandoned vehicles, and stated that the garbage truck (wasn't a city unit, it was a privately owned truck) will be dismantled and recycled and the last registered owners will be issued a $250 fine, according to the sanitation department.

And if that doesn't prove how easy it is to get away with dumping your unwanted vehicles, cheaper than paying a junkyard to deal with it, and only getting a 250 dollar fine? Clearly, that's problem owners are aware of to get rid of vehicles they can't sell, and don't want. 

In a spin off series from the Walking Dead, Daryl has a new set of wheels... a much slower set. Hmmm, in France. Hopefully the writers and show runner have a really interesting story to make a successful series for a couple of years

when it's important to have 4 wheel drive

simple well done bus lane enforcement

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

In the 1950s some fallen stones at Stonehenge, including an entire trilithon that had fallen in 1797, were put back in place by crane operator David Healy using a Curran crane, built for lifting aircraft up to 60 tons

‘At RAF Boscombe Down we were preparing numerous aircraft for the Cold War … I was asked to help the crane operators at Stonehenge … I knew about cranes from the aircraft … We got into the main circle … one of the main sarsen stones had fallen down … we got it up into position and the other workers packed stones round the bottom … we got one of the lintel stones up and put up a blue stone on the way out.’

In 1950, after 18 years without refreshments since the demolition of the Stonehenge café, the National Trust allowed a mobile tea-bar in the car park. By 1954 there were new underground lavatories, and in 1960 the car park was extended. Three years later an automated ticket machine was installed to alleviate queues.

More problematic was the interior of the stone circle, which the feet of countless tourists turned into a quagmire each winter. The interior was surfaced with gravel in 1963, protecting the fragile archaeology.

This major engineering project and associated excavations began in 1958 and continued into 1959. Atkinson, Piggott and Stone together oversaw the archaeological work. The trilithon was re-erected from the position where it had lain for 161 years. An upright and a lintel forming part of the outer circle were also put back into position. One of the large sarsens of the inner horseshoe was set in concrete and a large hollow at its base infilled. The sarsen bases were set in concrete to prevent future movement. Finally, six fallen bluestones were lifted and straightened.

What a beautiful beast, thank you Shas!

that wasn't the 1st tow truck Bergeron's made, as this 1931 advertisement shows:

from a blog that was celebrating the old city directory (pre yellow pages?) advertising 

Thank you Shas!

34 Olds built by the guys in the dealership body shop as a parts hauler

1917 Series 4 Pierce-Arrow made into a tow truck, in San Francisco and Santa Cruz until 1944

just advertising ignition wires

I think I may have posted this before,