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Skipsea, on the Holderness coast in the North East of England, coastal erosion is a fact of life. As the years pass the village has seen the sea claim more and more land, this part of the British Isles endures the highest rate of coastal erosion in Europe.

If you're a cartoon fan, and have been following one of my favorites, Zits, then good news, the newest annual treasury is on Amazon and in bookstores. It's funnier than usual, and has a couple new storylines, one being a summer job at the zoo for Jeremy which has 9 full pages of the cartoon to read

I wasn't aware you could read along online for free, but in my desire for full storylines, I prefer the end of the year compilation so I get the whole thing, only reading a weeks worth isn't satisfying  is one of the least updated facebook pages I've ever seen

I was going to post stuff,... but got sidetracked for 4 hours to add to an earlier post on the largest cannons ever made and used.

4 hours to work through reference material, posts, texts, photos about a cannon virtually forgotten about in India, made in 1620, that fired a 1000 pound Iron ball, or a 660 pound rock ball, and it's the 4th largest known cannon ever fired.

It also happens to be the 4th in my post, now.

You might not have known that I add to old posts every day too, though far less than making new ones. But with 41,500 posts, I often am coming across things that need to be added to, or improving on, old posts.

Friday, January 10, 2020

this is how Bobby Sheldon crossed the tannana river near Delta Juction Alaska, he was the first to drive from Fairbanks to Valdez in 1913. Load and unload easy, load on the mud flat at low tide and float off on the high then run aground at the destination and when the tide goes out drive off with the ramps.

quite the spectacular commercial, from the claims made of the accessories... probably even true.

A group of juvenile delinquent car thieves is busy in Cleveland, and have learned to avoid stickshifts, because none of them knew how to drive a manual transmission, so for the rest of Jan 9th, they stole automatic transmission cars, but only from women.

 4 young teens, 2 boys, 2 girls, are the car jackers who use a fake gun hidden in a plastic bag to convince the victims to part with their vehicles

The car owner told police that four juveniles wearing ski masks approached her as she was exiting her vehicle.

“Give me your keys. I don’t want to shoot anybody,” one of the victims told the woman.

The 37-year-old victim said one of the suspects pulled out what appeared to be a handgun, but couldn’t tell for sure because a plastic bag was covering it.

Two suspects got into the car and tried to start it, but they were unsuccessful after about a minute, because it was a stick shift.

According to Cleveland police, all four juveniles fled on foot from the scene.

The victim’s husband, who was in the couple’s residence at the time, followed the juveniles in his car and watched them get on a train at the nearby RTA station near West 65th Street and Lorain Avenue.

Cleveland Police are still searching for the teens who carjacked a pregnant woman outside of a hair salon. It happened in Cleveland close to the Lakewood border on Clifton Boulevard near West 117th Street.

A 35-year-old North Ridgeville mom told police she was leaving the Green Opal Hair Salon Tuesday evening when she was approached by two teens in the parking lot behind the business.

The mom told police the two young men looked to be about 15 years old. She says one of the teens was wearing a neon green ski mask. They held up a black bag and pointed it at her, acting like there was a gun inside and demanded she hand over her keys. The young pregnant woman did not want to take any chances, so she complied

Police were able to track the mom’s car to the Cudell Recreation Center. Once they got there the teens took off in her car. Police followed it to West 95th Street and Denison Avenue. They say four teens, two boys and two girls, jumped out. Police ran after them, but they got away.

Possibly related, 4 suspects, 3 were teens and one was 19 yrs old, were arrested earlier in December for carjackings.

it's all fun and games until you have to make a sharp left turn

The Bullitt Mustang just sold for 3.4 million dollars. No doubt it's going to be at the auctions annually from now on as this new owner and the next, and the next, try to flip it

No doubt the buyer chooses to stay anonymous for now also

Yup, confirmed. KTLA says that " A spokesperson for Mecum declined to identify the buyer. "

Ask yourself, if you really need 1000 horsepower (well, yeah, we all do) does the rest of your car have 1000 Hp withstanding ability? Or, is it about a 500 Hp car, and you better upgrade some bolts and brackets?

I was all fired up to post that the 1969 and 2020 calendars were interchangeable, after seeing a Jan 1969 month started on Wed, just like Jan, but the leap year problem screwed that up

but Feb 2020 has 29 days. So, the rest of the year would be wrong.

Well, I tried. Yes, I know that it means some other year with cool old vintage calendar imagery IS the same, but, lets face it, 1969 gas station stuff was pretty cool, and makes for a better story to post than some other arbitrary year. So... for what it's worth, here's January from an old gas station calendar

however, the 1964 Calendar is spot on, the same as 2020

Mercedes Benz "AVTR" concept car (CES 2020)

the brake noises from the camera car annoy the hell out of me, you might want to turn down your volume, there really is nothing to hear

Thanks to David C for clanging my tip jar!

It sounded a little something like that!

Yes... I'm wow'd!

Thanks! It's much appreciated! 

pretty clever Mustang advertising

somehow this Jeep owner knew there would be a reason in the future to have this particular spare wheel cover

Ian McKellen on his motorcycle, 1969

Why the weight lifters belt while riding a ten speed?

Winston Churchill was hit by a car in New York City in 1931 because he forgot cars kept to the right.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Ever heard of bridge timber houses? Great recycle concept some architects had to get some seriously nice timbers on the cheap, that were overkill in architectural requirements, plus having the old wood bragging factor for the wealthy house buyers

Clint Eastwood photographed by John Bryson / Time magazine

the Big Sur “bridge timber” houses. These were built out of reclaimed redwood timber sourced from local bridges that were demolished and replaced with concrete and steel in the 1960s. (The lumber for the Shaw House came from the old Dolan Creek Bridge, located just south of the Esalen Institute, the storied human potential movement retreat center.) Among the more celebrated bridge timber structures are the 1969 Hill of the Hawk house and the 1971 Staude House, both built by the Carmel Valley architect George Brook-Kothlow, who also did a similar place for Clint Eastwood in nearby Pebble Beach.

George Brook-Kothlow had earned his architecture degree at the University of Colorado and while in school worked under Elizabeth Wright-Ingraham (Frank Lloyd Wright’s granddaughter) in Colorado Springs. From Colorado, he leapt to Mill Valley and, from 1962 to ’66, worked for a boutique Bay Area design firm known for its high-end work and Japanese Organic leanings.

In terms of organic-architecture history in the Monterey Peninsula region, Brook-Kothlow’s ’66 arrival in Big Sur and subsequent output situates him in-between the late Taliesin alum Mark Mills and the great Bruce Goff protege and Post Ranch Inn architect Mickey Muennig. For decades, these three transplants operated as friendly contemporaries in the region, and for all high-art design intents and purposes they were without peer. With Frank Lloyd Wright’s Walker House on the beach in Carmel looming in the background as an early benchmark, these three architects, each in his own unique way, showed how Modern could also be rustic, idiosyncratic, and warm. (Nepenthe Restaurant architect Rowan Maiden, also a Taliesin apprentice, has to be mentioned here. A tragic story, Maiden died very young.)

But even in this rarefied company, Brook-Kothlow stands out. He was the region’s first Modern architect to build “from the ground up” principally with architectural salvage. Keep in mind that, even through the 1960s, most Modern architects who dabbled in “woodsy” did so with easy-to-handle, machine-cut veneers. Brook-Kothlow worked with solid redwood—giant used first-growth redwood timbers that had been saw-sized to be able to support train and automobile traffic over great spans. Between the 1960s and ’80s, in house after house, he made an art form out of re-using these large-scale natural materials that might’ve otherwise ended up in landfills or the incinerator. In the process, he gave his clients showpiece ecofriendly homes that have skyrocketed in value and are regularly sought out by Hollywood location scouts.

The client behind his 1966 break into independent practice, artist Claire Chappellet, was the one who’d nudged him in that then-unpopular direction, asking for a big family house and a studio made of bridge timbers for her oceanfront ranch in the Ventana Wilderness. Earlier, the architect had observed both Daniel Liebermann and Lloyd Kahn build successfully in Mill Valley using mostly scraps. But by comparison these were small-scale endeavors, not fair points of reference. Really, in the case of the Chappellet project Brook-Kothlow would be on his own.

With many of the state’s old wood bridges then being decommissioned and replaced with steel-reinforced concrete structures as part of a major infrastructure overhaul

After the house’s May 25, 1969 heralding in the Los Angeles Times‘s Home magazine, with photos by Baer, Brook-Kothlow knew things were going to change for him. As unlikely as it may sound, among progressives statewide interest in houses made of old weather-beaten rough-sawn redwood was spreading. In fact, thanks to Brook-Kothlow and to similarly important creative input from artist-carpenters in the Bay Area enclave of Canyon, in just a few years the California bridgetimber house was on its way toward becoming an actual building trend.

For the better part of the next 15 years or so, the architect was in high demand, all the while repeatedly drawing from that Duncans Mills timber stash and outdoing himself, it must be said, with each new project. Finally, in ’78, he was building his own house and studio.

 In the ’80s, at his zenith, he created the Clint and Maggie Eastwood residence, 3166 Del Ciervo Road, Pebble Beach. Clint, too, had seen the LA Times’s Home magazine piece on Hill of the Hawk.

Starting in the 1980s, though, popular tastes shifted. A more flashy, if not more feminine, look was the direction. Increasingly among the affluent, it was common to hire an interior decorator and an architect.

By the ’90s, among the new design tastemakers, the genre of all-natural exposed-structure redwood interiors, what characterized Brook-Kothlow’s greatest houses, was being filed under a new category: “Granola,” the East Coast’s new derogatory term for practically any interest or endeavor deemed to be rooted in the “loose” New Age-friendly California lifestyle. Every once in a while, fortunately, there were exceptions, and commercial projects too, including a renovation of Eastwood’s Hog’s Breath Inn restaurant in Carmel.

On April 8, 1986, Clint Eastwood defeated the incumbent mayor of Carmel, a small seaside city and his home, just south of Monterey and San Francisco.

But why did Eastwood—at 55, still making movies more than 30 years after beginning his career as a screen actor—choose to run at all?

He believed he was being disrespectfully treated by the little city’s administration, and he was upset about it. Hassled with rules, regulations, and taxes regarding building permits and zoning laws, and tired of getting the runaround and going through endless miles of red tape with the city, Clint decided to fight back.

 In 1985, Carmel’s city council gave him what he alleged to be an extraordinary amount of grief over plans to erect office buildings on property he owned within city limits.

The preservationist-dominated town council automatically rejected Clint’s plans to build a small building in downtown Carmel that would have improved the surrounding area.

 Clint promptly sued the city winning an out-of-court settlement that permitted him to proceed with his building if he used more wood than glass.

He remodeled The Mission Ranch and preserved the precious landscape it was on which was supposed to be demolished in favor of 80 condominiums. He also opened the library annex which is dedicated for children’s use, and it is said to be the accomplishment of which he is most proud.

His congratulatory phone calls included Jimmy Stewart and President Reagan, who, like Eastwood, had starred in a movie with a primate - Bedtime for Bonzo, and Any Which Way You Can

His first order of business was to sack the 4 planning comissioners.
Clint Eastwood - The Biography of Cinema's Greatest Ever StarBy Douglas Thompson

Though he enjoyed his experience, he opted not to run for a second term. He began to reach this conclusion one day standing in a chilly garage, surrounded by staff and council members trying to decide if a prominent Carmel citizen, a doctor, would be permitted to change the slope of his garage roof. Life was too short for this kind of pettiness. Late in 1987 he announced that he would not stand for a second term. And although he made two films while in office (Heartbreak Ridge and Bird), in early 1988, Clint was back to devote a full time effort to his career in film.

FWIW, I find it ironic that he had a house made of bridge wood, then made a movie about wood bridges.... the Bridges of Madison County.

FYI, if you want historic timber, it's still out there.  has an inventory of ships timbers, which were in transit from Washington state in 1909 to build ships, when a storm sank the cargo ship they were on.
A Warner Brothers studio building, built in 1936, was carefully demolished to recycle the building materials
Stanford University Encina Gymnasium built in 1915 and deconstructed in 2008
The Pacific Lumber Company (PALCO) mill in Scotia, California is the largest redwood mill ever built. In the 1980’s PALCO was taken over by Maxaam Corporation (Wall Street Crooks) who tripled the Old Growth Redwood cut, prompting activists to camp up in some of the old growth trees to save them.
By 2007 Maxaam drove PALCO into bankruptcy and the deconstruction of some of PALCO’s 1910 buildings provided vintage lumber
In 2005, demolition of the Cribari winery in Las Palmas brought more 100 year old lumber to inventory
Beams from the 1893 Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco were removed and replaced to make a tourist attraction compliant with the new earthquake standards
The Georgia Pacific Mill in Fort Bragg, California was in its 117th year when the 400-acre mill site was closed in 2002.
The San Quentin 1854 dungeon was discovered and uncovered in the demolition of 2008
Built in 1903, the Fresno Ice House near the Santa Fe Railroad tracks is a remnant of the industrial boom that hit Fresno with the introduction of the railroad at the beginning of the last century. The San Joaquin Ice Company  claimed to be the largest ice facility but closed in 1945. The Ice House was used to store turkeys for Swift meat packing company next door. The Ice House building stood empty for four decades until it was declared a public safety hazard and demolished in the summer of 2008.

In 1953, Harold and Eva started up a Harley dealership, and now it's got quite a cool little museum, in Fresno

using speed limit signs for political jabs to annoy lefty libs? That's funny!

Hell I hadn't even realized Trump was the 45th pres. 

David Bowie, 1988, Greece

how've I never seen or heard of the Ford F250 Bigfoot Edition?

this is the first time I've come across the art of Dennis Sire

Ummm... huh?

Napa calendars used to have a single image for the whole year, while you tore off the month, page after page

By the way, if you go to EBay, and look around, you can buy a 1969 calendar, with pin ups by Elvgren, as the 1969 calendar is laid out the same as the 2020