Saturday, August 20, 2011

interesting variety of cars, blimps, trains, race cars and motorwheels found on The Old

 929 Packard and the Graf Zeppelin. For an amazing color gallery of the inside of the Hindenburg:
This an unusual front door bus with a ladder in the back so people could ride on top, This is a steam powered bus built in Hoquiam, Gray's Harbor County, Washington in 1902.  It was in passenger service between Aberdeen and Hoquaim for just eleven days when it slipped off the road and into a creek, breaking a passenger's neck in the process.  The lawsuit drove the company out of business (Steve found this out with magic!)
 1905 Matheson
 1908 Corbin
 1919 series 9b franklin with 4 piece wedge windshield
 1920's  Locomobile model 48 with Farnum and Nelson coachwork
 Naptha fuel in 1927
 1938 REO delivery van

 American Underslung
 I didn't make a note about this photo, but probably the wrok of Stephan Marjoram
Above and below show just what a lack of border security there was between San Diego and Ti Juana... passing over was not even noticeable. Now, it's normally an hour or 2 of sitting in traffic, at least, to get into the US.
 Only 1915 Indian registration I've ever seen
 chain drive AC Mack tow truck delivering to the junkyard
 Columbia Electric Vehicle with 2 coachmen riding on the back
 Keeping the car high and dry during a flood
 1922 Frontenac Indy race car and Duray the driver.. I like the grill design
A 1913-14 GMC Electric
 interesting double globe gas pumps
 wow, that is a fancy art deco garage facade
 the private collection of the Indian Govenor of Rampur
 The Hassler shock absorber salesman pointing out options and upgrades this car has, like the solid disc rims, the upgraded Hassler shocks, the sunscreen, and front bumper
 look at the crazy hat and headscarf the woman in the back of the car is wearing
 Wow. Impressive task they have ahead of them
 homemade early RV
Above is a famous firepump from 1889, the one called Jumbo, Hartford Ct

 Board lumbar roads, because they couldn't get around when the tundra thawed I suppose.
 Interesting tires on this chain drive Knox firetruck
 Above and below are Matheson autos
 Mitchell proving how reliable it was

 Locomobile Model 48 with coachbuilt body by Farnham and Belson

 A Frazer Nash photographed by Stephen Marjoram
 a painting of Oregon across the broad back

 REO Speedwagons and Duesenburg Indy racecars

 Smith Motorwheel
 Unusual locomotive design used in the train yard as a switcher

 the last Miller racecar was one of 2 4 wheel drive, here it is racing up Pikes Peak
A tour bus by White in Yosemite
all found among the 156 pages of great history, photography, and information on