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Rometsch VW Beetle 4-door Taxi

After WWII, when Rometsch started focusing on Volkswagens, they built this four door VW Beetle, which was used as a Taxi. The chassis was lengthened by 25cm. No German company was allowed to build any airplanes, therefore a part of the production of the Rometsch Taxis was given to Messerschmitt.

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great action shot

the most sophisticated and technically advanced motorcycle in the world came from New Zealand, the Britten

Last October, the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum celebrated the Britten, and was able to get 9 of the ten made to give the Britten a terrific showing, the most ever collected at one time and place.

Renowned motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart said of the bike: "It’s an easy bike to ride, in the sense it’s got a very wide power delivery, but to really get top performance, you have to ride it like a grand prix bike." And having ridden all the superbike contenders in the world today, I can say that the Britten is the closest to a grand prix bike."

The bike went on to win the Battle of the Twins in Daytona International Speedway's Daytona Bike Week festivities in the United States and set a number of world speed records.

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the Barber Vintage Motorsports Musuem in Birmingham Alabama has acquired the Lotus gravity racers, all 3 Lotus 119.

Elio's Lotus 95T, a Lotus 108 bicycle a 1955 Lotus Mark X frame (on the lift 1 of 5 ever made and 1 of 2 owned by the museum) and the white/blue car in the back ground is A Lotus X180R race car, chassis #3 raced by Paul Newman in 1991 and 1992.

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Friday, April 08, 2016

the paint was laid out and shot by Jerome Borris of Patina Plantation

Yeah, there really is a Spitfire in a garage.... I posted a P-51 in garage a couple years ago, a Spitfire shouldn't be a surprise, should it?

Rally racing old Chevys in vintage car endurance rallys in places like Argentina’s and China, the Paris to Peking, the Road to Mandalay, and Cape Horn rally


Indian motorcycle taxis, during the late 1920s there were 5,000 of them in Newark, NY and Baltimore, MD

Hendee Manufacturing went into the sidecar business in 1913 and began marketing them with the 1914 line up of motorcycles. Then came WWI. It was the use of motorcycle sidecars as ambulances, machine gun mounts, courier vehicles, and ammunition transport that proved how versatile three-wheeled vehicles could be. The Indian Parcel Car became one of the first post-war production models offered for 1920.

The Indian fire vehicle was equipped with a 25-gallon chemical tank and pump, two 2 1/2-gallon extinguishers (one foam and one soda-acid type), 100 feet of chemical hose, four 1.5-quart carbon-Tetrachloride extinguishers, a fireman’s axe, two steel brooms for grass fires, a pike pole, and a crowbar. Powered by a Chief 74, it carried two firemen and the company claimed the half-ton Indian Chief Fire Patrol could reach speeds of 65 mph. Built in conjunction with American La France they were designed for rapid response and small fires.

cakes on the Optima Battery Pinterest

the Massey Assassin, and bigger than it appears without a person in the photo to give it scale

has twin turbos, it is said, and 600 hp.

The builder of the tractor is Ryan Abbot who apparently has a hot rod shop called “Rod it All”.

I love reading "PerichBrothers Blogspot" here's one snip why; "The plan was to totally reorganize the shop, anything that was heavy would need to be moved, at least 3 times."

another one: "If anyone says you can't weld stainless steel to leaf spring steel, using MIG wire, don't listen to them."

I enjoy reading and keeping up with whatever Travis is doing, hot rodding in the shop, teaching his kids how to fix up boats, creating a fan damn TASTIC shifter, or fabbing stuff for the 40 Ford

Jackass, if the Kharma doesn't get you, do you really think cutting off 100 bikers is a good idea? What about the cop that is escorting the bikers? Think he'll mind? This was a ride of Project 22, the Military Veteran Suicide Prevention Project

Garrett was out riding with his buddies on a motorcycle ride for Veterans. They had arranged a North Texas Police Motorcade for Project 22 to ensure compliance. However, one man in his Jeep decided to attempt to fly past our convoy against instructions and to wait a few moments. Instead, he decided to mount the curb and try and pass everyone at high speed, endangering participants. He defied a request to wait, and so police caught up with him and cited him.

Two combat-wounded veterans set out to end a little-known epidemic in America beginning in the fall of 2013. Their 6,500-mile cross-country mission was to raise awareness of the high rate of suicide amongst Veterans and show their brothers and sisters-at-arms that there is hope for them.

During their journey, they interviewed researchers, healthcare providers, and Veterans by asking hard-hitting questions and opening up about their own struggles, and painfully spurred on by recent estimations that 22 veterans are taking their own lives every single day.

Many of those they encountered had either contemplated or attempted suicide and were able to share the life-saving alternative sources of hope that they had found.

Drag Illustrated racing magazine still can't treat women as equals. "The 2016 edition of our annual issue spotlighting the Hottest Women in Drag Racing "

on the cover the editor or layout person, had the sense to not make a sexist remark with the words "Hottest", and should have stuck with Drag Racing's Leading Women, at best, but online was a different and clearly moronic slip up

60 years of women drag racing... and the magazines still refer to and view them as sex objects, as clearly, referring to competitors in terms other than physical attraction only is reserved for men. Pathetic

When women can be in the magazine without the posing, the cleavage, the bare legs or skirts, and are referred to the same way as the men, then the magazines will finally be doing them a service, and not a slight.

All 3 of these are from this issue. The woman's issue. When DI has the gall to photograph men in these same stupid ridiculous poses, in a tux, see through shirt, or dance club clothes while posing with car parts, then I'll believe that these 3 examples, all from this one issue, aren't sexist, stupid, and ridiculous. Until then? I'll be over there, supporting whatever racer is hard at work to compete on the track, not used to sell an annual issue of a magazine as if it were Sports Illustrated (coincidence of title with "Illustrated" having a single annual issue using women to sell copies?)

Yes, the sexist annual issue isn't having a positive benefit to the sport, or a magazine. To include a woman for sex appeal and not talent (Go-Daddy and Danica Patrick) is similar in not making the sport better. Rather, it detracts from the competitors and the talent afield. Instead of being cool, and focusing on accomplishments and talent of the drivers, they instead went lazy sexist and negative. Competition improves the sport (Joan Cuneo for example!), and opening the door to any and all worthy (By stats, comparative and contrasting) drivers, the sport improves, and the drivers get the best to compete with. (See Toyota in Nascar, Americans in F1, etc) instead of tokenism and the inevitable fall off in fans, effort, and talent motivated to join.

1927 boat tail Rolls Royce 20HP Sports Coupe, rebodied by design for pulling a glider airplane

It was shipped to the USA in 1927 as a rolling chassis. In 1933 this light weight and streamlined body was fitted for Alan Bemis to pull his glider up into the air.

He built a racetrack around his estate where he held the 1934 Wayland G P and other events. The car left the states in the 1950`s for Rhodesia. After Rhodesia's Independence the car moved to Capetown South Africa. It returned to the England in 1994.

quite unusual window, even for a hearse

all that weight, on a couple bicycle tires

1909 Berliet bus, notice the back tires

looks like they doubled up the back tires, or something innovative to make wide wheels with a deep wide groove between them. Or they are hard rubber, no pneumatics, and its a special wide rim

He forgot he had a trailer, Athens Tn.

traffic stopped and re-routed Route 19 in Bluefield West Virginia after a tractor trailer, hauling a dozer knocked down three utility poles

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Advance Auto parts, Monroe and Moog are driving a Charger through every Chicago pothole they can find.

Potholes cost US drivers approximately $3 billion every year. So Advance Auto Parts is partnering with Monroe and MOOG to conduct the most insane, pothole-pounding experiment the world has ever seen. What if, instead of trying to avoid potholes, one brave soul attempted to hit every pothole he saw? We’re setting out to learn everything there is to learn about potholes over five days on the streets of Chicago.

As of 3 PM Thursday, the ill-fated Dodge had crashed through 857 of the Windy City's most treacherous potholes, for a total of 209 miles driven and 4.1 potholes/mile.!pothole-installations/cmwt