Saturday, February 04, 2023

Hoo Rah Devil Dogs

brand-new Ferrari worth about $250,000 fell down the freight elevator shaft at the Ferrari of Palm Beach dealership...

one of the things that delights me about this automotive hobby I'm enthusiastic about, is the sense of humor and variety of things that are included, like the 70s vans


This is mighty 70s, bowling, Evel Knievel, chopper bicycles, vans, Cragar SS rims, Spirit of 76 stars and stripes, and Thrush side pipes

that's all the time I have tonight, I'll post most of, or all of the rest of my GNRS coverage tomorrow

The GNRS was a great time today, after waiting in many lines, both in traffic to get into parking (take the White Ave exit off the 10 for gods sake, avoid an hour in the traffic jam on other ways to get to gate 9 parking) and to get the tickets, and every other thing people were in line for - but even in the parking lot there were fun things - like these vans

I think this is a daily driver, it's the 2nd time I've seen it at the corner of Ruffin and Balboa

What do you make of this?

Interesting choice of a vanity plate... hamburgler? I don't understand the connection with the 1970s McDonalds characters

Friday, February 03, 2023

left in the exclusion zone after the Fukushima disaster because they're radiation soaked

The Mercury Sable was sold in Mexico as a Ford Taurus and in Korea, as a Kia!

legit fat fender hot rod that's been neglected for over a decade

16 k for this 1930 model A speedster in Tucson... I bet that would be a hoot to drive across country, just on the small roads (thanks Doug!)

reminder, season 2 of Clarkson's Farm is on Feb 10th on Amazon

This looks interesting, Rogue Heroes, the story of the SAS, on Amazon, from the BBC

I haven't seen it yet, been too busy blogging! But I'm going to watch it soon, as spring is certainly a dead zone for new tv and movies, it's when I catch up on all the ones I've been meaning to get to

Case construction equipment's slogan:

committed to digging deeper, pushing harder and reaching higher to help the industry win.

Here’s a promise you can take to the bank: 
  No one will dig deeper, push harder or reach higher to earn your business than CASE. We are 180 years of hard-working experience reloaded to help you do more work, with less sweat, to build more profit than ever before.  

(PS, if you got to CONEXPO ((I'll be there on the Friday)) and grab a hi vis safety vest from the CASE booth in West Hall, booth 40800, and wear it around the convention, you could be selected to win $100.oo, instantly) a clever damn marketing idea. 

how anyone let a 68 427 Vette get this shabby, is a criminal mystery. But this one is on Ebay and located in Lincoln, Nebraska, auction ends Sunday about 2 pm

reserve is likely twice what anyone is going to bid, and why does anyone even bother bidding less than 50k? You know the seller wants at least that much

Joe Littlejohn's racecar is seen outside “Little Joe’s” tavern in the late '30s (notice the number 7 on the front fender of the left car)

the Mopar Performance Orange Box is available for Mopar enthusiasts, Mancini Racing went to the original supplier to remake the performance Orange Box!

By the early ‘70s, Chrysler had added distributor EI to its list of firsts. With the goal of better fuel economy and cleaner exhaust emissions, Chrysler offered, as an option, a breaker-less distributor, a five-pin ignition box, a dual-ballast resistor, and the related wiring into late-year production ’71 manually shifted (3- or 4-speed) 340 Demons and Dusters.

 The newer solid-state internals of the four-pin Orange Box provided a more consistent, hotter spark for better performance, which resulted in a rock-solid dwell control to 6000 rpm. 

Chrysler developed the high-rpm capable Chrome (8000 rpm) and Gold (12,000 rpm) Boxes for the high-winding crowd, but the Orange Box sufficed for most street cars.

Sebastien Ogier won his 9th Monte Carlo Rally at this year's WRC season-opener.

Sebastien Loeb, was previously tied with Ogier on eight Monte Carlo wins, but was absent from this year's event.