Saturday, September 05, 2020

Hard to believe this is what wound up as the last Road Runner, when Mopar was just trying to sell crap with the once respectable name of the originally mighty Road Runner

unbelievable, this Formula Vee sold on Ebay for only $1625

wow! Mod Top GTX! The guy who owned it worked at a dealership and did the stuff he wanted to his car, like hitting the stripes and word Plymouth decal with lace paint

Breedlove's hot rod. Imagine the sound of me assaulting it with an "OMG that's beautiful" whistle that some people wold arrest me for, that's how damn fine this is

they didn't learn that from me, just sayin

Dang, that is odd... why not just move the 5th wheel gooseneck hitch to the new truck, and use trailer if you need to move cargo?

That had to suck, in the Big Snow of 1916, Seattle, 35 inches fell in four days, beginning on the last day of January. Streetcar operations ceased for nearly a week, and a number of roofs collapsed

looks like a lot of fun

that's made with the same stuff that dreams are created with. I bet this was a poster on a lot of teens bedrooms!/page490

Friday, September 04, 2020

imagine being a friend of these wonderful guys, and getting to hang out with them on vacation, or fishing trips!

some people are very enthusiastic about politicians

Duke Ellington and the band playing some ball

It got so tired it laid down and took a nap

the banners I made today

REO had the Speed Wagon, an now I learn that Moreland made a Road Runner

I haven't seen these advertisements before

don't touch the car, or the kid will plug you!

it was a long time ago, but not so far away

Legendary Bonneville racer Ab Jenkins and son with the Mormon Meteor III and their cabover Federal transporter. Constructed on Duesenberg frame rails and housing a Curtiss Conqueror 1570 CID V12 aircraft engine, the Meteor III ran 161 mph for 24 hours on the salt in 1940, setting speed/distance records that stood for 50 years.

No info on this

I wonder how many Jeeps were turned into Jeepneys in South Pacific islands


all of August's banners, there were 135 of them. As Ponto pointed out, he didn't get to see them all, and he brings up a good point I often forget, I change them so often, so that there is a new one for you 2wice a day, that I forget that this means you probably aren't able to see them all

Best for last