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1965 Winternats color home movie in the staging area, Thundebolts, race car haulers, WS23s, Willys, streamliners and slingshots

looks like a brunette, where is Linda Vaughn?

looks a lot like a famous duece, but there isn't very much of the car in the picture

pushing your race Corvette with a '59 convertible Caddy... that's bucks up racing, or blowing your inheritance

unusual hood scoops!

the above has the script "City of Industry" 

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Evolution of F1, in a cool animated way

I just learned that the Mopar Mod Top didn't pioneer unusual vinyl roofs, GM did a decade earlier

This is a monster, like if Frankenstein bred a VW van and a bass boat AND an rv

Give a consideration to what a yacht might look like with a split window theme... or an Aistream... OR EVEN BETTER! A Winnebago sized Splittie!

Any Photoshopper wanna try that out and show everyone what it would look like?

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How much does GM, Fiat/Chrysler/ and Ford pay their top dog?

Ford boss Alan Mulally $20.9 million

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne $1.23 million (who draws most of his pay from Fiat).

 Dan Akerson took home $11.1 million last year,

And new CEO of GM Mary Barra, who made a combined $4.9 million in 2012 between her $750,000 salary and $3.9 million in stock awards, will be in new territory this year because the US Govt no longer controls the CEO pay... it's up to GM to determine


Desperate to finish

Wayne County Speed Shop of the 1990's, does anyone know what really happened? The eventual outcome of every bullshit "under ongoing investigation"

Darrell Alderman experienced during the 1991 NHRA tour. He won 11 events in his Dodge Daytona pro stocker and led the NHRA championship points from wire to wire and never trailed anyone between the months of February and October. Warren Johnson was the second place finisher that year and he managed five event wins. Alderman’s point total advantage at the end of the season was (like Bernstein’s above) more than 3,0000.

 Things went from great to horrendous in a short span after the 1991 series for Alderman. He plead guilty to federal cocaine charges and was banned from competition with the NHRA for the 1992 and 1993 seasons. He returned with a vengeance for 1994 and won the title over his teammate Scott Geoffrion. There was all the talk of nitrous usage and rampant cheating among the cars in the “Wayne County Speed Shop” camp that were never officially proven on the record but to this day the whispers still linger


another account of the Wayne Country Speed Shop that is related to the comment about nitrous and cheating happened in 1996, when believe it or not, I was watching a LOT of NHRA racing, and Geoffrion and Alderman were unbeatable. Suddenly, they stated that a break in occurred at their shop, and that every last engine was hit with a hammer, and they had to stop racing:

 the Wayne County Speed Shop team of Scott Geoffrion and Darrell Alderman (see "Laughing Gas," C/D, February 1996). The "Dodge Boys," as they were known to fans, had dominated the Pro Stock division for years. And then in May 1995, somebody broke into the team's shop --or as others speculate, somebody made it look like a break-in --and took a hammer to six engines, destroying them. The Wayne County team withdrew from the series for two years, citing problems in developing competitive replacement engines. The team has since gone out of business.
"Now, I don't know about you, but if I were breaking into a building and putting someone out of business, I wouldn't chop a hole in the side of it in the middle of the night," Eckman said. "I think that would be a little noisy, wouldn't you? I think I'd just burn the place down.
"But they had a hole chopped in the side of their building, with some really quiet chain saw, or a bulldozer, or something really quiet like that, and went in there and damaged all the engines --but not the trailer, not the cars, not the transmissions, and not the machinery. Isn't that strange?"
There are some drag racers who believe the Wayne County "break-in" was self-inflicted, and part of a brokered agreement with the NHRA to punish them, privately, for nitrous oxide use and thereby avoid embarrassing Chrysler Corporation, the Dodge Boys' sponsor. The FBI and insurance investigators pursued that scenario but did not confirm it.
Warren Johnson ""You have to realize the NHRA was a co-conspirator in that whole program,"  "Wayne County ran nitrous for too long, and it was too obvious. And the NHRA, with its financial investment, and with Chrysler being the dictator there, I think, you know, they were obviously co-conspirators." 
Eckman was cheating, and he died because he hid his NOS bottle in the dry sump tank, which overheated the NOS when the hot oil sloshed over it, and it blew up.

A vandal or vandals cut a hole in the back door of the Wayne County Speed Shop that houses the Dodge Avenger Pro Stock cars driven by Alderman and Geoffrion and destroyed all seven of the team's engines.

Team member Jim Musgrave, who discovered the destruction the morning of May 17, less than 12 hours before the team was to leave for Englishtown to compete in the Mopar Parts Nationals and the Du Pont Challenge, said it appeared that a sledgehammer was used to destroy the engines. Nothing else was damaged.

Said Musgrave, "They busted the water jackets and oil galleries, busted the distributors, intake manifolds, and oil pans. They beat the deck in on one of our new $6,000 blocks.

Logging between Horse power and skidders, land trains

the door test

Sonny: “Alright, listen to me. You pull up right where she lives, right? Before you get outta the car, you lock both doors. Then, get outta the car, you walk over to her. You bring her over to the car. Take out the key, put it in the lock and open the door for her. Then you let her get in. Then you close the door for her. Then you walk around the back of the car and look through the rear window. If she doesn’t reach over and lift up that button so that you can get in: dump her.”

 Calogero: "Just like that?"

 Sonny: "Listen to me, kid. If she doesn’t reach over and lift up that button so that you can get in, that means she’s a selfish broad and all you’re seeing is the tip of the iceberg. You dump her and you dump her fast."

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more evidence of Canadians being incredibly polite

Jules Verne, an author and visionary

Bob Glidden's '78 Fairmont, the best

"never lost a round from debut until the end of the year. It won every national event it raced in. It won every divisional it raced in. It won every match race that it competed in. If Glidden could have gotten it into a church basement it would have won the weekly Bingo game and pissed off the old ladies."


an early attempt at getting past the boundary layer for some good air intake


How "Gran Turismo" scans a car for the video game, and reuniting Mario Andretti with a replica of one of his earliest race cars


radial engine ear candy

some items from the 65th birthday party for Carroll Shelby were tucked away in 1988, and are now getting auctioned off on Ebay

It's just my opinion, but 7500 dollars as a start bid? Ridiculous. No one wants these that much.

Don't tell mom

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arctic transportation and architecture for a 1960 Army research station

I love these old Helicopters

And this beast is called a Peter Plow, snow milling machine, and was sourced from the Swiss who used them to open up Alpine mountain roads

most of the transportation gear had to be kept in a heated garage to prevent the grease from freezing, oil from solidifying etc

I watched this years ago on the Discovery, History, or Learning channel.. and at that time was only fascinated by the fact that a portable reactor was made in the 60's. Ponder that for a moment. They had enough demand and need for reactors, that they designed and built portable units. Now, what was that energy crisis bullshit we've been fed for the past 40 years? PORTABLE reactors for electricity supply, with a milspec, and DOD part number.

sneaky cops using radar...

the last of it's kind, a strong and noble breed... the VW van / kombi

coolest gas station I've seen in a while!

Plug your ears, close your mouth, and pinch your nose.... this might blow your mind

this woman is the original owner of her Mustang... its been hers since.. her high school graduation! It was her present from her parents! How flippin awesome! She's still driving it! Seriously, how rare is it to find an original owner of a 60's car?!?! One who drives it for fun! Now factor in the high school graduation aspect, and I bet this is a one of a kind!

90% new!

how about that! Very cool. (of course, I'm a nut and want one) Have you seen how simple these are and easy to take apart? Photo from

a couple months ago I posted that a BMW something was about 95 % available from buying the parts to make it, and some motorcycle dealership proved that some model was 98% available off the shelf