Saturday, June 30, 2007

Those mad Englishmen, wondered what if Picasso had customized a Citreon 2cv

For terrific photography, look through Autoblog

For a couple other photos of this twin boom, 1951 Bissiluro, world record speed holder at one time of the 2000cc class :

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For terrific photography, look through the Jalopy Journal

'57 Zagato Maserati

Sexy looking car... Love to see one in person, photo's are only maginally effective at transferring the visual of how it looks as you stand before something this curvy.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The best customized reconfiguration of a Chrysler instrument gauge

GE Imagination at work

GE is going to attempt to put out a new product in the next 5 years for cars, it's a new coating that will shed water in a new way, and as the water slides off, it's supposed to scrub off dust and dirt.

"Research into so-called "hydrophobicity"—or the properties of water repellence—has been focusing for the most part on the surface structure of the lotus, an Asian plant that retains a pristine appearance despite thriving in muddy waterways.

Among other things, the texture of the plant's surface, which consists of microscopic "hills and valleys," creates a thin layer of air that prevents full contact with water or dirt. As a result, water rolls off its leaves, taking the dirt with it. "

GE says its coating would be expected to last about 10 years.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wonder what this is.

At the end of a dead end... dumped there?

Another military truck just hanging around on city streets, Pinzguer

Some interesting 4 doors

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Neglected fastback Mustang, and some nice cared for ones.

Rust free, dusty from about a year of sitting around, and grnadma tires. Hmmm.

I noticed that this has a deep sump, SS badges, and spiderwebs between the tires and the
pavement. Must be fun when they do fire it up.

Lalique Hood ornaments


Why the advertised MPG is so BS, and real world MPG is much less.

Doesn't give the accurate details of how they are tested by the EPA, AAA gave these details of the old test method, that has been in use since the 70's. The last time the test methods were revised was 1985.

This test presumes the speed limit is 55 (not for 10 years of more), that air conditioning won't be used, that the vehicle will take 18 seconds to get up to 60 mph.

Automakers under a new law will not be forced to display the more accurate (and worse) MPG estimate until the 2008 models.

AAA says that the smaller "city" mpg is closest to the true real world average mpg that your vehicle gets regardless of all other factors.

Starting in model year 2008, estimates will reflect the effects of:
Faster Speeds & Acceleration
Air Conditioner Use
Colder Outside Temperatures

Once the new methods are in place, the EPA expects mpg estimates to drop for city driving by 10–20 percent from the original estimate for cars and trucks and by 5–15 percent for highway driving.

Hybrid vehicles will also be affected because the nature of their technology makes their fuel economy more sensitive to factors such as cold weather and AC use. Hybrid city mpg estimates are predicted to drop 20–30 percent while highway mpg estimates may fall about the same percent as that for conventional cars.

Rare Porsche engines stolen, recovered, then auctioned to raise funds for a charity

Vasek Polak was a Porsche race car driver, Porsche collector and Porsche, BMW, and SAAB dealer. He died in a wreck on the autobahn in 1997, leaving his estate to his charity foundation that is a cancer research.

In 2000, thieves stole 7 NOS and race prepped Porsche motors, four naturally-aspirated Porsche 917K race engines, a NOS 3.0L Porsche 908, one 2.2L Porsche 907 Hillclimb engine, and one 3.4L Porsche 911 race engine.

His engines were stolen from Torrence Ca, and were found in El Segundo 6 years later.

Via AAA, and

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A six pack of Whoop Ass...

how about that?

Is there really any comparison?

Nah, not really. A trio of Holleys on an Edelbrock wins every time.

Mechanical spider inventer rides in, and is engine powered ... video after the link

The new Batman motorbike... if you liked his 6 wheeled tank, you'll love this

Two teens organized a concours car show for charity, have raised hundred thou in 3 years

Two high schoolers in Scarsdale NY decided to negate the bad publicity that local teens were generating from underage drinking (etc) and eventually got the city council to shut down the city square for a car show to raise funds for the United Way, a family pediatric liver foundation and Habitat for Humanity.

Now it's in it's 3rd year... cool.

Palo Alto retired deputy has stolen car returned to him after 31 years

In 1976 Ronald Leung's 56 t-bird was stolen... and just recently it was sold over ebay to a honest person who tried to get it registered... to find it was stolen property, and she contacted Ronald to have him come get his car.

How cool is that?!

Via a really good daily car blog

From the '69 Dodge options pamphlet, the plush toy Bee for the Scat Pack

Packards were all over the city today

What the heck?