Friday, November 08, 2013

shaker hoods for the 2014 Challenger, and the return of the Scat Pack, is the news from Mopar

these are for the back windows, just like the original decal stickers, and these go on the outside (new car rear small triangular windows don't roll up and down) and the "3" indicates the 3rd level of the Scat Pack options you purchased on the car

the most impressive model I saw today, one of the Mopar white dress and boots women

A couple of days ago I posted and today, this woman equaled or eclipsed those women in looks and poise

here is one of the originals from the late 60's

rare old Don Garlits patch

This is a very highly regarded custom truck, made it to the final 8 of the Ridler Award

Saleen Camaro... I hadn't heard that the Saleen company changed from Mustangs to Camaros

the electric Buick, conceived by Jonathan Mill, designed and built by the Welder Up crew

Lime Crush, 1966 Chev Suburban, built by the Roadster Shop


awarded the Mother's Choice Award

close ups of the Mach IV, and I got lucky and met the guy who built and owns it!