Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vintage motorcycle links

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Magazine
BK Custom Coatings - Our Recommended Painter
Canadian Motorcycle Guide Online
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle World
Suzuki Pages - Covering models from 1952 to present
The Bike Yard - Motorcycle Wreckers
Scott's Bridgestone Motorcycles
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (UK)
Kawasaki MT1/KV75 Discussion Group
Kawasaki Triples Worldwide
Canadian Kawasaki Triples Discussion Board
The GS Resources
Badge Replicas - Badges for your vintage motorcycle
YDS Motorcycle Parts
Motorbike UK Web Directory & Search Engine
Pistol Pete's Goldwing Restoration
Marbles Motors - Restoration Services
Custom Mini Trail - Restoration & Customization
Classic Japanese
Shawn Davis Bike Restoration
KnK Cycles - Vintage Motorcycle Parts & Paintwork
Motorsport Craze - Pocket Bikes, Scooters & Mopeds
Classic Suzuki Club - Norway (not in English)
Kawasaki Singles from 60s-70s Discussion Group
Pacific Media Blasting
Crescent Moon Unlimited - Re-Cycled Old Wing Part & More - Specializing in early Japanese bikes
Tony's RD400 - Two Stroke Smoke Zone
Paul Miller Motorcycle - Viintage Suzuki Parts

Vintage Motorcycle Ads and Brochures... and decals, lots to see here!

If you were to try to find something for a car collector that had everything... like Jay Leno for example, maybe one of these would be ingenius

This is for Will McElman... I got her number for you Will

Designated drivers, think about this photo, roll down all the windows... I'm just saying

Train and railroad photography.. more is better of a good thing

Suede and Chrome has found some very cool custom stuff!

The candy pails on the carbs are very funny, and functional too!
The left and right panels look like they are cardboard cutouts! Cool!
Horseshoe brake pedal for luck stopping, and a wrench to get moving
Shopping cart seat backs
A Crosely is small, and this kickstand is a good touch
big damn flamethrowers
Barbwire for a grill, and a coke bottle opener on the firewall
This is just funny, the air filter housing is made from the top of an old outboard motor, and someone can imagine how cool a hoodscoop would be made from
A cool concept borrowed from the "rap" crowd with one gold tooth
How about the whisky jar for the coolant overflow?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Photos by Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau

Mopar fan? Looks like it! Also seems to love drag racing, rock, and staying busy with the camera making videos (maybe that's the best way to hang out with pin up girls... seems to work for several photographers.. think Coop) has the full range of his work, but look into for the 58 galleries of hot rods, drag race events, pin up girls and cars, Le Mans Classics, and custom choppers.