Saturday, January 06, 2018

1962 worlds fair and the Mobil Oil company driving game. "In the game 12 drivers competed to get the best fuel economy by solving driving situations that appeared on screen in front of them." Thanks Burkey!

I wonder how traveling the country with a trailer got people to buy a gas station franchise

the 60s and 70s were a little odd

Today is dedicated to Ricky Bobby Rod Shop, just to piss off every emmer effer that complains that Garrett and Sons SHOULD put their name on Ricky Bobby's built rat rod. So, EFF YOU you, every damn one of you bitchy whining complainers, especially the clown who made up the fake name Barbie Bates

Coincidentally I photographed the above hot rod at the 2011 GNRS

Why the rant? Why the rare dedication to one builder? Because I got this bullshit comment today, well... I deleted the longer one that pissed me off more... Damn shame, you'd have preferred to read that one instead..

In response to my post which called out Paul Garrett, a rat rod builder, for putting his name on the rat rod Frankenstein (see above) built by Ricky Bobby Rod Shop, I've gotten a bit of mail than usual. Here's a photo of the car, and the most recent hate mail.

Barbie Bates 7:40 AM 6 Jan 2018

 Just because Paul Garrett has his business name in the side of his car doesn’t prove he’s claiming he built it. Rooter Rooter (sic) has their name on the side of their vehicles does that make them guilty of claiming they built it?

Your blog is slanderish, never anywhere is it saying Paul Garrett is claiming he built the ride. He purchased a ride, Put his logo on the side, and took it to a car show. Where’s the proof that he’s telling everyone at the car show he built it?

Just my thought.

My response

Maybe you're not his relative, or friend, but lets go for broke and postulate that you really aren't this fucking stupid - if Pepsi bought a can of coke, and then put the Pepsi label on it... what are they doing bringing it to the cola awards banquet?

If Roto Rooter bought a Rescue Rooter truck, and slapped the Roto sign over the Rescue sign, then went job to job cleaning storm drains... would they be thought of as claiming the Roto work level was getting the job done?

 How about Chevy buys a Ford truck, and changes the badges and nameplates to Chevy, then displays it on the Chevy podium at the annual LA International Auto Show? Are they also not claiming they built it? Fuck Paul Garrett and all your horseshit.

There, hows that for clearing the air.

Putting your name on someone else's rat rod, when you're competing with him for business? That's white trash, lazy, wanna be, limp dick, sister kissing, dip spittin', sheep fucking, retard level, bullshit.

Should I feel that I've gotten way worked up over nothing? That I'm a rageaholic or something? Nope. My pulse never varied over 70bpm. Keep in mind, no matter what else you may think about this website, it's mine. It's my expression of admiration or outrage, it's my showcase of the cool stuff I've come across that I want to share.

See, I somehow got to this age in life that I'm currently at and have maintained that if you lie, cheat and steal, you've just made yourself a dirtbag piece of shit. No one else did, it was of your own effort that you lost any iota of dignity, self worth, or justifiable indignation when not respected by anyone.

Putting your name on the work someone else did? That's plagiarism. It's bullshit.

When you create, build, work, put out the effort to construct something? You've done the opposite. You've crafted a thing that did not exist, and though it may not be flawless, lets agree it's good, and satisfying, 

Hispano Suiza with coachwork by carrosserie Lagache & Glaszmann (pretty sure, might be Weymann)

Above may be the same car, below has a different windshield, but check out the running board, that's the same cool design

1960s Volvo seat belt latch... cool looking design

Volvo made the 3 point seatbelt, but in order to serve mankind as it is inherently intended to do, Volvo did not hold the patent, but instead shared the development with all car makers, and it's one of the most significant safety innovations in auto history.

Fwiw, I apologize for the comment function not working worth a damn

I just popped over to the "spam" comments to look and see if I misplaced a comment, you know, accidentally pointed the damn little cursor but missed the "publish" and got "spam" instead


So I look in the spam, and every other damn comment in the spam folder is a real comment.

Guess what? When you tell the damn website "not spam" those real comments disappear, but don't get published, don't get saved in "awaiting moderation"

So the real comments that were in Spam, whether I put them there, and believe me, no way could I mistakenly put that many comments in the Spam folder.

So, to all of you that have taken the time to comment, some to compliment, some to vote on the C vs D vs E type Jag...

I apologize that this piece of shit website framework isn't reliable, lets me down, and erases the effort you've made to interact, give feedback, and chat back.

That pisses me off, and there ain't a damn thing I can do about it.

Hang on, I just tested something... and maybe - I can't count on this though, as I've just told you, this POS website framework is letting me down and pissing me off - Maybe the comments go where they are supposed to after I mark them as "Not Spam" and the one I just tried went to it's post.

So... well... things aren't making me happy, but I'm going through 1308 comments I've marked spam in the last 8 weeks (yes, there are that many spammers trying to get a link to rental car companies, taxi services, used tires in Mumbai, etc) to find the others that aren't spam.

I still won't be able to bounce a comment back, telling you I appreciate the things you've said, or to reply, but, maybe they aren't getting tossed by this website into the oblivion where they are never to be seen again

A guy gets off his motorbike, it's been raining, he's soaked though and wiping the water off his face, getting the dripping hair to run somewhere other than into his eyes

and the young guy in the garage just hanging around looks at the biker who looks like went swimming

and asks, "So, today, don't you wish you had a car?"

The biker replied, "No. Just wish it wasn't raining"

Jerry Seinfeld told that on his show. THAT is what  biker is.

Good News! Finally "Comedians in Cars getting Coffee" is on Netflix! Episode one is with Jim Carrey

While its entire nine seasons are available (along with new episodes), they are not listed in order, instead dispersed in categories like "First Cup, Late Night Espresso," etc.

Conversely, you certainly doesn't need to digest the show chronologically to enjoy, and its 15-20 minute run times make it a perfect binge delicacy.

I posted back in March that this was going to happen in the Fall of 2017, as I had read. Turns out, timelines just don't work out from when they try to hype publicity, to when things happen.

Notice in the 1st episode though, with Jim Carrey, that they pull the Lambo up, nose into the curb, and when they leave the diner, someone has already turned the car around... as if Jerry Seinfeld can't find reverse in his Countach? Can't back up the car that has little or no view to the back?

If you keep on watching, I am, all afternnoon while I catch up on everything, you might also notice he always parks in the red, the yellow, next to a fire hydrant...

Anyway, I dig this show. It's relaxing, the guest stars are cool and people you'd like to hear talking about stuff, Jimmy Fallon, Jim Carey.. good stuff!

you can see the 1st episode here if you don't have netflix, and hell maybe more than just the 1st episode, I don't know

Fwiw, this is an astonishing look into what millionaires talk about. Get that clear right now, this isn't comedians, this isn't about cars. This is millionaires (Jerry worth 900M) talking to other millionaires.

For example, one guest is President Obama. Not a comedian
Another episode is Jerry's wife's best friend, who is Alexandra Wentworth. Add that she's George Stephanopolous' wife. Now, are you catching what I'm saying?
This show is mostly SNL cast members, then comedians, then actors.
Sarah Jessica Parker.  Not a comedian
Joel Hogsden  Not a comedian
Howard Stern, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Lorne Michaels, Hillary Swank. JB Smoove for the full list. 

the phrase "tractor sickle mower" can be used to tell tourists from farm country locals

anyone who has driven a tractor all day will, with a straight face, ask John Deere? Farmall?

But some hipster wanna be will wonder if you're pulling his leg, making a joke at his expense.

Just a shower thought. 

Friday, January 05, 2018

People in Oregon trying to pump their own gas

Skip the first minute

Not an Edsel prototype, model, or concept... this was a 1957 Packard prototype

Bruce Halle, founder of Discount Tires has died

Halle founded his first Discount Tire store in 1960, with just six tires to sell, as a way to support his wife and three young children and chose the name because it implied customers could get a deal on a tire.

Halle rented an old plumbing supply building, built counter tops, repainted the sign outside and was the store’s only employee — serving as the tire technician, cleaning crew, salesman and accountant.

It was three days before Halle had his first customer and a week before he made a sale. His original inventory consisted of two new tires and four retreads.

The store’s long-running TV commercial, which first aired in 1975, showed an old lady returning an unwanted tire by tossing it through a store glass window.

if this sounds familiar it's because I just did a post about his tire advertising poster collection

Sweet restoration

Check out this cool old tool box! A Hazet Assistent Tool Tray, they are pretty costly new or used, from 800 dollars to 2 thou

Built to last, made in the USA, and not with inflated prices that anyone buying Snap On nowadays is shocked by

very very close to learning how his insurance company feels about driving on mountain cliffs

use the damn winch!

That Wrangler Rubicon is close to 50 thousand dollars American money. I see that license plate, I know it's not on the North American Continent, and the voice sounds like it's European, so, I guess add about 10,000 Euro, and it's about a 45k Euro toy that they are playing with. 

Going to the Sun Road • Glacier National Park • Montana

a bit of snowy road humor

A couple odd things

that is one hell of a gate/banner

This was a guy asking the cops to take a photo of him, and the damage done to his car by a tire that flew off some other vehicle and landed on top of his.

The WTF of the day, when the pressure plate tries to escape

Found on a back street

the evidence and argument why NOT to use stop leak

And though, in an emergency, it will get you home, for just stopping a leak so you can go on using your car it's a bad idea.

Check out the cool rim racks at the scrap yard!

A cool christmas lawn decoration I forgot to post earlier, the Polar Express. It loses something being on a California lawn, and not in snow

CJ "Pappy" Hart

CJ Hart was ticketed at the age of 87 for driving his motorhome 85 in a 55 zone.

Cloyce Roller Hart was born in Ohio, in 1911. His mother died within days of his birth, and his father gave him to neighbors to rear.

He ran away at 13 to travel with the circus and it wasn't until age 18, that Hart found out his real identity when the police checked his records after arresting him for running a still for making moonshine.

Hart tried to join the Navy in 1941 but was rejected because his lungs had been damaged as a boy when he had been run over by a wagon.

He went to work for Ford making engines, then moved his family to Santa Ana in 1944 working in a Ford dealership, then opened his own gas station. He became known for hopping up little Fords with flathead engines so the police could not catch them.

While running drag strips, you might not know he took over for Mickey Thompson running Lions, then worked at Riverside, Taft and OCR...  he pioneered roller starters, and though some strips used a car engine to power the rollers, Hart used electricity, and pioneered spraying resin on the track for traction

Where did drag racing begin? Santa Ana? Goleta? Where is the historically 1st 1/4 mile where two hot rods squared off?

When CJ Hart came to Santa Ana in 1944, he found a bunch of outlaw kids drag racing dangerously in the streets and wanted a safe place for them - and for himself and his wife, Peggy - to test their speed.

Peggy, 1951

Hart said he decided to organize professional races at Santa Ana after he and business partner Creighton Hunter had conducted clandestine races on an abandoned Navy airfield, now Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley. When they were chased off by Marines, Hart decided there ought to be a place where cars could race legally.

There wasn't much in Orange County then - just a lot of trees and bean fields and the occasional house. And a small airport with runways that weren't even used.

Eddie Martin's Airfield had an adjacent paved strip to taxi to the runways, and it was used for the first drag races when CJ Hart had the first race there, on June 19, 1950, it is considered the first commercial competition / organized dragstrip.

CJ Hart ran a gas station in Santa Ana, and was quick to be fed up with the drive out to El Mirage, so motivated to find a place closer to home, organized a drag race location at Martin's Airfield, and became the sole owner of a drag strip within the first month of operation.

 His first goal was to establish a distance for the cars to race. This way elapsed time could be measured and a real winner could be discovered. He decided to use the Quarter-Mile based upon its accepted use in quarter horse racing.

He then established different classes of cars based upon their abilities in order to make races fair. The cars were split up according to axle ratios, year, make, engine displacements, and safety equipment.

Wally Parks was earlier to racing when he founded the Road Runners Club in 1937, and then worked on creating the NHRA. In April 1953 he had it all together, and had the 1st sanctioned (whatever the hell that means) drag races at Pomona at the LA County Fairgrounds, and that is one reason that Pomona has the 1st and last races of the year.

The 1st nationals were in Great Bend Kansas in 1955

In 1949 Cobb raced Hernandez at Goleta, in a closed off access road leading to the airport. That is regarded as the 1st official drag race.

Hernandez was the shop manager for Vic Edelbrock, and buddies with Isky and Lou Baney, and Cobb was hanging out with Engle and Hilborn. Yup, some major pioneering gearheads were involved from the start and stuck around the sport a very long time


Paved roads were few and far between in the early days of motoring so the main “drag” or road
through town could have been the setting for early races.

By the way, the 1st slingshot is credited by Wikipedia as having been made by Mickey Thompson

Philippines Tire Repair, using vulcanized rubber to fix the hole the nail made