Saturday, July 05, 2008

605 cu inch Belvedere... awesome!

Dewey's family car. Bought new by his dad, when he was 6, and he's been driving it for the last 56 years.

Bought new in 1933 from the only Chevrolet dealership in San Diego, it was purchased because Dewey's mom put her foot down and would no longer go to church in the farm's produce truck ( no top ). It still has the original spare tire (photo above) and that has it's original innner tube, this 75 year old spare tire is still on the car it was put on by the factory. That is amazing!

It won the points to be awarded the Goodguys 2006 Southwest pre-WW2 "Street Rod of the Year!"

Rancho Bernardo car show on the 4th of July, a great mix of Durant, Ford, Chevy, Studebaker and so on