Saturday, July 03, 2021

this is about as Uncle Sam as it gets

This was not going to be a banner, as I need the upper left corner empty, and this has the upper right empty, but it's mighty cool, and I thought you might get a kick out of it on the 4th of July

very little room for error


this is adorable, it's a 1956 Paul Valee micro car

there were only 200 of these 3 wheel microcars built, made by a mechanical shop called S.I.C.R.A.F ( Société Industrielle de Constructions et de Réparation des Automobiles françaises which means Industrial Company of Construction and Repair of french Automobiles) founded by Paul Vallée. 

 The car appeared for the first time at the Paris Salon in 1955 but with only 1 headlight steel tube windshield frame, molded-in front bumper, and sharply cut-off tail and after that it was another headlight, a fiberglass windshield frame, aluminum bumpers and more rounded tail. 

The engine was an 125cc Ydral 2 stroke single cylinder with only 6hp making the car capable of reaching a top speed of 75km/h (47 mph). 

Unfortunately the death of M.Vallée in 1957 ended production

travel trailer that costs about 50k triples in size from traveling mode, to camping mode. 130 square feet when expanded

and it costs 5 times less than the prototype of the Romotow (not even being produced, as it's only trolling for investors it seems. 

Why don't they wait until fall, and cooler temps across the nation? On July 12 ninety one scooters will head from Bar Harbor, Maine, on a 10-day, 4,500-mile ride to Eureka, California on the ninth Scooter Cannonball

the article on USA Today is very thorough, with interviews, stats, etc. 

To participate costs about 4000, depending on how much a person wants to spend on hotels, food, shipping a scooter to or from either end of the run. 

Plus the cost of repairs, tires, and gas. Things will break, and only some of those might be easily fixed on the roadside. 

I watched a great movie about a 2016 coast to coast scooter ride, Slow Way Home, and it's a hoot

the Village of Durand Illinois acquired an abandoned building full of antiques, car parts, furniture and three 1959 vehicles untouched for 35 years. A 1959 Thunderbird, a 1959 Fairlane 500 Galaxie and a 1959 Ford Club Wagon Ambulance.

they're asking 4k for the Galaxie, which only has 40,800 miles on it, 

the Ambulance only has 39,300 miles, and they want 5k for it

and the T Bird had 94,700 miles and they want 9k for it.

wouldn't this be purty running around a race track? !

after considering some other words, I settled on Purty. I think it fits best. 

Anyone else can volunteer to caption these, anytime you're willing to take over. I've been at it for 15 years, and 47,568 posts. I got not problems with anyone volunteering to caption them

Have a red white n blue weekend!

and if the damn banners were loading properly, I'd post this. But, have a great 4th of July 3 day weekend anyway!

I've been waiting months to use this. Just a week short of the 4th, the damn banners quit loading correctly.

Damn Murphy's Law! (not you Murphy the lawyer, you're cool) 

if you were in a car club with a club house (hell, I dunno, someone must be, rich enough, with enough rich friends to have a clubhouse) wouldn't it be cool to have this Cunningham buck hanging out as a piece of art?

the 1st production car in the 1967 production year, and the 1st series 2 330 GT 2+2 to ever be built. Out of 1,099 Ferrari GT’s made, this is 1 of the 36 made in right-hand drive. After having been imported into Australia in 1974, the car was never driven or registered

Chicago thieves who intended to steal the 2014 Camaro from inside the garage, took a shortcut by using the garage door opener in the unlocked Jeep in the driveway.

 I bet you never heard of, or though about, anyone leaving a garage door opener where thieves could get it, without having to work to get a lock to open up. 

Since I think I have a privilege of being someone you look to for new, ideas, and entertainment - I hope to bring such items to your attention when I hope that learning of such things could be a benefit to someone who might be able to prevent such a thing from happening to themselves

And that sums up todays safety item

I just noticed something, and it's a bit odd. But, the numbers in an old AM radio, exactly correspond to the positions in an old 3 speed transmission. If someone figured out how to pull it off nicely, PRND21 could replace 5,8,10,12,14,16

yes, I see that this automatic has a reverse manual valve body, and the shifter gear indicator is accordingly adapted, don't get distracted with that on my little conceptual notion here. 

IF a person were to be a bit daffy, and want to make a strange custom feature on some car that was going to be on the show circuit, couldn't you see a push button transmission, unlike any other, as no one has ever done this thing I'm postulating, as using the AM radio dial and buttons to select the transmission gear? 

Just reprint a dial for the radio, and have is display PRND21 instead of the radio frequencies. 

Then push the button for the gear you want. 

Since no one uses 1 or 2 anyway, as automatic type people just select drive, reverse, or park, there would need to be some sorting out of the 5 buttons of am AM radio. Or just find one mane with only 4 buttons. 

cool looking dual hood scoop 1969 Barracuda coming to auction

Friday, July 02, 2021

this mountain road just became my new desktop wallpaper.

Click on this to make it full size, or click through to see it at then click one more time for full magnification. It's worth it. 

Found via the always great time waster,  and his weekly Friday round up of roads

I've never heard of a fractal vise until now, thanks for the link Marc B! Here's one getting restored, and it's long overdue coffee and donuts video

Looks like a vise that has about 30 jaws nested into each other. 

All of them can move independently and that means this is a vise that can conform to just about any shape

An artist in Nebraska spent 6 years building a similar vise

Yes, he'll make you one, but he won't yet say what it's going to cost you. Just hand over a down payment and find out later. So he says

Englewood CO

cool bookplate found in "Amateur Telescope Making" edited by Albert Ingalls. 1935.

Similar to the RKO pictures scene before old movies, where the airplane circled the antenna

1940 Florida streets and cars video, colorized and remastered in 60 frames per second... it's like looking through a time machine high definition television

Annette, in the middle with her sisters, just won this car in a card game. 1939 Dover NH.

Thursday, July 01, 2021

I have never understood 2 door cop cars

and I sure don't understand why anyone would import this to Japan to use as a cop car

Thanks to Gary and Marc B for both pointing me to the Hagerty article on this car!

In service from 1973–84, this Mustang had a 429 Cobra Jet

Ford officially exported Mustangs to Japan from 1971–73, always as high-option vehicles. In 1971, it appears only Cobra Jet-equipped Mach 1s were exported, but all three body styles (fastback, hardtop, and convertible) were exported in 1972 and ’73. All appear to be automatics.

have fun at work when you can

A Tesla owner has filed a class action suit, claiming Tesla broke its promise of free Supercharging for life by introducing 'idle fees' at charging stations

A Tesla owner filed a class-action complaint against the automaker, saying it broke its promise of free lifelong electric-vehicle charging for some owners.

To boost sales from 2012 to 2016, Tesla promised buyers of most of its models that they could use its network of Superchargers for free for life.

But in late 2016, the company introduced fees for drivers who left their cars at Superchargers after the vehicles had finished charging.

when it's a Harley Hummer parked in the bicycle stand... is that just passive aggressive? Huntsville Alabama 1955

June banners, worked up til this past weekend.. then google messed with how they load, now it's not worth seeing a postage stamp sized image where the banner used to be