Saturday, July 30, 2016

the cool art of Cale Funderburk

a variety of dune buggies, how Motion made ends meet in the malaise era after the muscle cars were history

there were so many rip offs of the Meyers Manx

Cool photos from Speedseekers, at the LeMans Classic

“Daytona by Le Marquis” Mercedes-Benz modified by the British designer Robert Jenkel - in Doha, Qatar.

and here is an example of where history did us a service of making a bad idea and ugly design disappear.

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It's a satisfactory feeling to know that somewhere out there, Swift drivers are doing something stupid to entertain the rest of us

the Vespa 400

a blog that is focused on gourmet food vans, all of them

Friday, July 29, 2016

the look of a mad scientist with an unruly toy

Dr J A Purves from Taunton tries out his design of a mono-wheeled electric car.

the 2013 promotion for Fiat’s 500L, 500 Cabrio- and 500 Abarth, these shells were built on top of high-powered personal watercraft and cruised down the Chicago River

Silky's Dog House, Daytona Beach, 1954

Life's a dream, so ride on (and enjoy the great cinematography)

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Just how low were slingshots?

Dive Bomber (1941)- Errol Flynn, Fred MacMurray

Mickie waiting at Dean Jefferies place for the Monkeemobile

Yeah, Dean was selling knock offs of the Meyers Manx

the incredibly wealthy, they do buy nice cars...

Lynn Park, a recognized expert in Cobras, is prepping CSX 3346 for Pebble Beach. It has less than 3000 miles on it, and has been treasured like King Tut's sarcophagi for since it was first bought in 1968, in the few last few dozen of the original production run. If anyone had ever enjoyed it, they would have driven it.

Now owned by Evan Metropoulos, brother of Daren, who had Chip Foose build the Terracuda and bought the Playboy Mansion, son of C. Dean Metropoulos, 2 billionaire who convinced rockabilly hot rodders that Pabst was good tasting, and who bought up Hostess when they went bankrupt.

CSX 3346 still has its initial invoice, most of its original belts and hoses, factory spark plug wires and engine compartment and drive train markings, plus the same Goodyear Blue Dot tires it left the production line on.

The New York Times says that Evan will be making a car museum in Van Nuys.

Filming the Johannesburg episode in a tent (we hope was air conditioned!)

Clarkson explains to Hammond and May the importance of never doing a rally stage hungover.

From the Grand Tour You Tube channel

the seventies puked all over this Superbird... hood scoops from a Dart and sidepipes? Good lord! I bet they had a CB antenna on it too!

be a true friend, don't let your friend do drugs and put hood scoops on anything Road Runner derived. It's just not right. Super Birds, Road Runners, GTX, Belvedere, and Satellites... no adding hood scoops. It either has the 440 Six Pack lift off 1969 1/2 fiberglass A12 hood... or it was never meant to have fiberglass on the hood. Either it was blessed from the factory with the push button Air Grabber rising scoop from the carb, or it had a flat and lifeless hood. No mixing and matching!

Found on  Muscle Car and Street Freaks facebook page

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the only factory production twin engine, all wheel drive car ever made. The Citroen 2CV made in 1961

Ghetto Blaster — by Karl Stehn, one of a select group of 10 hoods painted by a varietry of Australian artists

HOODS opened in Melbourne on the eve of Friday 22nd July

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reasons the Monroney Sticker estimated mpg numbers are off

The EPA doesn’t require distinct certifications of every vehicle variant.

So a model variant such as the Camaro SS, with its numerically higher gearing and sticky tires, flies under the radar and wears the same window sticker as its more common — and surely more efficient — linemates.

The driver in the car can get as much as 5% better numbers by softly and slowly accelerating though the test procedure, the smoother the driving, the better the MPG readings.

David Friedman, senior engineer and deputy director of vehicles program for the Union of Concerned Scientists suggests getting the accurate info from the cars data collection computer, across the country, and posting that real world data on the Monroney, and ditch the fuel economy tests completely.

But, Honda’s Bienenfeld, pointed out that such data might disadvantage automakers (like Honda) that sell lots of cars to younger, more aggressive drivers.

Rock musician Jay Geils, also is a gearhead and car collector. 35 cars, 10 motorbikes

He went to Northeastern University and Worchester Poly Tech to study engineering, but met his future bandmates and dropped out of school

A trailer on a Murcielago? Why?

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