Saturday, November 20, 2021

a post to remind some of you with big trees, and small garages, that insurance is a good thing, but a stronger roof over your car is better... and you can upgrade that garage anytime you feel you can afford to protect your car better


it got lucky that day

and that is your PSA for the day. Be safe out there


This year, the Legends Tour was back in action with an all-new “search for a custom vehicle worthy of becoming” a legend. Here's the winner judged from 8 cool cars, a 1969 Volvo P1800 from the UK

Lee Johnstone, a 71-year-old mechanic who started to thoroughly restore, rebuild, modify, and transform the Volvo with a 454, a 6:71 and dual quads, into a quarter-mile gasser. 

His daughters race it. 

the judging of the big global grand finale – was live-streamed from Jay Leno’s Garage, with the panel of judges consisting of Hot Wheels designer Brendon Vetusky, automotive experts, and celebrity car fans like design icon Henrik Fisker, former Hot Rod Magazine editor Elana Scherr and Mad Mike

skip the first 14 minutes and 12 seconds to get past the delays and advertising.

Skip to 22:36 for the incredible winners of the past two years, and then the fantastic 8 selected international winners for the final 8... that car from Chile? WOW

Skip to 25:12 for the other final 8... the mid 1960s Mercedes 250 S gasser with the wood keg tank? Lol, that's great stuff! Competing with Scraptona!

factory race exhaust manifolds... as close to factory made headers as I've ever come across, made way back in 1964

I haven't ever come across Grace Jones song "Pull Up To My Bumper" until now.... what an 80s flashback

Driving down those city streets 
Waiting to get down 
Won't you get your big machine 
Somewhere in this town?

Now in the parking lot garage
You'll find the proper place
Just follow all the written rules
You'll fit into the space

Pull up to my bumper baby
 In your long black limousine 
 Pull up to my bumper baby
And drive it in between

Pull up
To it
Don't drive
Through it

Back it
Up twice
Now that
Fit's nice

Operate around the clock
 Why don't you come in?
I've got lot's of space for everyone
Why don't you my friend?

Lines are short
I'll pick you up so won't you please come on
Shiny sleek machine 
believe It I've got to blow your horn

Pull up to my bumper baby 
In your long black limousine 
Just pull up to my bumper baby
 And drive it in between

Pull up 
To it 
Don't drive 
Through it

Back it 
Up twice 
Now that 
Fit's nice

Race it 
Straighten it
 Let me 

(Pull up to my bumper baby) 
Pull up to my bumper

Grace Jones  Nightclubbing
 Released: 1981

Gary Dyer, who is more famous for Dyers Blowers, built and ran the Mr Norm's funny cars


today I learned that the 1971 Charger has a Coronet Vin designation.... it was a Charger in name, but the VIN decodes as Coronet, and starts with W


the new Batmobile. Ugly. No wonder they kept it out of sight until now, and sent it to Abu Dhabi to sit in front of the Warner Brothers hotel

Paradise Valley Arizona has this Aston Martin in the Dukes of Hazard Charger paint scheme


Friday, November 19, 2021

letting the newbie know the rules of parking spot reservations in snowy Chicago

There was one guy who kept parking in a spot someone else cleared out on the south side of Chicago after they repeatedly told him that the spot was theirs  

So, some friends packed the undercarriage tight with snow and for good measure hosed it down with water.

in February of 1972, a rod went through the oil pan of the original engine, but since it was still under warranty, the dealership looked around for warranty engine, none could be found in the region, so, one was eventually sourced and installed from Keith Black Racing engines

years later, the center carb began to leak (I just had that happen to mine in 2019) so the car was parked, then forgotten, and it stayed under wraps for about 30 years

One smart young guy with a lawn mowing business, and a very canny style, never mentioned the car until AFTER he got the business of the AAR's owner, mowed the lawn several times, then brought up cars in his family, and through some sweet talking and zero pressure, the AAR's owner, who had bought it new, offered to sell it to the young guy, because he realized he was never going to fix it up... and rust was slowly killing the car. 

I haven't seen a car taken this far down in a long time

not long after this, the young guy found another AAR 

when only 2 years old, with only a year after it's 2nd owner had bought it, at 25k miles, a drunk driver in a truck crossed the center median, and you see how the car barely survived, but it's owner kept it for 49 years anyway, because the owner felt it was special and that it didn’t deserve to go to the junkyard. When the green car is finished with it's restoration, the pink one will get the fell restoration treatment next. 

Traffic on Interstate 5 in Carlsbad near Cannon Road around 9:30 a.m. today, stopped while the drivers had a mad grab of various denominations of bills all over the freeway.


those are ones and twentys

no one in the armored truck, so I'm guessing it was stolen, and they made of with the bags of hundred dollar bills

video at

just became a showpiece in a Chevrolet dealership, for 48 hours, and they already have a buyer lined up at 50k. No PS, PB, no stick shift, but a lot of resale red fresh paint. 50k for a simple Road Runner. Wow. I think someone is crazy to spend that much.

update a week later, it's already on Mecum's auction website. Someone is flipping this fast

a Washington woman survived her vehicle getting flattened under a semi-truck.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

I bet he has an Austin Powers personality and accent

I get a kick out of learning what vehicles share a common part

wow, great photo destined to be a banner!

either Clarkson is a lot older than we think, or he is a time traveler

is that you Frank?

 this guy has me thinking that IF his neck wasn't covered by his jacket, we'd see some Frankenbolts

great Halloween car

Canyon Roadhouse in Namibia

Earthmoving Legacy Center museum in Elkader Iowa