Sunday, May 22, 2022

I am NOT waiting until Halloween to post this.

would you?

Of course not.

I love the sound of lopey engines... and don't they remind you of marching band drummers going like mad in the movie Drumline

I recommend this movie, not for the teen angst and nonsense, but for the fantastic perscussion

Copperhead snake hiding in toolbox bites homeowner's hand, so be careful out there

recent drug smuggling is getting inventive, but still discovered

Customs and Border Protection agents in Detroit, Michigan, seized 2,175 pounds of marijuana from boxes disguised as foam pool toys.

Border patrol agents made the discovery of drugs on May 11 while conducting an x-ray scan of an inbound tractor-trailer that came through the Fort Street Cargo Facility

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Otay Mesa cargo crossing in San Diego found more than 550 pounds of methamphetamine and almost three pounds of cocaine hidden in a shipment of squash.

everyone with a badge in Cleveland was on one mission, and it wasn't to prevent school shootings, drug trafficking, or child sex trafficking. Nope, nothing less than atvs on city streets could cause the entire law enforcement brotherhood of Cleveland to band together to stop those horrible young hooligans from riding motorcycles without registration.

The Cleveland Division of Police and other local agencies arrested more than a dozen people Saturday during Operation "Wheels Down," an enforcement sting aimed at stopping illegal off-road vehicle activity in the city.

 The operation was a joint effort between CPD, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office and the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Cleveland's traffic bureau, aviation unit, neighborhood impact community engagement unit, gang impact unit and real time crime center also took part in the operation.

According to police, 15 felony arrests were made, 30 citations issued and 15 vehicles were confiscated. Of those vehicles, two were ATVs that had been reported stolen. Officers also seized two firearms.

Cleveland has been dealing with illegal ATV and dirt bike riders for years.

"The City remains committed to ensuring that law enforcement has the resources necessary to continue to enforce laws and ensure safety on our streets and within our neighborhoods," police said in a news release.

Reading & Northern 4-8-4 No. 2102 photography of Dan Cupper


a rare, purpose-built, two-door hardtop that was modified by the legendary Bill Stroppe to satisfy Nascar homologation, was just auctioned for 77k

Stroppe endowed 100 Montereys with a substantial performance upgrade, using an aluminum intake manifold, high-lift Isky cam, mechanical lifters, high-flow exhaust, cast iron manifolds, an aluminum bellhousing, heavy-duty clutch, thirty-five pound flywheel, and dual Holley four-barrel carbs.

the Kugelpanzer, the German thing that the Chinese captured from the Japanese Kwantung Army in Manchuria in 1945.


B-24 converted to F-7A Liberator "Patched Up Piece" 20th Combat Mapping Squadron, 6th PRG

The pilot of Old Baldy was able to control his B24 after it was struck by German munitions, and crashed it into the six-man crew of the German anti-aircraft gun and killed the guys that killed his plane and his crewmates, during the bombing run on Ploesti

On Aug. 1, 1943, Old Baldy was part of a strategic bombing mission called Operation Tidal Wave. That day, 178 bombers were sent to Romania in attempt to destroy oil refineries near the city of Ploesti. However, the German Army was ready for the attack. 

Hitler and the Nazis controlled Romania at the time, and Ploesti was one of the Axis powers top oil suppliers. 

Operation Tidal Wave remains the second-deadliest air raid in American history. Only 88 aircraft returned to base in Libya. At least 300 American airmen were killed or missing.

The B-24D named, Old Baldy, was assigned to the 9th Air Force, the 98th Bomb Group, and the 345th Bomb Squadron. The aircraft was shot down and lost near it's bombing target, the Astra Romano refinery complex.

As Lt. Dore's B-24, Old Baldy, approached White IV, at 200 miles an hour and at a very low altitude, he took a direct hit by a Romanian manned 88mm flak gun directly in front of him and about thirty feet below him, and caught on fire. 

As he continued into the smoke and fires, hopelessly on fire from the wings back, Lt. Dore emergency toggled his bombs into the fire below, and pitched his plane upward in a bid to gain some altitude. The plane started to fall off on the right wing, hit the ground, and slid into the 88 flak gun beyond the refinery fence in a huge ball of flames, killing the entire airplane's, and the flak gun's crews.

In Roger Freeman’s “The Ploesti Raid: Through the Lens” book, page 128, the author states: “…flown by 1st Lieutenant John J. Dore, Jr. and crew of 10, briefed to fly slot No. 5 on the left side of Flight 4, Dore started being hit by flak, and took a direct hit from an 88mm flak gun directly in his path, and caught fire. 

Lt. Dore, knowing his situation was hopeless, deliberately crashed his doomed bomber into the 88mm gun emplacement ahead of him that had made the kill shot into his B-24, Old Baldy, a few miles beyond the refinery. 

Six members of the enemy gun crew, Lt. Dore, and all nine airmen in Dore's bomber were killed in the crash. Only four bodies were identified at the time, 1 August, 1944.

Tech Sgt Max Lower, radio operator of Old Baldy

After the raid, the Romanian government recovered 216 bodies of fallen B-24 crewmembers, but only 27 could be identified.
Those who weren’t identified were buried by monks from a local monastery moved the remains of the crew to a cemetery, the Bolovan Cemetery at Ploiesti, about a mile away from the crash site. However, later, after the war, the remains were exhumed and transported to the American Military Cemetery at Neuville-en-Condroz, Belgium.

In 2015, the Army believed it might have a lead on some of the missing crew members locations, and asked  Frank Norris', and Max Lower’s siblings for DNA samples.

 The American military mantra of “no man left behind” and advancing technology in utilizing DNA to identify remains have been implimented to resolve the mystery of MIAs whereabout. 
Representatives of the office of Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency when possible seek DNA samples, to positively identify whether skeletal remains in Belgium, in this case, belong to lilkely relatives.
 A dedicated staff of genealogists, forensic anthropologists, and specialists in the science of DNA are frequently successful in completing their sacred task.

Of note another member of Old Baldy was identified by DPAA three months ago, the bombardier, 1st Lt. Joseph E. Finneran, who enlisted in the Army, but was quickly made an officer

last month I learned of, and posted about the B24 Hells Wench, that was shot down during the Ploesti raid

the historic, but forgotten way, the Coronado Bridge was dedicated in 1969, and it wasn't by the planning commission's scheduled appearance by Gov Reagan.

in August 1969 the then-governor of California arrived in San Diego to help dedicate the new bridge connecting the city and Coronado, the longest in Southern California, but he felt the value of the span had already been demonstrated, two days earlier, by a 21-year-old pregnant woman in Barrio Logan.

She’d gone into premature labor in her house near the corner of Crosby Street and National Avenue. A friend ran across the street to a fire station, where firefighters called for an ambulance. The baby girl came first.

After a successful delivery, they put mother and daughter in the ambulance. The driver could have taken the usual route and headed to Paradise Valley Hospital, 10 minutes away, but it dawned on him that there was now a closer emergency room.

He drove to Coronado, across the finished but not yet open bridge.

Two days later Reagan stood in front of a crowd of about 1,500 people gathered for a bridge celebration at the Hotel del Coronado. He was the featured speaker. Referring to the impromptu ambulance crossing, he said, “The bridge has already been dedicated far beyond anything I might do.”

there seems to be a lot of news recently, about fake license plates, and it puzzled me because there isn't much reason to go through the trouble where I live. BUT, in New York and other places with cameras monitor toll booths? People dodge 10s of thousands of dollars of fees with a fake plate

21-year-old Marcos Parker was charged with misdemeanor Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument after he was stopped for speeding, and the cop realized this fake plate was a vinyl transfer on the metal.

It was shortly after noon Friday the 13th. 

New York now plans to mandate license plate replacement starting next year at a cost of $25 for the new plate and $20 more if a motorist wants to keep their same number,

however, some of the New York license plates made (by prison in Auburn) over the past decade or so are falling apart/delaminating. 
Now that EZ pass is abandoning those old sensors and just reading your plate, everyone must have a legible number on their car
A replacement is free, but takes the usual 4 to 6 weeks

 but over in Wyoming, the news reports there is not enough aluminum to make new plates:

"Due to a nationwide aluminum shortage, WYDOT has had to temporarily suspend all prestige plate and novelty plate orders," the Department of Transportation wrote via a social media post. "Standard plates remain available through your local county treasurer's office."

How there is no shortage to make regular plates, which contain exactly the same amount of aluminum, I don't know.

I'm not aware of why some New England states have been historically toll road happy, because I've lived in several other states in the USA that don't have them. 

So, how is it possible that California for example, or Texas, have 10s of thousands of public roads, and few if any toll roads, but, New Jersey and New York are "turnpike" and "tollroad" prone?

Well, I guess it must be pretty expensive to make tunnels to and from Manhattan, but, haven't those now been in place for about 70 or 80 years? Haven't the tolls and fees paid for them yet?

Here in San Diego there was a govt scam from state Department of Transportation officials and Caltrans to keep people paying the toll on the Coronado Bridge, from San Diego to the island in the bay, until finally someone caught on that the damn thing had been paid for, and the govt was simply going to keep taking in the thousands of dollars a day until they were nailed in court for fraud. The matter had to be brought before a judge, because the govt was too happy to get millions of dollars for their govt spending budgets, without having to prove a reason, or authorized use, for the money. Hint, potholes did not get fixed

The Coronado Bridge’s $50-million construction bill was paid off 17 years ahead of schedule because the toll was too high, AND the amount of traffic had been underestimated. More than $8 million was collected in tolls each year from the 50,000 cars that cross the bridge daily.

The Coronado Bridge was a up front deal that government gave its word to the voters if they voted for the bonds to build the Coronado Bridge, the toll would stop the day the bonds were paid off. It took 15 years after the bonds were paid off to get the toll to stop.

When the bridge opened in 1969, the toll was 60 cents each way. Then for years, it became $1for inbound traffic only, and carpoolers were free. Then in 2002, all fares were dropped, 16 years after the bridge bond was paid off in 1986

The Golden Gate Bridge is completely different, because there was no such deal in place there. 

Turnpikes, on the other hand, used their "near monopoly position" to boost rates on drivers so much that revenue increased 4.3 percent even though traffic plunged 6.4 percent. The New Jersey Turnpike, for example, raised driving costs by fifty percent.

interesting but grim, sidenote:
The Coronado Bridge is frequently used as a suicide bridge; as of July 2017, at least 407 suicide deaths by bridge jumpers have occurred on the Coronado, trailing only the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as the bridge most-often used for suicide in the United States.
 Solar-powered phones were once installed on the Skyway to offer direct help for those contemplating suicide, but have since been removed. Signs have been placed on the bridge urging potential suicides to call a hotline. However, call boxes are not provided.

 In 1972, three years after the bridge was opened to traffic, the first "suicide" was recorded. It was subsequently reclassified as a murder after an investigation determined that Jewell P. Hutchings, 52, of Cerritos had been forced to jump at gunpoint. Her husband, James Albert Hutchings, was subsequently charged with murder and pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Seen on tonight's walk

crazy to find that in just the past 3 days I've come across 4 of these Galaxies

4 door with the handles shaved off

might be a Manx, I think the only badging is between the headlights

odd to let the van fall apart in the driveway. If neglect and abandoning are the plan, why not roll it onto the street and park it by the curb? 

they had to cut through the shrubs between the sidewalk and the street, and the barrier wall of rail road ties, just to get the Bobcat up into the yard to get it into the backyard to do some work

KVNLGCY is the license plate. I bet there's a story of someone dying young with this tbird

stalker cat was extra stalkery today

interesting gravel drive way to the backyard, looks great!

this Camry looks like new, and I'm not familiar with old Toyotas, but this must be from the 80s or 90s

Well, this puzzled me, there is a fence preventing the Jeep from leaving the yard.

first time I've ever seen a Peugeot on the interstate, and I think it's because it has Mexico license plates, it's probably sold in Mexico but not in the USA, there are some cars that are. Strangely, they are allowed to drive in the USA

A spokesperson at 76 confirmed that the gas pumps were reprogrammed to allocate for gas that costs more than 9.99 a gallon (double digit pricing)

gas stations in the state of Washington are reprogramming pumps to include double-digit numbers in "price per gallon" as the current trend could put prices over $10.00.

this truck owner is really crazy about the Toyota brand, to get that license plate. But no one told him his drivers side turn signal is leaking blinker fluid

there was a reason you didn't want to give your pothead cousin a ride to the store


Eucalyptus Pass in 1930. I've always heard it as Grossmont Summit or Pass.

a GE engineer bought a brand-new Shelby GT350 Fastback in 1966 and after 56 years, he finally decided to sell it at auction today, and got nearly $400,000, for the super charged 289, with 491 hp, and only 29,431 miles

6S2045 has had the rare good fortune to be an original owner car until today, and that owner was able to take great care of it. 

By the early 1970s the government disallowed the use of premium fuels in  New York State, leaving 87-octane gasoline as the best that high-compression, high-performance engines could get at the gas stations, so, the owner lowered the compression ratio to avoid engine damage. 

He discovered that the cylinder heads from the 351 Windsor small-block offered more volume in the combustion chambers, and polished and CCd the chambers and installing stainless 1.9-inch intake and 1.6-inch exhaust valves. 

With compression lowered from 10.3:1 to 9.25:1, the engine pulled 491 HP at 6,000 RPM with a B&M Super Street camshaft and racing hydraulic lifters

Friday, May 20, 2022

I haven't seen one of these in person in a long time, but still remember seeing one in the late 70s


there was so little that I saw on yesterday's walk I didn't bother posting yesterday, instead, I include the 2 cars in this post of what I saw on today's walk

because in the above photo the passenger side is missing the trim piece, it's easy to see that it looks better to you with, or, without that piece, compared to the drivers side

and the above is on the same street, but a couple blocks away, from the below

I am real surprised to see this Belvedere in a driveway, looking like a new car

we're having cool and windy weather, so today's stalker cat was trying to keep as warm as possible on the welcome mat.

those 70s vans are still around. This has been parked in the same place since before 2007

it's been a couple years since I've seen a Biscayne