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the retail store "Unclaimed Baggage" in Alabama, has worked with airlines and other travel and transportation companies for five decades, and it began with a borrowed pickup truck and a $300 loan. They had a "50 Years, 50 States" road tour with the truck!

Doyle Owens was struck with an idea in 1970, so he borrowed a 1965 pickup truck and a $300, and  headed up to Washington D.C. and bought his first load of unclaimed baggage from Trailways Bus Line. He then sold the contents on card tables in an old rented house - the venture was an instant success! With his family’s blessing, he left his full-time insurance job, and Unclaimed Baggage Center was born.

Initially the business opened on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and Doyle, his wife Sue, and their two sons worked tirelessly to prepare the luggage contents for sale. Doyle’s entrepreneurial spirit took flight as he landed his first airline contract with Eastern Airlines. As larger volumes and more unusual items started flowing in, the business expanded its hours of operation to six days a week. Gradually, Unclaimed Baggage formed relationships with all other domestic airlines, solidifying its position as the country’s only lost luggage store.

Doyle's son Bryan and his wife Sharon purchased the business and began a remodel project that expanded Unclaimed Baggage to cover more than a city block. The business added a cafe and a Museum of Found Treasures, making it a true shopping and tourist destination.

Then, in 1995, Oprah featured Unclaimed Baggage Center as one of America's “best-kept shopping secrets.” More media and curious visitors quickly followed from every corner of the globe to see the one-of-a-kind-store. The store has been featured in publications ranging from Vogue to HuffPost, Buzzfeed, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and showcased on TODAY, the Travel Channel and many more.

After the pandemic forced the shop to head online — and delay its anniversary festivities — Unclaimed Baggage has embarked on a cross-country tour to “connect with our amazing customers from all over the country.”          

the 1965 Chevrolet truck named after Unclaimed Baggage's founder, Hugo, went on the summer tour commencing in May 2022 and brought one-of-a-kind experiences to fans across all 50 states, in 9,000 miles, in all 48 contiguous states and met fans in 52 cities.

"From our store in Scottsboro, Alabama to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, from the St. Louis Arch to Boston's Fenway Park, Unclaimed Baggage literally put itself on the map this summer," said Bryan Owens, owner of Unclaimed Baggage and son of the organization's founder, Hugo Doyle Owens. "The '50 Years, 50 States' road tour was an expression of gratitude for the fans, team members and community who have supported this family-run business over the course of its 52-year history, and it was a remarkable experience."

the US govt doesn't remove military airplane wrecks, BUT insists that citizens do, at great personal expense, huh...

The Forest Service said any time debris or other property is left in a forest, "it needs to be removed by the responsible party." 

 "In the event of a vehicle or plane crash, this would normally be the owner, their estate, or possibly an insurer," Tammy Robinson, spokeswoman for Willamette National Forest, said.

Collectors Car World just posted a nice gallery from Goodwood

Wednesday, October 05, 2022

A B-2 Spirit assigned to 509th Bomb Wing, Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo

built by Don Long

Lady Norah Docker had a knack for marrying well, surpassed only by her talent for designing expensive cars (and getting someone else to foot the bill.)

She was born in 1906, and her father part-owned an auto dealership, and committed suicide when she was 16, so she went to work to support herself, working as a dance hostess at the Café de Paris in London.

She was smart, and made the most of her opportunities, using her job on the dance floor to befriend the 9th Duke of Marlborough, as well as a wine merchant, and when he died in 1945, she took up with the president of  luxury goods company who died in 1948. She hit the jackpot in 1949, with the third husband, Sir Bernard Docker, then chairman of a British Daimler.

She was made a director of Hooper’s, then Daimler’s body-building company, and bought Glandyfi Castle in Wales for £12,500, and furnished it with £25,000, both sums coming from company coffers. A £5,000 bill was also presented to Daimler for the mink-covered outfit she wore to the 1956 Paris Motor Show.

The parts normally chrome plated got real gold instead, the instrument panel was made of ivory, and the interior was covered in zebra hide. She used zebra “Because mink is too hot to sit on”

I remember posting the gold and zebra car years ago, but I hadn't heard enough about her then to look into the cars she designed

the Far Side, May 11, 1986

The Chicago and North Western Railway's E-4 type streamliners, which headed the "Overland Limited" and "Challenger" trains between Chicago and the West Coast, stand in the Chicago Passenger Station, 1945

96-cent hike in two weeks: a historic cost spike, and the govt cannot explain why, not prevent it from getting worse

the price differential between California and the rest of the country has exploded to $2.60 a gallon. That is the highest price gap ever. 

I took that photo today at 5 pm, random gas station at Balboa and the 163. 

General Motors was hit with a massive $102.6-million verdict on Tuesday after a federal jury ruled it sold engines with faulty piston rings to customers, leading to excessive oil consumption and premature engine wear

DiCello Levitt, the trial firm that represented all 38,000 members of the class action suit, said in a statement released Wednesday GM knowingly sold vehicles with defective piston rings and did not do enough to remedy the issue, despite learning of the problem early on. In 2010, GM recommended to its dealers that they clean the pistons of the affected vehicles, which proved ineffective. The company changed minor parts of the engine's design in 2011, though those changes did not fix the issue. The engine was eventually discontinued after the 2014 model year.

In this case, the trucks and SUVs affected were all equipped with the company's Generation IV Vortec 5300 LC9 5.3-liter V-8 engine. The verdict means each of the class members will be awarded $2700 in compensation.

the 2022 Ford GT LM Edition


SDPD Sgt. Jared Wilson, the POA (police officers association) president, said officers were leaving San Diego for jobs in other cities, because they can not control the membership of the police oversite committee, and bias it to blind police advocates

CPP : Commission on Police Practices, the independent board that investigates allegations of police misconduct.

Huh, well, if you can't keep your police acting professional, under scrutiny for performing within the legal and respectable limits of law enforcing vs illegal and unprofessional behavior while in uniform... then I guess we will soon see more things like jaywalking made legal in the state, because that was the reason the lawmakers for the state of California passed the law repealing the jaywalking laws...  Beverly Hills police only harrassed blacks for jaywalking, outing them for being racist assholes, and not doing a damn thing about traffic, as that requires real work. Harrassing pedestrians does not. 

Oh, I actually speak from the 3 years I worked as a cop. Cops do not like to work, but they do like to be assholes, and are very racist. Oh, that wasn't from the 3 years life experience, that is from the 16 years reporting on police racist behavior. Maybe you've heard of George Floyd's murder? Just the one example actually proves the rule.  

1938 Packard with body by Mayfair was created for the mother of Aristotle Onassis, but at one point after World War II it was used as a chicken coop. A soldier bought it for $600 and had it shipped to the US.

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here's why it's impossible to find hot rod parts cheap... too many hoarders whose estate sale will sell off the parts for 1/4 of what he thinks they are worth after the hoarder is dead.

1946, in the "Glory Days of Steam" the Chicago and North Western Railway's work horses stand at track ends in the Chicago passenger station.

"the Sunbeam" Southern Pacific engine no. 650 at the Cadiz St. Roundhouse in Dallas, built in 1937, 1 of only 3 streamlined steam locomotives in regular service between Dallas and Houston Texas, a class P-14 4-6-2

more cool sewing machine cars made by Terry Rossberg


Durant dealership

after 3 consecutive tests, that proved my 68k mile 2015 Hyundai engine was losing more than 1 qt of oil per 1000 miles, the dealership (!) suddenly found that it magically was fixed, just in time to prevent my engine replacement under warranty. So I used the past 2k miles to see if it was fixed, it's not.

upper right shows the mileage WAS 72832 when they found it magically (after at least 3 tests at the dealership) didn't lose more than .43 quarts in the lower left

Here is the mileage exactly 2003 miles AFTER that miracle fix (where they could point to NO thing they'd done that could account for reducing the loss of one quart of oil per 1000 miles

and here is the oil container showing that I've had to add 3 quarts in that 2003 miles, to keep that Hyundai engine topped off. 

That's proof to me, and anyone that doesn't have to get a paycheck from Hyundai, that my engine is STILL losing over the minimum legal amount to qualify as "excessive" oil consumption per Hyundai policy. 

So, why post this? Because now that I've proven that I've been cheated out of the warranty replacement engine, the dealership tells me that in order to prove that it's still in violation of the allowable amount of oil consumption per warranty replacement I have to go through the 4 dealership visits again... and that means at least 2 times where I have to leave the car there at my expense for a rental car, and that was about 200 dollars. (For the cheapest rental car)

Time to consult with Hyundai warranty dept honchos on this. 

Awwww! Sprint Outlaw racer Brian Smith, of Fremont, OH, goes above and beyond to ensure kids receive an encounter they’ll never forget racing Hot Wheels in the pits (Thank you Marc!)

Beyond his commitment to helping the kids enjoy their time at the race track, because I sure remember that when I was that young nothing adults were doing and dragging kids along to, was at all interesting, but just simply playing with Hot Wheels was fascinating... beyond that, I just love that so many people have helped him out by sending him more Hot Wheels! How great! 

Harbor Freight has announced the 20 public high school skilled trades teachers and awarded the 2022 Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence – and $1.25 million in cash awards.

not special ordered, but sure was built strange

“Strato-Back” front bench seat
“ComforTilt” tilt steering
Palomino Ivory paint,
 L30 327 four-bbl Turbo Fire V8, with 275 hp.
“front accent band” stripe. 
the Powerglide two-speed automatic transmission
vinyl top
power steering and power brakes.


Based on Chevrolet Van Nuys Assembly Plant records, this Camaro was built on the first day of 1968 production.

This supports the idea that this was used to try out certain assembly operations for certain options, because the factory needed to have the assembly line procedure worked out. That would explain why it has some higher-end options and lower-end ones, too.

1963 Corvette split window, Sebring Silver and black interior, was stolen during Saturday's car show, midway between Detroit and Lansing

Scout Sparks, the owner’s daughter, took to Facebook to spread the word about the theft of her dad’s gorgeous 1963 Chevy Corvette. 

It was parked in the spectator parking lot at the Livingston County Airport, and taken in a 30 minute time window of 12:30-1:00 pm…in broad daylight.

A Czech crowdfunding campaign has successfully raised more than $1.30M to buy a modern tank for the Ukrainian army. The fund received donations from 11,288 individual donors, and was backed by the Czech defense ministry and Ukraine's embassy in Prague.

Dubbed "a gift for Putin", the campaign received donations from 11,288 individual donors, and organizers say it is the first purchase of its kind. It's been named Tomas the Tank

The Ukrainian ambassador in Prague, Yevhen Perebyynis, tweeted: "The Czech Republic has become the first country where ordinary people bought a tank for [the Ukrainian Defense Ministry]."

The T-72 Avenger is a modernized version of the Soviet-era tank that first entered production in 1969. It has been fitted with a new device to create a smoke screen in combat and has an upgraded front cannon. 

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Western governments have supplied Ukrainian forces with huge amounts of military hardware. The US has supplied over $15.1bn in assistance since 24 February, while the UK has committed £2.3bn, according to the UK's House of Commons research service.

Governments in central and eastern Europe have also donated massive sums to Kyiv's forces. Poland is believed to have donated around 230 tanks and the Czech government was an early supplier of hardware.

Organizers say they will continue collecting donations to supply Ukrainian forces with a host of other military essentials, including drones, thermal clothing, bulletproof vests and ammunition.

The Jay Risk Standard Oil Service Station, in the 1659 block of Colorado Boulevard, turns 103 years old, and while preservationists want to see it restored, the owned has filed demolition papers

Standard Oil of California built the station in 1919 on Spring Street in Downtown L.A, according to the city's survey of historic resources. It was moved to its current site in 1931.

According to city historic survey, the building “appears to be the oldest remaining service station building in the city.”

The new owners have said that they want the station gone for a surface parking lot, a use that might not even be allowed under the Colorado Boulevard Specific Plan. But their demolition permit is still moving through the system.