Saturday, June 05, 2010

Larry Shinoda designed vehicles

With Gurney Westlake 520hp V8 engine, it was capable of 150mph. The original design for this was done on the napkins at a hamburger restaurant.

Econoline ‘Kilimanjaro’ safari van, 1969 show car. Front wheel drive

1969 Ford Mach II design

1969 car show Torino Super Cobra front and back

What a sorry sight, rear wheel taco'd, windscreen and steering broken, and that must be due to the tree that busted up the front suspension


Cool small toys found at the Over the Hill Gang Streak

Cool garage built golf cart for getting around hot rod shows (like goodguys)

Her husband had a car that wasn't gonna make it to restoration (if I recall correctly) and used the best parts to make this golf cart for her (you can see she needs crutches) to get around the car shows with

If you see the Studebaker convertible I posted earlier, it's hers too!

the Scandanavian Street Rod bellytanker was at El Mirage

Friday, June 04, 2010

On a scale of one to ten (flikr pool)

Above: The Dynacorn comapny makes brand new 1967 fastback Mustangs, 57 Chevy's, 69 Camaro's, and I think 1951 Ford F100's

Another abandoned car collection! This time found in South America

Looks like a 1959 Savoy in red... just a guess

variety of cool stuff from

This kid must have just gotten the best birthday ever... remember when anything with a motor was your greastest wish?
Wall of death... FAIL!

Something not working so well in the starboard turbo I think

A mix of a big wheel, a recumbant, and a pennyfarthing
Confidence... he's got it!