Saturday, November 21, 2015

Brooks Brothers Dodge service department. neat courtesy car and techs Believe 1954 Meadville, Pa. (looks like Manny, Mo, and Jack on the left, next to the lab coat guy)

why a crew car tow truck? Re-use of a fire engine? A Fargo in Portugal

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Update April 2016, Xavier wrote me and told me the following:

1 . these Fargos were new and exclusively recovery cars, just for members of the ACP-automóvel clube de portugal,  (Portuguese Motor Club). A modern and exclusive benefit just for ACP members. In those days, to be a car owner was not very common to blue collar workers. Sedans and cabrios were just for rich people.
2 . yes, by coincidence, ther are painted as same red colour from Portuguese fire engines
3 - inner tools and crane are silver, light silver
4 - this Fargo had not yet a amber/orange light beacom on the roof, those appeared in Portugal a few years after.

Steve surprised me this morning with the rest of that photographers work... crazy!

the Ultimate Street Car Challenge... why not try and get your car in competition?

these group shots are to show you the variety of makes and models... trucks, sports cars, muscle cars, station wagons, hot rods, blank check builds by Trepanier, Ridler winners, even old Hudsons! can be competitive and fun on the track. the 2014 group above, the 2013 below

Probably the best link to everything you might want to know or see about the Optima Challenge:

McLaren P1 vs. LaFerrari vs. Porsche 918

dear santa

Optima Challenge newly revised schedule for 2016

It's not the Pikes Peak event I was hoping for, I thought maybe they'd look at the "Ultimate Street Car" challenge as a reason to send them up the mountain.... and the best times would get points.

Optima has a blog, mostly about the Street Car Challenge:

Friday, November 20, 2015

Might be the strongest tree I've ever seen

In 1973, Pete Rose won the NL MVP award in Baseball. In previous years, winners were given new Corvettes For some reason, that changed

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For years Sport Magazine would choose an MVP for each of the major sports championships and award them with a brand new Corvette. Sandy Koufax, Johnny Unitas and Frank Robinson were among the sports icons who walked away with a snazzy Corvette for their athletic accomplishments. At a time when many athletes worked in the off season to make ends meet winning a $5,000 Corvette was a significant prize.

 Strangely, in 1975 Pete Rose was given an AMC Pacer when he was awarded the MVP from Sport. Pete doesn’t look to disappointed about the Pacer, and with a salary of $175,000 he could easily afford any car he wanted

In 1973 Pete Rose won 3 awards,  Baseball Digest Player of the Year Award,  the Most Valuable Player Award and the Player of the Month Award
In 1975 Pete Rose won 3 awards, the Hickok Belt, the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Award, and the 1975 World Series Most Valuable Player Award

So why a Pacer, and not a Corvette? Maybe of the roughly 5 thousand convertibles made for 1975, none were available.

Local workers walked off their jobs five times in the 1970s, sometimes as part of national strikes. Work issues aside, local GMAD employees also suffered through an energy recession and struggling auto sales that caused on-and-off layoffs from January through March 1974 and again in January 1975.

Or maybe, someone hated Pete so much they wanted to snub him publicly

Pete Rose, Baseball's Charlie Hustle, page 108, 109

Travellers, Romany Gypsies, it doesn't matter what name they are referred to, they had some of the most wonderful trailers

They are a small outcast community in Europe, primarily in the British countries, and you can learn a lot about them at

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quite a touring car! Darraq most likely, 1907

Just when you think you won't be surprised anymore, you see a Smart Car on the sidewalk pushing the button to get a crosswalk sign

one piston, heading for orbit

the trike has a steering wheel in the box, well... that is mighty unusual!

Houston, they have a problem

Not just needed 3 dozen cop cars to follow one suspect, but they also can't decide on what manufacturer to go with, I see Dodge, Ford, and Chevy

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Enthusiastically trying to sell his old truck, sorta. A voice work artist getting some free publicity... well, why not

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good news, FINALLY, the price is down to 20 bucks each on The Hot Rod Art book: Masters of Chicken Scratch Vol 1, and 2

I first saw this in July 2009

Dwayne graduated from the Art Center College of Design, then worked at Hot Wheels, then back in 2008 he self published this cool book... I met him at the King of Clubs drag race at Barona, but couldn't afford the book the, still can't, but the credit card can probably take the beating now.

Artists featured in book includes Dwayne Vance, Brian Stupski, Randy Ricklefs, John Bell, Eric Brockmeyer, Michael Miernik, Max Grundy, Jimmy Smith, James Owens, Justin Chin, Thom Taylor, Larry Wood, Steve Stanford.

So I did

Get $20 off Vol 1 and Vol 2 books Use code FAVORITEFAN (has to be in caps lock... yeah, guess how I found that out?)

So that makes the books just $20 each, you can't go wrong with that deal. Just use the code FAVORITEFAN (all caps) at the checkout section until the end of December.

Megadeluxe did a full article and gallery

BOMONSTER has put out a book! Scratch This

I noticed this at SEMA.... but, you know, it gets overwhelming, and I'm still posting photos from SEMA, yeah, still more to come, and this was in the many things still to get worked up for a good post, and suddenly, I get an email, and BOMONSTER helped me out by sending me some inside pages for you to see!

This is BOMONSTER’s first collected works book of his scratched designs and he adds insightful commentary on most of his work shown. He is relatively new to the lowbrow kustom culture scene (I first met him at the Beatnik Blowout 2011, Ventura) and he encourages anyone who wants to create art to start now.

The “SCRATCH THIS” book can only be bought from BOMONSTER at live shows he attends or on his website:

Early review excerpt from Tony Colombini of Blacktop magazine:

“I expected the book to be like most artist tomes, as a chronological portfolio. Instead, the pages tell different stories from BOMONSTER’s past, his friends and of course the incredible rides. The pieces are assembled like the loose hardware in your pockets. Dimes and washers, cotter pins and pennies, the commodity of the working man. Who knows what he will pull out next.”

BOMONSTER can be reached by email:

the cool guy in the BOMONSTER shirt at the far right is ... well, BoMonster

Remarkable motorcycles are not easy to find, but I found this one in the pages of Fuel Magazine, the Bronco from Smoked Garage, in Bali

If you recall, about 2 years ago, Lotus and Daniel Simon got together and made this image.

And instead of waiting for some yankee to try and create a real one, Nicko (Smoked Garage) got things in order, and had Gus Wi fabricate it cool bike fairing around a Kawaskai that got some mods

Full article and some more images at Fuel Magazine issue 20

Photos by Luke Ray (Fuel magazine)

wall art, Smoked Garage, Bali