Friday, October 19, 2012

contrast and compare an MG with or without a front bumper

The above even has a handcrank cutout.. huh. I had no idea that anything in the 60s (?) had a hand crank option

before and after, done right. Photographed with great accuracy to show the same area of the car really well.

Everyone that is going to restore a car? DO IT JUST LIKE THIS! Lotsa photos, before and after, exactly the same. Amazing

Morgans. LOVE them. WANT ONE!

this two tone is unusual... to me anyway. I like it! 

Drive a Triumph, see the world! (and keep your repair manual handy)

All aftermarket radios for sportscars with no factory location for a radio should look this good

this was in a beautiful 60's Aston Martin

From the smallest details or questions about unusual car related things, Steve blows my mind with his detective skills.

I mentioned yesterday when I posted this radio, that I'd never heard of the Al Davis radio company, and found this to be the only example of one I've ever come across...

And that made Steve ponder, perhaps. Or, he realized it had been a while since he'd rearranged my brain... so he did it again. He blew my mind. For the umpteenth time. Great guy!

It turns out that Al Davis was a car radio installation guy, who made a company out of it, and in the same type of business as Mad Man Muntz he was a success. He had a good enough business or location that Rock Hudson (big celebrity in movies and tv, and the first hollywood star to die of aids) was a customer in 1963

How in the world Steve does that, I'll never know. I Googled Al Davis, and all that came up was the LA Raiders past owner. I even tried AL Davis AM car radio. Nothing.

Steve has a couple websites, and and and when he is posting, he's a avalanche of awesome info. re: and the land tugs research and posts he did. 

Bumpers need extra protection in some cases nowadays, due to things like expensive back up sensors and fewer insured motorists along the Mexico border

Here in San Diego, being in a collision caused by an insured car owner is known as winning the lotto. That's how rare it is to have the other person be insured, and not a hit and run that will never be found by the cops

I learned about it, and got the above photo from monthly newsletter this photo taken in front of the Castle of Carovigno (Castelo Dentice di Frasso) in the province of Brindisi, in the region of Puglia, Italy
Jeff Mohr is happy to pass along this photo from over seas for his Superbumper: "We have lots of employees getting rear ended on a regular basis. I am putting them on all our office vehicles. The 4” model on my personal vehicle has been “bumped” numerous times with no damage (to my vehicle at least)," Thad Osterhout, American Embassy, Dakar, Senegal, Africa. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some interesting and unusual things from the British Car Council annual car show

Pictured below is an actual WW2 Brockhouse Corgi GI camp scooter from the archives

 Looks like a hoodscoop more commonly found on 60's race cars and hot rods

 the backseat of this 60's Aston Martin is nearly couchlike

 starter fluid, don't leave home without it

who knew a Morgan glovebox made a good cupholder?

Al Davis custom? Huh... another bit of trivia lost to the past. Who or what Al Davis radios were known for will likely never be known or recalled. Certainly it isn't referring to the LA Raiders former owner