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impressive illustrations for the Moon Aerotype by an artist named Major Felten, who doesn't have much on the internet

Major Felten , also " Felton " (March 19, 1904 - November 1975) was an American visual artist and illustrator , active in the 1930s-1950s. He became known for his dramatic posters and book illustrations.

Superior, Wisconsin, in 1976

I think a gear head has taken over the GI Joe comic book, based on what the review of the latest comic book says... "GI Joe seeks help from his old friend Clutch, who agrees to hide him out in his autoshop and junkyard."

One of the franchise’s most iconic vehicles, the V.A.M.P. stands for Vehicle: Attack/Multi-Purpose. As one of the very first vehicles released in the 1982 toy line, it’s fitting that Clutch would make his debut alongside the V.A.M.P., as the original figure came packaged with the classic jeep.

The appearance of the V.A.M.P. in Duke #2 complements the arsenal of vehicles and weaponry the title character stumbled upon in the first issue. 

Classic Cobra vehicles, include the H.I.S.S. tank, the Cobra F.A.N.G. and more. Vehicles were always a huge part of the franchise, meaning fans are thrilled that the new continuity appears determined to make use of all the classic toys in fun, exciting ways.

( I get a kick out of the innovative ways they named the vehicles in the thematic way) 

Damn, someone found a 69 RS with a "make me an offer" situation

Awwww! Christopher Walken made a BMW commercial for the Superbowl! And it's not very funny, but they tried to work out a skit about the way he talks. It's just great to see him still acting

he recently was in a British show, about a bunch of people on parole that have to do community service cleaning up a community center, and they find a gym bag full of cash. It's not as good as I hoped. 

1939 Chevy.. interesting idea to lift part of the roof and second layer of sides to make a 2nd level

Friday, February 09, 2024

the Packard woody of Valley Ranch, possibly near Lake Arrowhead

a guy with a wrecking yard, and a lot of skill with customizing, went all out on making a better looking Willys by adding some Mercury

built as a fill in project from several cars at his local auto wreckers. 

For the complete driveline, chassis and suspension they used a 1940 Willys. It was because of this base that it maintained its Willys ownership and licensing tag as well as the W insignias on the hubcaps, header etc. 

The most important body item was the cowl, dash, firewall, a-pilliars and the windshield and all trim items for this major portion of the project taken from a 1940 Mercury 4 door convertible. This donor Merc also supplied the hood and doors. 

The sides of the hood were trimmed and the doors were cut and mounted in a suicide enter position.

The front fenders and the header panel where donated from a 1940 Hudson. The rear 1/4's behind the doors and the rear fenders back too and including the taillamps were from a 1951 Chevrolet 2 door.

A CHP Z 28?

It's been a long time since I've posted a hundred things in a week, that wasn't SEMA.

but this week I stumbled across summer camp woodys, and that kicked off looking around a lot more than usual, and I found quite a bit. 

Fun stuff.

A lot of good banners too

well, I've never seen this before

a sign painters truck in Palmer Alaska... you knw how rare it is to find a photo of a signpainter's vehicle when you're not looking for one?

“Winks Mountain Cabins” pickup truck in the 1950s.

a hardware store parts runner truck, being used oddly, to advertise the Wizard Of Oz

C 47 that dropped troops on D Day, with flak damage from WW2, was restored, and participated in the 70th anniversary of the D-day invasion at Normandy in June 2014

She joined operations with 87th Troop Carrier Squadron, based at Greenham Common in England. Being equipped as glider pick up, her crew named her 'Drag-'em-oot' (slang for 'Drag Them Out'). She participated in the air assault during D-Day when at 00:46 on 06Jun1944 she dropped 18 paratroopers of the US 82nd Airborne Division, just behind the Normandy beach heads, near St. Mere Église. She returned safe to the UK and after a second mission that very same day, she started to resupply the troops in France.

GM had to announce the recall of 323,232 Chevrolet and GMC HD trucks due to their tailgates spontaneously falling open.

I get some bizarre emails. Here's one for an example of how difficult people are.

Jesse I’m interested in knowing about the painting by NORMAN ROCKWELL of Henry Ford and his wife in the red brick shed. 

 How many oil on canvas paintings were done and what year? I’m having a very hard time locating in formation on this painting.  

Thank you for any assistance you might be able to provide, 

Sincerely Sam G.


Sam is asking website people about something, but not sending a link so I can quick and easy see what he's referring to. That is annoying. Now, to answer him, I have to figure out how to find it among the other 57000 articles.

 Wastes my time, just to answer a question, which he could use google to figure out, unless he's rich enough to care enough to learn this trivia, like an art collector, but too lazy to spend the time finding out.

 Get where I'm coming from? I'm not a Rockwell expert, nor, do I work at an art gallery, art museum, or art university.

I'm just a car guy. 

But I got this info in less than 5 minutes using google. Then I added the info to that post (link below) because I want my posts to be as informative as I can make them when it's interesting info


the first annual Bathtub Derby at Pioneer High School (with slotted mags!)

The Island Inn, Sanibel Island, Fla 1895-1995

Catagorize this one as hotel in paradise airport shuttle.

In 1895, founders Will and Harriett (Granny) Matthews came to Sanibel Island from Kentucky, chasing the elusive pioneer dream of a better life for themselves and their four children. Granny Matthews, herself an avid shell collector, chose the location for the Inn at the southernmost point of West Gulf Drive beach.

Ellen Glendinning Frazer and her Watch Hill limousine.

Catagorize this one as extremely wealthy Philadelphia families flaunting their wealth I guess. Wintering in Palm Beach Florida, as one does I suppose, as that's where they keep the polo ponies and yachts. And, well, that's where Gertrude Vandebilt has her Florida estate. Sigh. 

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A group of students at Huron High School organized a drag race and held it in the school parking lot. 1972

A large number of students and a few teachers participated in the "dead heat" start in which two cars or pick-up trucks at a time raced about one-eighth of a mile. All safety precautions were taken, according to Ruth Straight, a class principal. There were no mishaps. 

Beaverland Camp was built in 1901 as a logging village. George Hughes opened the fishing camp in 1926 and used 4 of the original log cabins from the logging village.

COE tow truck on standby to make money if anyone kills their car passing through the flooded road

The 1904 Napier Samson L48 shattered the 100 miles per hour record 117 years ago at Ormand Beach

The fire chief photographed leaving one of the wild fire lookout towers

1922 Camp Califorest closing for the season and students have loaded the tourer for the trip back to the city

Camp Califorest truck used to take the rowboat to Silver Lake at beginning of camp. 1931 vs 1936

ice fishing the old fashioned way, without a shelter. The way I learned to ice fish. I can't recommend it... even if the previous generations thought that suffering the freezing winds across the lake "built character", it was simply stupid to be miserably cold and enjoy absolutely nothing about it

Fire fighting demonstration with a Power Wagon in 1953

Conservation warden in 1962

Johnny Davis was a 9-year-old in 1961 Macon, Georgia, and was focused on earning enough money from his daily newspaper route to buy a car by the time he got his driver’s license. He still has the 69 Olds 442 he bought new

Outgrowing the paper route at age 15, he boosted his earnings to about $1 per hour at a grocery store job.

it has a 400 cu in and a 3.42 gear set in the back, and power steering

the 4-4-2’s price tag was nearly four grand. Johnny got a much-needed $567 discount from the dealer, a friend of his father’s. That brought the cash price down to $3553 with Georgia’s sales tax. “I had a little over $3000, so I had to borrow $600,” he remembers.

In 1985, with 140,000 miles on the clock, the 4-4-2 went into Johnny’s one-car garage and under a cover for a 15-year rest.

The restoration was nut and bolt, and took 5 years in the garage, completed in 2005. With the body off and engine sent out for a rebuild, the frame was powder-coated. Johnny added front disc brakes, which necessitated 15-inch wheels to replace the original 14-inchers.

Buses and trucks loading up at work call at Statehouse Lake Youth Conservation Corps camp on the White River of Wisconsin, 1962

Front and center, that's a International Harvester isn't it?

Camp Thunderbird had a 57 Chev wagon!

Gene Altman and his wife “Honey” founded Camp Thunderbird for Boys in 1946, and opened their doors for the first camp season in 1947.

 In 1969, their daughter and son-in-law, Carol and Allen Sigoloff, helped establish Camp Thunderbird for Girls, opening the Girls' Camp for its first summer in 1970 and then taking the reins on Boys' Camp in 1972.

Carrigan Painting and Plastering... neat. Company work trucks of the larger size

the truck on the right, that's a White

Crimson Hue Resort opened in 1948 on Lake Chetek Wisconsin

Camp Wandawega... you're probably not going to believe this 1960's summer camp time capsule.... was founded in 1925 as a speakeasy/brothel/weekend destination for Chicagoans, and now looks like Martha Stewart and Crate and Barrel were liberally spread throughout the camp

these are legit Girl Scout Cabins, saved from a scout camp that closed nearby

Tucked away on the shore of ‘a little lake that no one has ever heard of’ in southeastern Wisconsin, Camp Wandawega has seen it all: from bootleggers to bad cops, priests to prostitutes, hippies to hipsters, as well as flappers, fanatics, and families on vacation.

Though started at Hotel Wandewega in 1925 to make a speakeasy with trap doors, hidden rooms, etc, by 1961 it was bought by Latvian priests (I am not making that up) who escaped the Soviet Union. They made this their retirement home and Latvian Summer Church Camp