Saturday, July 28, 2018

Dieselpunk is a cool looking way to get airplanes, zeppelins, dirigibles, heroes, and pirates all together in a cool story or piece of art. Comic Con is the place to find it!

Written by Vincenzo Ferriero , Ray Chou and drawn by Pablo Peppino and Bryan Valenza

In a kingdom where airship travel has become the dominant means of transportation, commerce, and war, a raider strikes a surprise attack on a trade outpost, prompting the Royal Guard to bring him to justice by assembling a crew good enough to track down the pirate

Writers Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou bring us a world where gas-guzzling airships fill the skies of the fictional Aquilan Empire and the sky battles bring with it a mix of war-time adventure and vengeful thriller following the latest attack aimed firmly at the Empire itself.

Airships are the vehicles of choice of the Aquilan Empire, which uses its vast fleet to maintain dominance over a number of neighboring countries. But airborne pirates are a constant thorn in the empire's side, and after one notorious raider goes on the offensive, the Zephyr and her intrepid crew is tapped to take him down. To do so, they must travel into The Expanse, an eternal storm at the center of the Aquilan Empire that has become a hotbed of lawlessness and violence.

click on the above, it will start at the right time for a quick look at Skies of Fire

a few of this and that from here and there

and if you can keep the cell phone from falling off the mirror area, yes, it actually will show you a good view of that side of the car if you switch it to selfie mode!

Cars that fly on the 4th of July (thanks Steve!)

and watch this 

before you watch this: (for the cliff top view vs the audience view)

hell of a stunt, Travis Pastrana, double back flip 360, Thanks Steve!

one month ago exactly, footage leaked of Pastrana pulling a stylized, freestyle moto trick that he says took a decade to figure out: “The ‘Double Back Flip 360,'” he posted on Facebook.

“Snowboarders call it a ‘Double-Quark-1080.’ In the bmx world it’s called an ‘Ausi-Roll’. On a trampoline it’s a ‘Half-in-half-out.’ Call it what you will, I call it 10 years of practice coming together in one lucky, big ass, 65-foot off-the-ground jump."

and how Steve found the riders point of view clip? miracle!

subway car floor designed this way as part of an advertising campaign for upcoming collegiate Olympic events in Taipei.

for all the subway riders who never look at the advertising above the passengers and windows... and instead look at the floor, well, now they have something cool to look at!

better watch where you're going, Jesus ain't your copilot.... obviously

GP Motobike noises made with a violin

did you know that no one safety inspects rims... any moron can make and sell the damn things. Seriously, when the lug nut holes are an after thought, you're risking your life with this chinesium crap

Friday, July 27, 2018

Brendon's Firebird made the cover of Car Craft! Congrats! That's awesome!

1958 Lawn-Boy Loafer with friction drive

1955 Craftsman mower sold by Sears, Robuck & Co, identical to the 1950s Hiller Yard Hand tractors, Hiller Engineering Corp, Redwood City, California.

ironically, the Peculiar police dept has a cop that drives and looks at his cell phone. How do I know? Well, he drove INTO a bicyclist, with a go pro, who was stopped at a stop sign.


Like I've said before, always have a camera ready... and a dash cam running. If you don't, there is zero evidence of what happens, and the guilty will walk away while you're damaged, and nothing can be done without evidence.

Thanks Doug! 

someone really appreciates the sports car abilities of their Miata

thanks Doug!

they used tube frames to give the actors and CGI animators in Ready Player One a location for the Delorean and Akira bike

And that is what a DeLorean looks like when just mocked up for reference points so that all the spacing is right

and here, the cool little rig that substituted for the motorcycle

In 1963, the slot car natl championships was broadcast on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, the prize was a '63 T-Bird roadster, given away by Stirling Moss to a 12 yr old

the Aurora Plastics Corporation of West Hempstead, N.Y., was a major player in table-top racing of kids slot cars, and kicked off the Ford-Aurora Grand National Model Motoring Championships.

Well, kids toys had suddenly become big business in America... mini bikes, skates, go carts, etc.

Anyway, kids from Rapid City Nebraska made the finals in three, winning two of the five Ford-Aurora Grand National Model Motoring Championships run from 1962 through 1966.

the '62 finals were on the Today Show, won by 15 yr old, the prize was a T-bird. Sterling Moss was the race's honorary Grand Marshall.
the '65 finals, taped in Philadelphia were broadcast on the Mike Douglas Show., and the prize was a Mustang, the winner was a 14-year old ninth-grader

Both the Mustang and the Thunderbird have been bought by the one guy that appreciates their history as contest prizes for a slot car national championship, Bob Beers, an avid slot car hobbyist, specializing in Aurora HO cars.

He collects anything and everything related to the hobby that he can get his hands on, and is the author of  The Complete Color Guide to Aurora H.O. Slot Cars

in 1955 an aspiring young mechanic of 16 years old, was asked by his brother to fix a rod knock issue in his 1936 jalopy.

His older co-worker gave him this advice...

drop the pan, locate the bad con rod bearing by tapping on the bearing cap, then remove the bad one's cap.

Take some old leather shoe tongues, soak them in oil, put them in between crank and rod surfaces, trim to fit, and bingo, good for 500 more miles.

It worked. They repeated this one more time and then sold that car.

Hagerty magazine, July /August issue, 2018, page 30

Did you know that Michelle Rodriquez had a series of car videos? 2 years ago. Yeah, me neither

There were about 10 different videos... seems the plan flickered out, and poof, the views disappeared as the videos continued to come out

Did you hear... Don Prudhomme got tired of being retired, and went Baja racing a Polaris RZR in the Mexican 1000? 50 years after he raced as co-driver in the Baja 1000 in Steve McQueens buggy

In 1968, Prudhomme entered the Mexican 1000 Baja race in a Porsche-powered buggy built by racing innovator Tony Nancy and owned by actor Steve McQueen. Shortly before the race, McQueen had a movie conflict so Nancy reached out to Prudhomme to fill the seat as the co-driver.

That is 2018 Polaris RZR 1000 prepped by P.J. Jones (Parnelli's son) of PJ’s Performance in Mesa, Ariz., and will race in the Stock Turbo UTV class.

the lost art of the ornamental bicycle badge, very similar to a carrozzeria / coachbuilders badge

Schwinn brass head badges