Saturday, November 25, 2017

Kenworth custom W900L log hauler drifting, and a Pete making donuts

Charlie Chaplin, The Fireman, 1916

While I'm posting about statues of Joey Dunlop and George Formby, I must also post Molly Malone

No Limits, George Formby, 1935 (Thanks Tony!)

And relevant to the Joey Dunlop statue I posted a couple days ago, there is a statue of George Formby leaning on a lamppost on Ridgeway Street, close to the intersection with Lord Street, in Douglas, Isle of Man. 

He was a movie star, TT racer, and ukelele player

The Wigan-born ukulele legend, who died in 1961, was one of the country's best-paid stars during his heyday in the 1930s and 1940s.

And he was so famous, as was his motorcycle, the Shuttleworth Snap, that a gentleman from England acts like him at Goodwood

now I finally understand what that checkered motorcycle is about

Graeme Hardy, originally from Melbourne in Derbyshire, (not Wigan), he originally saw the film in the Gaiety Theatre, in Douglas when he was at the TT races many years ago. A biker himself Graeme has raced bikes like Yamaha TZ350, Suzuki 1000 and Honda 900’s at both club and national levels, he has also worked as a mechanic for Neil Haslam when racing in the TT and Southern 100.

Graeme had a couple of model T Fords,was involved in filming and had previously traveled the world with a Laurel & Hardy tribute.The idea for resurrecting the Shuttleworth Snap came up in conversation with Lord March at Goodwood back in 2006.

the GTO from My Science Project

When a Marine forgot his cellphone at lunch he did what anyone would do ― called the restaurant where he left it. When the restaurant tried to coordinate pickup, and asked the Marine if he was walking or driving, the answer was neither

Now we're talking, hot rodding the little Tykes Kozy Koupe

Friday, November 24, 2017

practicing drifting without wearing out tires

using a car as a musical instrument, in a couple different ways

the song isn't great, but it's an interesting use of a car!

How can thieves set a plastic fuel tank full of gas on fire, and still fail to completely destroy a bike?

the thieves has tried to set it on fire, possibly because they couldn't get it started despite chiseling the ignition off to get at the wires. So, maybe they tried to burn it to destroy evidence that could lead to their arrest? Like fingerprints?

1967 Shelby G.T. 500 with the Kelsey Hayes steel wheels, from the factory

This Shelby G.T. 500 was built with the standard Kelsey Hayes high-strength steel wheels with standard hubcaps, and has retained them throughout its life.

Muscle Car Review, Nov 2017

a limo, from amazing artist, Christoph Niemann

It sat for 40 years before the kids motivated dad to get his Challenger restored, with only 28k miles on the odo

RIP John Hillerman

These seem to be the only 3 images of Hillerman in character on the set of Magnum PI with vehicles 

a suprising series of paintings were hung outside the local Bed Bath and Beyond, celebrating the local car culture and neighborhoods

The Westfield mural designs reflect San Diego’s older neighborhoods near the mall, but have a contemporary flare to represent its stores, he said. For example, the green splashes are the same shade as the Starbucks’ logo. Makram said he decided to add classic vehicles because they appeal to all ages.

Thanks Susan!

Cute... the TMNT movies come in a lunchbox shaped like the turtles van

Bandit Big Rig racing, new series that is selling out short oval tracks in the South East

Over a dozen 13,000-pound trucks racing door to door at 80 mph on tracks no larger than a half-mile at historic venues like Hickory Motor Speedway (N.C.), Hawkeye Downs (Iowa) and Greenville-Pickens Speedway (S.C.).

The rapid growth is due in part to the affordability of the Bandit Big Rig rules package. Each race offers a $50,000 purse and $10,000 to the winner. The championship points fund is set to pay $20,000 to the eventual series victor.

Meanwhile, the trucks are less than $25,000 to build, providing a return on investment few other disciplines currently can offer.

Tom Hanks' gift Fiat from Poland is being loaded to fly to the USA today (thanks Marcin!)

well, that's inventive

1955 Chevrolet

Thursday, November 23, 2017

an amazing artist needs very little to make good art, just a medium, and an idea

Tom Hanks is a Airstream camper fan!

remember hearing about a radio station contest to win a car by keeping you hand on it the longest (it lasted 5 days in Texas)? Well, a play was made about that! It received three Tony Award nominations

What you are willing to do for your dream? Would you stand under the searing Texas sun for days with nine other strangers? Endure sleep deprivation, hallucinations and numbness of limbs for a chance to drive off the lot in a brand new truck?

This is the inadvertent question asked by the 2012 La Jolla Playhouse production, Hands on a Hardbody. Based on a 1997 documentary about a group of Texans vying to outlast each other by placing one gloved hand on brand new Nissan truck in hopes of driving off with it

The creative force behind Hands on a Hardbody consists of Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award Winning writer (and Texas native) Doug Wright, music composed by Trey Anastasia (founder of the band Phish), lyrics by Amanda Green and stage choreography by Benjamin Millepied.

The cast each have their own motivation of the same force of economic depravity. The truck, symbolizing the American Dream is the notable 16th character, which lights up, honks and moves fluidly on the stage with the characters.

Each character’s story unfolds through song. The catchy melodies and heart-felt lyrics draw the audience into their struggles. The truck means something different for each person: a one-way ticket to Hollywood; God’s will; or a means for college tuition.

there are more clips on you tube, just look on the lower right side of the web page

above is a short version of the below... you'll enjoy either, but the one below goes further into it

the below gets some info from the contestants about how they tried to use strategy on eating and what to wear on their feet.

Hope you're having a good day off work, a great meal, and good friends to share it with

A Derny pacer in cycle racing. (Thanks Makss318!) 3 levers on the left hand.... Clutch, front brake, compression release valve. .. And 3 levers on the right hand... Rear brake, gearbox selector, throttle lever.

Only theater people have to walk under a Nova to play guitar. (Thanks Susan!)

This is at the LaJolla Playhouse for the Donna Summer bio piece. 

The motor museum at Château Savigny-les-Beaune: it has a collection of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, fire engines, and airplanes

In this castle dating from the 14 thcentury, we find no less than nine collections, grouped by its owner, Michel Pont. Former racing driver on Abarth, from 1965 to 1972, finishing as well as 2nd in the 1968 French Championship, with 168 trophys, and has 30 Abarth race cars in this collection. It's the largest collection of Abarths in France


the 100 or so planes brought together by Michel Plat, unique in Europe and includes mostly French jet planes including the Dassault represented by Mirage III, Mirage IV, Mirage V, Mirage F1

Of American jets are the F-84 Thunderjet, F-8 Crusader. Several F-100 Super Sabers, an F-86 Saber F-104 Starfighter, an F-105 Thunderchief. The USSR is represented by many MiGs: with MiG-15, MiG-19, MiG-21 and MiG-23.

The helicopters include an Alouette 2 and an H-34 and a H-19 Sikorsky.