Saturday, November 09, 2019

Shabba's rat rod Ford truck, well put together, and has a piece of bull dozer blade for a back bumper

I love the valves used to keep the restraining bar closed

old dynamite box holds the batteries

I don't think I've ever come across a Firestone that has words on the sidewall that say "power implement" and the wrench used to hold that tire in place is a nice touch

and so is this cap that I'm guessing is a flip up to cover a tow hitch ball ( I don't touch peoples vehicles to flip stuff around to find out what might be behind or under stuff)

and the curvy line under the Ford logo had me thinking that a deer antler painted there, a very simple three or four pointer, might look really good, if it was part of an overall farming and back woods theme

When did gas stations become effing lying assholes and scammers about the price of gas? Have you seen this "with car wash" price scam?

I sure as hell didn't notice the "with car wash" words on the sign, I looked at the damn cost per gallon and the one that was the smaller of the prices of the gas stations at the intersection...

when I walked in to pay for the gas, that is when I heard the cashier tell another customer that the smaller price is only going to happen if you pay for a car wash

That is not cool, so, be warned

FYI if you're active duty military, or a vet, the MGM casino company has free parking for you (vs $35 a day)

ask about the M Life membership card, it's needed for the parking garage entry and exit

Rtech Fabrication made a big damn truck... they call it the Ponderosa, it looks like they started with a 1962 C10


another International Harvester semi with a wing, and neither won a Optima Invitational golden ticket, damn it. I had hopes!

when I say another, its because a very similar one was at SEMA a couple years ago

winner of Hot Wheels 50th anniversary Legends contest and national search

The Hot Wheels booth was a cool easy to open for business pop up! Shipping containers are perfect for booths and race track viewing grandstands