Saturday, August 15, 2020

Sweet little dealership and gas station

looking a lot better with the 6 pack hood

14N 61W, insteresting license plate. Latitude and longitude I presume. Or

possibly the artist Robert Charlotte, who either has the moniker 14N 61W or thats the name of his studio, an artist photographer who mainly takes portraits.

Andrew Ritter is having a little fun when he's not working on Stanceworks

The name of the pixel wielder behind these hilarious renderings is Andrew Ritter and his purpose appears simple, as described on his Instagram account: "An exercise in having a little fun".

The basic recipe might sound simple: take some of the world's most iconic machines and 3D model the hell out of then until they shrink. Nevertheless, the actual process is a bit more complicated, since chopping that wheelbase, making those A-pillars look like something blew up inside the car and calling it a day is not an option (more on this below).

The pixel wielder handles road cars and racing beasts alike, albeit with a focus on Euro and Japanese machines.

Missed it by that much

The vapor trails coming off the propeller tips is cool, possibly at Camp Pendelton, Oceanside California

Ford finally got smart and hired a fun advertising company to get some good PR for the Bronco release, with Walter Goggins in a mockumentary trailer promoting a short film that’s coming soon from Ron Howard, narrated by Dennis Quaid and features Tim Meadows, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Bo Derek

Legend has it he was the greatest pitchman who ever lived and the inspiration for the Ford Bronco name. If you’ve never heard of him, you’re not alone.

In a synopsis of the film, that was set to premiere at the canceled 2020 Tribeca Film Festival it’s stated that Ford hired John Bronco to race its new “prototype SUV” in the 1966 Baja 1000 before making him the face of the new truck.

they even have a fun website

If you don't recall, Walter Goggins was in the movie The World's Fastest Indian, Sons of Anarchy, and Justified

Damn it's nice to have fun stuff to post again! 

the piston-powered top speed record previously held by Danny Thompson back in 2018, was just busted by George Poteet and the Speed Demon streamliner

late 50's firestation

Even Buick puts out a magazine

Friday, August 14, 2020

1970s time capsule '67 Mustang Sports Sprint for sale on Los Angeles Craigslist Thanks Ian!

seems to have the light around the horse too!

I've only ever seen that on one Mustang so far, this would make two

great sticker collection display!

The 1967 Mustang Sports Sprint was an entry level sport options package which included hood vents, recessed turn signals, white wall tires, full wheel covers, bright metal rocker panel moldings, chrome air cleaner, and vinyl covered shift handle if an automatic transmission was ordered.

hundreds of used tires had been illegally dumped on Stuart Baldwin's farm in England by Matthew Parkyn from Liverpool, so he set up a hidden camera to catch the bastard, then collected them all, took them into town, and dumped them back on Matthew Parkyn's doorstep

Busted, caught on camera!

Luckily, the Baldwins found out who had dumped the tires, contacted him, and gave him the opportunity to make right by clearing the tires and taking them, for free, to the city dump,

But the asshole never showed. So, with some help from friends, he took them back to Matthew Parkyn

'He came down and he said he was going to move them so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and a couple of days breathing – but he never moved them. 'I thought he must have forgot so I took them back to remind him.

The video shows a tractor with a trailer full of tires depositing them on the unsuspecting homeowner's lawn.

As the tires begin to fall Stuart can be heard saying: 'Fucking fantastic, that's what that fucker gets!'

At least eight men at the scene throw the tires into Parkyn's front garden and driveway, then Stuart shouts: 'I got about to 421 tires, but there might be a bit more.'

A photo then shows the house's front garden completely covered in the rubber.

'Flytippers are always dumping on our farm, it probably happens 25 times a year.

'It's tyres and rubbish you get allsorts. I just thought 'I've had enough of this'.

'We put a camera up and he came back with some tyres and we just got him.

'My daughter put a picture up on Facebook and we tracked him down.

Martin Montague, creator of the fly-tipping reporting app and website, said: "Farmers like him are plagued with fly-tipping and it costs them a fortune to get it cleared up.

"Fly-tipping is a major problem in this country, whether it is in towns and cities or the countryside. says fly-tipping up 76% this year with criminals taking advantage of closed and restricted tips due to the coronavirus to rip off householders by claiming to be legitimate waste carriers.

So, under the disguise of legit waste haulers, they get paid by homeowners and landowners to clear off refuse, and then instead of properly taking it to the city or county garbage dump, they instead, toss it off on a farmers property

Now the farm is set right, cleaned up of the tires

THIS time I'll forgive the video being vertical instead of horizontal, but god damn it, PEOPLE! Tell the other idiots to record horizontal!

A woman is stunned when her new driver's license came back with a picture of an empty chair ( Thanks Gary! )

Jade Dodd recently renewed her license in Hickman County and when it came in the mail on Thursday, she was surprised to find that in place of her picture ID there was a photo of an empty chair.

"The lady at the DMV did not really believe me when I was like 'hey, I need my license fixed,'" Dodd said.

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security told CNN the error happened when the wrong image was captured and saved to Dodd's profile.

"When the customer recently renewed her driver license online, she received an image of a chair because that was the last picture taken on file," Wes Moster, director of communications, said in a statement.

"When the Department was made aware of her situation, we immediately made things right with the customer and provided her with a license with her actual photo and have addressed this situation internally."

Luckily, Dodd mostly just thinks it's hilarious and told WKRN that it was a good way to lighten the mood due to the coronavirus.

Happy 14th Blogiversary to Pensando la Bronca!  strated before I did! He kicked off his blog in August 2006, I was Nov 2006

 It's rare that anyone keeps blogging without a bunch of help, partners, etc. Solo bloggers are a rare breed that spend their spare time, effort, and resources to post what is going on, what's on their mind, or what has happened in their hobby.

There are lots of websites that have been around longer, but bloggers? Not many at all have been around longer than 14 years, and few have kept blogging. Hell, I know 2 guys who died of old age, still blogging up until they were in the hospital.

so here's compliments and congratulations to