Saturday, April 11, 2015

a con rod rat rod

Weaver customs made this truck, a 62 Ford twin turbo Cummins diesel

Viper engine in a Charger

It's pretty rare that you see a Cobra Torino, this nice one was at the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals

Hurst shifters

a new type of snow chain traction aid... slow video, skip ahead a lot, and spend 20 seconds getting the idea instead of 4 slow drawn out minutes

Hellcat was dyno'd at JBA's Sunday morning Cars n Coffee

 measured at 540 hp to the wheels. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Have you met Steve? Seems pretty funny, but it's fake. Drunk, driving a sky lift, and on the public road messing with a cop. Hill billy goof ball out to become an internet star

It's not entirely a bad idea, fake a couple funny redneck videos, then sell t-shirts, beer cozies, and pot paraphernalia... or even a double duty credit card beer bottle opener and pot grader. Goof ball 

the only way for a Utah widow to pay the medical and funeral costs for her husband, is to sue herself to get the insurance company to pay

Barbara Bagley the negligent driver is facing a wrongful death lawsuit brought by Barbara Bagley the widow and representative of her late husband’s estate.

“She is facing funeral expenses, medical expenses and creditors.”

She can only expect compensation if the court upholds her claim that she was a negligent driver, with the financial responsibility resting with her insurers.

As a widow, Ms Bagley is seeking damages to cover medical and funeral expenses along with compensation for the pain suffered by her husband, Bradley Vom Baur, who died 10 days after the December 2011 crash.

She will also face cross examination by lawyers acting on her behalf as a motorist. Her husband was thrown from the car when it overturned after hitting a huge sagebrush bush as the couple drove across the Nevada desert.

 The decision by the Utah appeal court means that Ms Bagley the widow will have to give evidence against herself as a negligent driver... Reid Tateoka, who is acting on behalf of Ms Bagley in her capacity as a widow, said she has been forced to sue herself to receive money from her insurers.

 “The insurance company refused to pay out and said she was at fault. “It said it was prepared to pay for the car, but it would not take responsibility for her husband. via

Heavy haulage. A 1929 Scammell, 65 ton rating

Heavy rivets holding that together... and a good visual description of why they were called semi-tractors or tractor trailers

1927 RV

'Automobile Club – Liegeois' 1920s

Road Check 2015 will be June 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Each year during the 72-hour blitz, 10,000 CMV enforcement officers, from Canada to Mexico inspect approximately 17 trucks or buses every minute.

During the 2014 Commercial Vehicle Safety Association inspections, 72,415 driver inspections were conducted. 4.8% were found with OOS violations, and 825 seatbelt violations were found.

73,475 buses and trucks were inspected. Of those, 49,656 were subjected to a Level 1 inspection. A Level 1 inspection is a 37-point inspection. A Level 1 inspection is ” an examination of driver’s record of duty status and the safety of the vehicle. Drivers are required to provide items such as their license, endorsements, medical card and hours-of-service documentation, and are checked for seat belt usage and the use of alcohol and/or drugs. The vehicle inspection includes checking items such as the braking system, coupling devices, exhaust system, frame, fuel system, lights, safe loading, steering mechanism, suspension, tires, van and open-top trailer bodies, wheels and rims, windshield wipers, and emergency exits on buses,” the CVSA states.

A total of 5,738 hazmat vehicles were inspected. 919 were found to have OOS violations and 172 hazmat drivers were found to have OOS violations.

According to a press release from the State Highway Patrol, Patrol officers and motor carrier enforcement inspectors inspected 1,237 trucks. Of those, 280 trucks and buses and 40 drivers were placed out of service during the 72-hour blitz.

In 2013, Last year, Ohio State Highway Patrol and CMV enforcement officers inspected 1,566 vehicles. OSHP and CMV enforcement officers placed 363 trucks and 65 drivers OOS.

You have to admit, they are slow. It only took them 3 years to figure out this vanity plate's hidden meaning

A news clip about how they completed the Furious 7 without Paul Walker, but with as much footage of him as possible

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Henry Ford was worried about Mt Vernon's ability to fight a fire, so he donated a fire truck

Over the years, steps have been taken to improve access to water. This included the construction of cisterns near the mansion (1875) which were later updated with new technology and enlarged (1924).

In 1923, Henry Ford changed fire suppression at Mount Vernon forever with the donation of a fire truck, and later in 1936 he gifted a more sophisticated truck. This launched the operation of a fire department on the grounds of the estate.

Founded in 1853, the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association was created to save George Washington’s home from the indignity of potential ruin. One of our primary obligations is to ensure that the General’s Mansion remains safe and secure.

Fire is one of the timeless and ongoing threats to the Mansion. As fire-prevention technology continues to improve, we must now install a new state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression system in the Mansion to ensure this priceless national treasure will be safeguarded for the ages.

If you want to donate to the fire detection and suppression system:

Dick Tracy's car

great license plate

the Fast n Furious Chargers

top 7 cars you should avoid buying

Fiat 500 - Least reliable. 16 times more problems than the most reliable car, the Scion xB. It's 219% worse than the average car

Jeep Compass -  Lowest owner satisfaction. Only 43 % would buy another.

Mitsubishi Mirage - Lowest scoring on handling, noisy and excessive engine, underpowered, and poor rating on the crash overlap test

Toyota Tacoma - Lowest scoring truck. Clumsy handling, rough ride, mediocre stopping distance

VW Passat -  highest ownership costs over 5 years

Nissan Altima v6 - worst value midsized sedan, when factoring overall road-test scores, predicted reliability, and five-year cost ownership.

Nissan Armada - Worst gas mileage 13 mpg overall

Breaking into a Chevrolet dealership in Indiana, stealing an Indy 500 Pace Car, driving it through the glass wall with the top down, over a stairway 3 steps high, and then abandoning the car 3 miles away. Why?

Just three days ago Chevrolet proudly showed off their all-new 2015 Camaro SS Convertible Festival Cars for this year’s Indy 500 by parking them all on the tarmac of the legendary race track.

 Some of the new Festival Cars were lent to event organizers to promote the annual festivities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, some were kept in order to serve as pace cars and some went to dealerships to be sold.

One of those new Festival Cars was given to Bill Estes Chevrolet in Zionsville, Indiana.

A man broke into the dealership around 11:15 p.m., stole the keys to a replica Indy 500 Chevrolet Camaro pace car and — with security alarms blaring and the convertible top down — drove through a two-story glass showroom window, police said.

  The car was one of the 100 replica pace cars to used by dignitaries and then given to various dealerships for the Indy 500 festivities.

 It was the only pace car this dealership had. "It's obviously a pretty special vehicle," Estes said.

The Camaro flew over a 3-foot staircase and landed on the ground before the driver took off, leaving a mess of shattered glass in his wake. Police are still searching for the man.

The $50,000 car was ruined. The showroom window, which could cost up to $75,000 to replace, was destroyed.

Authorities in Boone County later found the severely damaged vehicle near Zionsville in the area of Ford Road and Irishman's Run Lane, according to a press release from the Boone County Sheriff's Office. The abandoned car was towed back to the dealership.

Unfortunately, there was a ‘Sold’ sticker inside the Camaro when it was found, so one unlucky Zionsville area Chevy enthusiast probably woke up to some bad news this morning.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

Katrin parked her 1907 JAP to give John Q.'s 1913 Sun Precision a try on the Irish Rally.

Found on  posted to support anyone who rides 100 year old motorcycles, and in hopes more women will try it

Massachusetts passes a law requiring headlight use when windshield wipers are used, then tried to repeal it the next day. Morons.

One day after a law went into effect requiring Massachusetts drivers to switch on their headlights when windshield wipers are in use, a pair of state lawmakers filed a bill to overturn it.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Representatives James Lyons Jr. (R-Andover) and Shaunna O’Connell (R-Taunton) called the requirement “burdensome,” “completely ridiculous,” and “another Beacon Hill money grab.” The pair has co-sponsored a bill seeking to repeal the requirement.

“The drivers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can be relied upon to use common sense when deciding if headlights are needed,” Lyons said in statement. “And that’s what my bill does.”

The current law requires drivers to turn on their headlights and taillights when their windshield wipers are on, when poor weather conditions prevent them from seeing at least 500 feet ahead, and 30 minutes after sunset or before sunrise.

“Passing a bill like this during an informal session is why Massachusetts gets an F in transparency,” said O’Connell in the statement. “This surchargeable offense is a gift to the insurance companies and a burden on the taxpayers.”

A spokesperson for the Massachusetts State Police declined to comment directly on the challenge to the “light law.”

“We enforce the law, we don’t get into legislative aspects of passing the laws,” State Trooper Matthew Guarino told in a phone call.

the Ernie Pyle

Cities that truckers refuse to stop in

Fontana Ca.

First 3 exits off the interstate say NO TRUCKS, get off at next exit and you end up in the left lane. The sign for the truck route is on the right side of the road hidden behind all the traffic.

One block up the cop sits and writes no truck tickets all day long.

 Then you drive 300 miles to be there for the court date(and notice all the trucks in the parking lot), and that day is to set a date for court, not the actual trial.

And then you find that the time to ask for a trial was the 2 hours before court started during the ask for a trail phase.

 If I had the last truckload of food and Fontana was starving, I would park the truck on the overpass and burn it to the ground.

West Valley detention center(the jail) has over 20,000 excessive use of force complaints. However, when the attorneys subpoena the footage from inside the jail, the cameras weren't working that day.

Only thing worse than the Fontana PD are the San Bernardino County Sheriffs. They once took like 45 minutes to respond to my call of an attempted rape in progress on the side of the road.

Lodi CA has the same setup in town and at the I5/HWY 12 interchange.

 1 st time i got pulled over was at the hyw12 interchange, cop said no right on red, there where no signs on the off ramp, tried to fight it in court with pics/proof, nope. $712 fine and $200 in "fees".

then i got pulled over 1 month later on the east side of hwy12 near 99 and was told i was doing 49 in a 35, show up on court date with everyone else busted by the same cop, guess what? everyone had a 49 in a 35.

 think the courts would dismiss it? fucking nope. got nailed with a $500 fine and another $672 in "fees". no lawyer would fucking touch it. miss a payment by a day? ohh there courts where on that shit and had your licence suspended by the next day with no notification besides the DMV sending you a letter that didn't arrive till 3 weeks after it was suspended.

Waldo and Hampton, Florida, there were tons of official "Speed Strictly Enforced" warning signs and even horizontal striping painted on the road with increasingly narrow gaps so you'd feel like you were driving faster than you were and want to slow down.

There was a town like that here in Indiana. Completely reserve police force. My former boss worked there part time. Was told explicitly to target out of state and counties as far away. If they got caught giving warnings to cars from more than an hour a way, they would get written up for "dereliction of duty" .

Camden County sort of did this. The Camden PD was so awful it was disbanded and Camden is now 'patrolled' by Camden County police. Except there are streets the cops won't even respond to without like three cars.

Witchcraft, a B-24 with 130 missions

When it only had completed 60 missions

There are 98 small bomb symbols painted, not including the big bomb symbol next to the “100”, denoting 98 missions where bombs were dropped. Prior to this time, there had been two missions where there was a recall prior to the target, thus 98 bomb-drop missions and 100 missions total. The 98th mission (not including the two recalls) occurred on January 7, 1945, and the 100th mission occurred on January 13, 1945.

With 130 missions

Full article and gallery of the airplane throughout it's career at

Traffic tower on Fourth and Pike in Seattle, circa 1925.

The officer would operate all nearby traffic signal lights, while also keeping an eye out for any shenanigans below.

Found on

American Ambulances go to Europe in WW1