Saturday, November 02, 2013

here is a good idea, giving cars to nonprofit organizations that can do wonderful things if they can just travel to make things happen

this may have already completed it's course, but I can hope that by spreading the word, someone gets inpsired to give something useful to a charity, a non profit, an organization that needs some help, or someone that needs a helping hand. Pay it forward friends, make the world a bit better

and by the way, I am impressed with other things that Toyota does...  and the long lasting durability of their trucks too,  and that they are the largest car company I can think of, selling more cars than GM, Ford, Chyrsler... and broke into NASCAR

I'm still not over their offering a larger discount to college students than military. Nope. Not going to be happy til there is equality

last Art Center College of Design Pasadena Car Classic 2013 post... best participation/audience yet

if you look close at the above photo you can find Jay Leno. Blue shirt, grey hair. (hint ,  above the red truck) he brought his Mclaren

Peter Brock coach built tag... another very very rare tag I'll probably never see another of... on the 2006 performance coupe

Art Center College of Design Pasadena, "Essential items you must always have while working in the Shops"

2013 Galpin GTR 1 concept car

1982 Ford Barchetta concept car

unexpected safety warning for drivers, delivery, and OTR truckers... a couple decades of sun on your left side can age/damage you seriously

25 years as a delivery driver shows it's affect on this man's face on the left side. That, is sun damage

found on

SEMA preview.... here are just 2 awesome cars that are going to be at SEMA

stegosaurus VW bug... great last life for a bug too far gone to drive

this is how awesome-strong Flowmasters are, this one is getting used as either an engine stand, or it's holding up the entire car

found in an antique store scrap book

any recall what this was? I loved it

I just found a site where you can read the entire issues of some of the latest magazines. No sign up, no registration

above, Trucking Magazine

or AutoWeek:

or Off Road

also Mopar Muscle  which is more advertising than content, when comparing square inches of  copy of either, that I stopped wasting 30 bucks a year for a subscription. I really am not going to rebuild my trans 3 times a year, the engine 2wice a year, and do intake swaps 2wice a year either... seriously, just show me cool cars and throw away all the tech/rebuild crap

would you even be on the track when it's this wet, slippery, and evil... in a legit original GT40? Or just wait for a dry track day instead?