Saturday, March 22, 2014

Brand loyalty and love, is a tattoo commitment enough? Because he doesn't own an Indian yet

cool gas tank paint

Always set your cell phone to record any police interaction, they sure as hell aren't going to be honest when acting foolishly unprofessional

You can guess from the look of this cop he's not even close to being in control of his emotions. Power corrupts, and most cops and politicians fall from grace fast.

Learn the rules, always cooperate, and don't let them know you are aware of the laws, just bust them with the video after, and sue them in court. With a bulletproof video, you'll be rich fast

No doubt the cop when finding the cell phone recording him turned it around to hide him planting the false evidence. Think they don't? Corrupt ones do. See the movie training day, then plan ahead and record everything. They are public servants, taking pay from the govt, and legally you can record them on the job.

For a local news channel look at the story: | Nashville News, Weather

drunk bikers buddies make him feel at home passed out on the beach

SUV =1, biker =0, but lucky to be alive after his stupid high speed move

Speeding so fast he didn't brake, but tried to swerve around.

Found on

Don't tailgate! If you're riding a bike, don't let people ride your tail, get off the road or speed up!

the biker walked away from this one... found on

only in Jamaica?

Would this be as fun as I think?

Fiat now makes a 4 door 500

But much funnier

VW "Coffin Joe" .... the original name is "Zé do Caixão"

boat tail Cadillac roadster...

cool old bike found on Forever 2 Wheels Motorcycles facebook page

Had you heard that the Natl Highway and Traffic Safety Admin was trying to discourage bikers from attending Bike Week in Fla, and Rolling Thunder in Va? Yes.

the NHTSA‘s Motorcycle Law Enforcement Demonstration Program provides states with federal funding for traffic checkpoints that stop only motorcyclists. The checkpoints allow law enforcement to inspect motorcycles and determine if they meet state standards ranging such as noise levels, tire conditions and handlebar lengths.

Very focused on discriminating against bikers. Yes, their bikes are too damn loud. Agreed. But so is my 69 R/T. I know it, so do they, yet we still thumbs up each other on the freeway over how damn loud each other are. Yup, I haven't grown up yet.

Good news, a couple senators and house of reps congressmen have gotten bills in place to see if this NHTSA nonsense can be made illegal

the STP 500 promotional rig is the coolest rig I've seen in weeks!

found on and they are giving away a STP Mustang too:

how to field assemble a P 47 Thunderbolt.... awesome training film, skip the first 3minutes 30sec

hot rod tattoos

Ed took these photos at the swap meet... quite unusual for a woman to get speed parts tattooed on her feet!

1920's parts and accessories book cover art

Found on AACA library facebook page

do Amish really tow boats?

I thought that their religion was to live like the 1870's ? 

WW2 color footage

Friday, March 21, 2014

classic 1970's "groovy" advertising for Six Pack cars, Jay has found some really cool forgotten advertising!

reporter tags along with Bob Burman around Indianapolis in 1909.. it's a hell of a bumpy filthy noisy ride.

Bob Burman, Land Speed world record setter in the Blitzen Benz on Ormand Beach. For a good bio on Bob Burman:

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in a bio pic documentary on Jack Johnson (boxing champ) has a race between him and Barney Oldfield!

Skip to 26 minutes 10 seconds. Oldfield in a Knox, Johnson in a Locomobile
only lasts til minute 30

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Yesterday I psoted a stack of GMC trucks, and today Robin sent me a photo that can't be topped, a New Zealand company that stacked higher than the biggest truck company on the planet

Above thanks to Robin!

This GMC stack I found on the Strangerblog Motors Fan Club facebook page

And Kim sent in this photo... and I gladly admit it's a contender for best stack! Who the hell can find more 3 wheelers to stack?!?!?

found on

It was Jerry Reed's birthday yesterday

it happens this fast. Driver cuts off motorbike, biker not driving defensively, WHAM

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Be more careful out there my friends, the life you save... could be your own whether you are in a car or on a bike

George reposted this on his Facebook, and in the comments and analyzation, it was pointed out that the car was facing the sun (see the long shadows) and that the car used it's turn signal (at the 6 seconds point in the video when looking at the back of the car) but it's obvious that the turn signal can't be seen as it is on the far side of the car from the bikers point of view, and looks like it doesn't have a yellow lens in front, or doesn't work in front.

Cesar had a box left over when a new printer was purchased, and a boy that loves VW cars... and innovation!

Thank you Cesar!

there is only 1 working Tiger 131 tank that is operable still existing, and a movie "Fury" (not released yet, with Brad Pitt) got it on loan

photo from

it was captured by the smallest margin of luck, a shell from a British Churchill tank damaged the turret just enough to keep if from turning, making the tank useless... and so it was captured, from the African campaign of WW2, and sent to England so any weaknesses could be found and exploited by the Allies.

It was named Tiger by Ferdinand Porsche, and was exceptionally deadly, one Tiger took out a record 22 opposition tanks in one battle in Russia, and one tank commander had a total of 168 enemy tanks destroyed

It's home is the Bovington tank museum in Dorset England.

The movie can be learned about on IMDB

John Wayne, George C Scott, and Clint Eastwood with their motorcycles, photos I haven't seen before

why were the B52 Stratofortresses cut up and thrown away?

Because of the nuclear disarmament treaty of 2011 for some reason they decided to point the finger at the b52's as the method for launching nuke weapons. As if subs can't do that. Anyway, it was a surprise to me, and I thought I'd share the info

nice shades! I know these are a love them or hate them... but I dig'em

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

A couple of cool photos found on Imagerie Mécanique facebook

sometimes your truck breaks, and you know one trick to get it to the mechanic under it's own power... at least, that's what I hope was happening here

all for sale, in the St. Louis area

Talledega, Superbird, Charger ... just gathering dust in a barn

Found on Facebook, where? I don't know. I was busy, and you guys are interested? Sure. Ready to buy? Seriously? I doubt it. If you are, and want me to find cars for you? Then get ready to part with cash, cause I actually have things to do more important to me than to track down where cars are for your curiosity. Yes, it sounds like I'm being a dick, but I'm being realistic. 

Concept art for what a new Coronet could look like from Dodge, based on the current Charger

Found on Facebook

cool photos found on Strangerblog Motors Fan Club facebook