Friday, April 25, 2008

the '48 Tucker Torpedo unique features that caught my eye

The gear selector didn't focus in, but still remains interesting to look at...

I just noticed that this starts 0 at the top, not the lower left like almost every other round speedometer
And these mini scoops to cool the brakes... that is true attention to detail friends, a good idea, and not used by the other makers.

Evolution of Motorcycle exhibit is on til June, San Diego Auto Museum

1917 Harley, unrestored... just pulled out of storage and put on display for a good look at originality
A pair of Indian race bikes
The really big dirt bike racers display, well, part of it!

Dublin Mob Chopper... now on display at the San Diego Auto Museum!

Tool Depot, in Pt Loma San Diego

They even repair tools there!

I dig the look of a Hudson truck, sorta odd, but imagine what it'd look like with HUGE back tires at a drag strip!

I've never seen a Dodge Mini-RV before

Price of gas in San Diego... on Coronado Island (just the 2 gas stations, no others I know of) This year vs last year

For perspective, this next one is from last Memorial Day (May 2007):

I bet they have no explanation (that will make sense) why the cheap stuff is up 40 cents, but the expensive stuff is up only 20 cents.

San Diego news

The Red Bull Air Race will take place over the bay between the Embarcadero Marina parks and Coronado on Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4. There will be two main ticketed viewing areas - one each in Embarcadero Marina Park North and Embarcadero Marina Park South - with all necessary amenities and services.

And remember that the El Cajon cruise is coming soon:
on Wednesdays, June 4 - September 24, 5 to 8pm on Main Street

And the very next night is the La Mesa cruise June 5

JBA is having a garage sale! June 1st also, they are now open on Saturdays too
Via :

The Cobras and Corvettes will be meeting Saturday May 3rd at the Starbucks in the Costco / Ikea parking lot about 8am

Always check out
for full calendar of events and cruises (my cruise calendar isn't finished yet, but the show calendar is)