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either in a hurry to be somewhere, or drunk driving

uh oh, someone let the concrete harden in the truck!

I don't think that the truck is going to be able to move that dozer, and if it could, would the dozer even make it through a corner?  posted by Kevin Walshe, I wonder if he's related to Dermot, whose art I posted yesterday?

a variety of 80s radios


in a Cordoba

Pioneer stereo in the late ‘70s Isuzu 117

Ford Thunderbird SC/Mercury Cougar XR7

 90s Oldsmobile Ninety Eight

91-92 Acura


one of the coolest Singers I've come across

smashed right through the Tesla

how the fire dept piled onto this car I don't know, but damn, it sure looks bad for rushing through intersections without stopping

the 50s, in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Michigan

Lucky 13 Jones crashed again!

hot damn! Banners are finally working again! Something to make me a bit happy


It's been over a damn month, hell, it's been weeks since I've even tried to see if it's been fixed

a tiny band of RAF pilots shot down over a dozen Luftwaffe planes, including 11 Messerschmitts and three Junkers Ju 88 bombers when secretly defending Murmansk in 1941 because Soviet dictator Stalin would not admit to asking the RAF for help. (thanks Steve!)

 Murmansk was one of Russia’s last remaining lifelines after the Nazis invaded in the summer of 1941. If Murmansk fell Russia’s resistance might crumble, allowing Hitler to focus Germany’s military might on the Western Front.

Stalin asked for Spitfires but Churchill refused, insisting they were too precious. He hatched a plan to instead ship out 550 Hawker Hurricane fighters — less agile than the Spitfire but more heavily armed.

“They had eight machine guns,” Eric recalled of the Hurricane. “A two–second burst was a heck of a thing. It would blow a hole through a battleship.”

They were based at the Vaenga aerodrome ten miles outside the port.

Yet despite the daily Luftwaffe attacks, they launched a staggering 365 sorties — averaging three missions a day — while also training Russian pilots to fly their Hurricanes.

One of the Russian fighter pilots, Zakhar Sorokin, downed a Messerschmitt by ramming it with his Hurricane before crash-landing miles from their base, and it took Sorokin a week to find his way back in -40C temperatures. He lost both feet to frostbite but was fitted with prostheses and continued to fly, shooting down nine more Luftwaffe planes.

the Firearrow II, functional design without superfluous decorative elements and too much chrome, saved from junkyard destruction surfaced in the concept car collection of Joe Bortz.

the Firearrow I was a non-functional show car without an engine. For the planned second version, the decision was made to create a fully functional concept car that could also be used to take driving pictures.

The Firearrow II is a two-seat roadster with a jet-age design and frameless windshield. New details included two large round headlights instead of four smaller ones, likewise round taillights, a redesigned grille and chrome wire wheels. Ghia dispensed with door handles for visual reasons.

From Bortz it received an extensive restoration that emphasized correct materials and color scheme. As a result, not only was the light yellow paint color retained, but also the Nardi wood steering wheel and the Ghia logos. 

A wildfire raging in Northern California exploded in size overnight, becoming the third-largest wildfire in state history, started on July 13 North of Sacramento

The Dixie Fire grew by 110 square miles between Thursday night and this morning, making the blaze the largest wildfire currently raging in the nation, locat3ed about 60 miles North East of Reno, not far from the 2018 fire in Paradise Ca
The three-week-old Dixie Fire was one of 100 active, large fires burning in 14 states, most in the West where historic drought has left lands parched and ripe for ignition.

The Dixie Fire had consumed about 432,813 acres, according to an estimate released this morning. That’s 676 square miles (1,751 square kilometers) — moving the blaze from the state’s sixth-largest wildfire ever to its third-largest overnight.

The fire’s cause was under investigation, but Pacific Gas & Electric has said it may have been sparked when a tree fell on one of the utility’s power lines. No injuries or deaths have been reported.

The blaze exploded on Wednesday and Thursday through timber, grass and brush so dry that one fire official described it as “basically near combustion.” Dozens of homes had already burned before the flames made new runs.

Driven to Care provides scholarships for those pursuing careers in automotive engineering, vintage automobile restoration, skilled automotive trades, and automotive dealership management, marketing, and communications.

 John Weinberger had a passion for automobiles and a lifelong career in the automotive industry. His automotive passion continues through his scholarships. If you are pursuing a career in:

SAE-Chicago section automotive students enrolled in the engineering program at the University of Illinois-Chicago or Northern Illinois University

McPherson College students pursuing historic automotive technology

Lyons Township High School (Illinois) automotive students enrolled in a post-secondary school to pursue a career in the automotive industry

Illinois or Texas students pursuing a career as an automotive technician and enrolled at any in-state college/post-secondary school, such as Universal Technical Institute, that offers an automotive technician training program.

Northwood University students pursuing skills in car dealership management, marketing and communications

Schools integral in John Weinberger’s life, so if you're considering those schools, please apply for the scholarships.

John F. Weinberger was born in Illinois on April 18, 1932, in the backseat of a Chevy, and progressed from his humble beginnings as an apprentice garage mechanic to becoming the founder and CEO of Continental Motors, while racing cars and netting numerous podium finishes during the 1960s while competing in SCCA events. 

He specialized in sales and service operations and his reputation among Chicagoland foreign car enthusiasts came to the attention of Triumph Motor Cars. and he became an authorized Triumph dealer, then Jaguar, MG, and Toyota. Then in the '70s and early '80s he added Honda, Nissan, and Ferrari.

He met his 3rd wife Lisa at a tollbooth as both were driving down the Illinois Tollway. As a research/marketing specialist she recognized him from a trade association magazine. John didn’t have the exact change that day, and she offered him the coins and her phone number.

John & Lisa were dedicated to social responsibility, and initiated the “Driven to Care” car giveaway program, which has resulted in 72 refurbished cars donated to deserving individuals who've triumphed over various challenges such as homelessness, substance abuse, and physical abuse.

It's been a while since I've come across a charity I could share with you, they simply don't advertise. I think this one is particularly interesting because the founder was born in the backseat of a car, lived the adventure of racing and selling cars, and met his 3rd wife at a tollbooth. That's pretty amazing as a sum total! 

Thursday, August 05, 2021

the Whalley Railway Viaduct train bridge, a unique example of Victorian railway engineering because of an unusual feature, the distinctive decorative brick infill that looks ecclesiastical and probably resembles the nearby 14th-century gatehouse of Whalley Abbey

red white and blue

 How does this brain donor have the ability to steer and breath at the same time?

What the hell sense does it make to block the damn bike lane?


1 in 5 electric vehicle owners in California switched back to gas because charging their cars is a hassle.

Of those who switched, over 70% lacked access to Level 2 charging at home, and slightly fewer than that lacked Level 2 connections at their workplace.

"If you don't have a Level 2, it's almost impossible," said Tynan, who has tested a wide range of makes and models of PEVs over the years for his research.  via

Why bend up the license plate? What sense does that make?

another license plate that makes no sense

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

In 1924, Lloyd Stearman, Clyde Cessna, and Walter Beech formed the Travel Air Manufacturing Company in Wichita, Kansas. How’s that for a who’s who of aviation pioneers? Thanks RLK!

The company's first home was in a 30-foot square rented space behind a hotel in downtown Wichita.

Cessna provided the woodworking tools, although most of the construction was steel tubing. Stearman contributed designs; Beech ran the assembly line and demonstrated the models in air races.

The Model A, a biplane, was the company's first effort, which had a high, semi-cantilever wing, and carried five passengers. Designated Model 5000, it became popular with one of the nation’s first airline companies, National Air Transport, which ordered eight at a price tag of $128,676. 

The following year they made the Woolaroc, which won the Dole Race from California to Hawaii!

In summer 1929 sales began to slow along with the economy. In August Curtiss and Wright merged with Travel Air. The new corporation was made of Wright Aeronautical, Keystone/Loening, Curtiss Flying Service, and Travel Air. 

Curtiss-Wright Corporation eventually became the largest air manufacturer in the U.S. Beech and Stearman went on to formed other aircraft companies in Wichita.

I didn't know any of this until this morning when RLK told me about the founders of the company, and I learned about the Woolerac months ago when I posted about the Dole Race

for a 500 photo gallery of the Dole Air Race see

I don't recall posting about the big-truck specialists of Pfahl’s Mack and Antique Truck Restorations


In all his time wrenching on big machines, Pfahl says there’s only been one that nearly beat him—a 1954 GMC Scenicruiser Greyhound bus. “We worked on that for seven years. It came in boxes. No motor, no transmission, no floors, no wiring. It was a million-piece puzzle and every piece was white. Took 25,000 hours and 45,000 rivets.”

Pfahl is restoring a 1939 Mack FG C-cab, it's rare (162 built, he knows of six still in existence, and only this one is still owned by the company that originally bought it)  and I found one and posted photos of it 8 years ago I wonder if it's one he knows about

an Australian rider crashed when his bars appeared to snap off during qualifying for the Team Pursuit at the Tokyo Olympic Games. He was at the back of the pack when he fell, so the rest of the riders on the team stayed clear of the crash.

Roger Willbanks first became interested in cars at the Denver car show, in 1940, when his big brother lifted him up on his shoulders for a better look at the Chrysler Thunderbolt concept car, and right then and there, he decided he would someday own THAT car. He now does.


Not just a car LIKE that concept car, he owns THAT car. 

That's pretty amazing

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Who is OSHA? Never heard of her

this drunk 22 year old idiot lost his mind, punched a flight attendant, and yelled about how everyone was gonna be sorry because "his grandpa" etc. He got the "taped to the chair" result, and spent the weekend in jail


for a cleaner video of this,

Maxwell Berry, 22, of Norwalk, Ohio, was arrested Saturday at Miami International Airport and charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery, after two drinks while on the Frontier Airlines flight

everything about this dweeb is online

What a beauty, from 1929

some one I mowed lawns for had one of these rotten Lawn Boys, in the 80s. It sucked

 See how it has one wheel way out front on the far side, and one on this close side is mid way from front to back... that is not a good way to balance something you're pushing across an uneven yard.

Dutch Mountain House has a theme of reuse and recycle, and they use a Jaguar as a bookshelf

on June 27th a a California Highway Patrol cruiser hit and run a 14-year-old boy, injuring him, and it was recorded on video. The driver fled the scene (thanks Kim! )

 The boy was on a bicycle, in the street, crossing in traffic, at a car show when it happened. Luckily witnesses at the event not only saw what happened but recorded it as well. 

After the officer's cruiser hit the boy, the police did not stop, they just kept moving. 

The boy's shoulder was injured and he received a concussion

Several individuals tried to report the hit-and-run to other officers who were patrolling the area, but not a single officer would take a report.

1964 Rambler Marquesa show car

in Terry Gales' car collection known as Rambler Ranch that I posted about in 2009, and 2014  but the above link to the Drive's article shows a lot more of the collection