Friday, January 01, 2010

Number 5000

This is my 5000th post, and it took 38 months to post that many. I plan to go through the archives and recap my favorites, there have been some remarkable things I don't want to forget, and hope to encourage some of you to take a look back through some really cool stuff because I'm sure that nobody has looked through 3 years and 5000 posts.

Isolation in remote islands keeps old vehicles around in great numbers, like Cuba. But did you hear about the Maltese busses?

a commentor says "by March 2011, sadly most of them will come to end when the proposed transport reform takes place in the coming year.
You can help to save the Malta Buses by signing the petition below:
so come see and ride them while you can!!

Please visit these websites. and  "

Beautiful train photo

WW2 railgun, effing huge!

Don't recall where I got this from

Drag racing Cobra, early, looks like a '64, on of the Cobras equipped with Shelby American Dragonsnake parts

Can't recall where I got the image, but this is the Costilow and Larsen Cobra that won the 1965 US Nationals, CSX2093

Just a thing of beauty, the colors, the history, the factory race cars


New views of a bitchin' custom I've posted a photo of before

Skid pad tests never had it so big

Car and Driver in the 1970's reviewed the best moments of their car tests, this was one... it's here because it's got a wheel and is cool. nuf said

Extreme office chair racing

Competitors speed down a street during the second office chair racing championship in the village of Bad Koenig-Zell, Germany April 25.
From the top 100 sports photos by the Boston Globe "Big Picture" feature, (really good photography)

stream lined scooter... ummm, well, it takes all kinds right?


Peterson Musuem current exhibits
California Design will only run through Feb 7, What Were They Thinking runs through July 5

For an online gallery: