Saturday, August 20, 2022

unusual, but interesting

by Achille Luciano Mauzan

Geo Ham I haven't seen before

Henry le Monnier


Eugène Ogé


more Jean d'Ylen poster art

the forgotten advertising hand fans that either showed an advertising print from a poster, or, were shaped like car parts

Mich advertising posters I hadn't discovered until now, Jean-Marie Michel Liebeaux

compliment of the month!

Wow. Among all the cool stuff this is one of the coolest you've ever posted Jesse. Floods of memories.


a car stopped in the middle lane of the 110 causes a chain reaction as morons not looking ahead at what they were pointing their cars are, even though in a spot light, near a cop car flashing lights, at 2 am

Raw camera footage shows how 6 cars wrecked on the 110 freeway. 

A single vehicle crash occurred on the southbound I-110, directly over Florence Ave. Nov 30, 2021

4 additional crashes occurred as result of the initial collision, with multiple near misses. All 4 additional crashes are on camera, and several near misses. 

The driver of the initial vehicle that had crashed fled the scene on foot and is not in the video. 

An OnScene.TV photojournalist was traveling northbound on the 110 when he witnessed the initial single-vehicle crash on the southbound side. 

While on scene, the photojournalist attempted to warn oncoming motorists utilizing flashing lights and aiming a directional spotlight at the crashed vehicles, lighting the scene, however, morons can't be helped

at the Woodward Cruise